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The Ruins: Palace Noir

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Palace Noir

Stage 1

Palace NoirBrowse the room plunged into darkness to find the Bow, the Gust Jar on the left and the Fire Gloves in the north-east corner. Use the Fire Gloves to set fire to the two torches to the north, then take control of the Bow-using hero, have it climb the stairs on the right and place him with his back to the wall and facing the torch. Next, switch to the hero with Fire Gloves, place him at the bottom of the stairs looking northwards and use the gloves to throw a fireball which will bounce. Then right away, re-switch to the Bow-using Link, press Y and release the button to shoot an arrow at the fireball just when it passes in front of you! Next, bring the Link with the Gust Jar to this place and have the two heroes fly left. Make a totem and throw the gloved hero to the left. Set fire to the two torches on the left, then come back near the Gust Jar Link and use this item to go back to the central platform. There throw the Bow Link to the left, then place him to the left of the bottom torch and shoot an arrow to light the last torch! The gate will now open. Climb the steps and stand on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Palace NoirGo north and place all the heroes on the large switch. Then a key will fall surrounded by flames. Walk carefully as you can fall at many places and maybe use your Fire Gloves to light your path. Make a totem with the Gust Jar-using hero on top and place it on the moving platform to the right, then place the other Link on the left one. Use the Gust Jar to blow out the flames, then reuse it to make the key fly towards the hero located left. Grab the key, then have the totem rejoin this Link, and head north. Get rid of the snakes and ghosts, then go right. Make a totem with the Bow/Fire Gloves Link on the bottom and the Link holding the key on top, then switch to the Gust Jar Link. Place him above (to the right of the steps) and have him blow on the Link with the key to make him cross the gap northwards. Next, switch to this hero and place him on the switch, which will activate the moving platform. Go left, unlock the door, then have the other two Links join you. Now go to the far left and take the 100 rupees in the chest before going back north. Place the heroes on the Triforce to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Palace NoirIn the library small ghosts are moving everywhere and some of them are carrying keys. Go looking for these ghosts, then as soon as you find a key, strike it to retrieve it, then run to put it in the keyhole to the north. Actually there are three keys to find and countless ghosts. When there is only one key left, leave a Link near the door, then as soon as the Link with the key arrives, lift him to open the last keyhole. You can get hearts by throwing a hero on the bookshelves. Next, step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 4

Palace NoirMove to the centre of the room to start the fight. In the first phase, use the three heroes to drive and corner the ghosts in a corner of the room, then strike them with the appropriate Link to defeat them. Next, a giant ghost will appear. Start by setting fire to the three torches thanks to the Fire Gloves, then take control of the hero with the Gust Jar to blow out his purple flame. According to the position of the ghost, you have to totem up with another hero to reach the purple flame. Then as soon as you make it, strike the gem on his necklace 3-4 times quickly. Repeat this technique once or twice to defeat him. Next, stand on the Triforce symbol, then walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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