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The Ruins: Lone Labyrinth

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Lone Labyrinth

Stage 1

Lone LabyrinthHit the orb, then make a three-Link totem and quickly cross to the right. Choose a weapon among the Gripshot, the Gust Jar and the Fire Gloves, and give the other items to the doppels. Next, you have to be quick. Hit the orb near the items, make a totem with the Gripshot-using Link on the bottom and the gloved Link on top, run to the path intersection and throw a hero to the right. Use the Fire Gloves to light the torch to the north, switch to the Gripshot Link, shoot it to the right to activate an orb, then quickly go left, use the Gripshot again to get the bomb flower and throw it at the other orb left. If you were fast enough, a bridge will appear. Cross this bridge with the other heroes and step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Lone LabyrinthFirst get rid of the two bats, then form a two-Link totem and set fire to the torch on the right. This makes slabs appear and disappear in a precise order repeatedly. Make a three-Link totem and when the slabs go north, jump on them and follow them northwards. Open the chest above which holds 20 rupees, then reform a full totem and jump (there is no real gap) on the path leading east. Place the heroes on the large switch, which makes three white ghosts appear. Fight them, then another path of disappearing slabs will appear on the right. Just take a step and more enemies will appear. Take control of the heroes alternately to clear out their ghost, as well as the two bats, then a bridge will appear. Cross this bridge with the other heroes, then step on the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Lone LabyrinthJump on the path below, go right, then light the torch to make the rest of the path appear. Get rid of the bat, then head south and stop on the solid platform to the right. Make a full totem with the Gripshot-using Link on the bottom (if possible), then throw the top two heroes towards left and quickly come back right. Next, stand facing another Link and shoot the Gripshot to join them. Break pots more to the south if you need hearts, then make a three-Link totem and set fire to the torch on the left, which makes a new path appear. Re-create a totem still with the Gripshot hero on the bottom and come back onto the platform to the right. Then follow the new path north, throw the top two heroes towards the fence, then fire the Gripshot at it to cross the gap. Next, use the Gust Jar to blow two heroes across the gap to the right, then form a two-Link totem to light the torch. Coloured ghosts will appear, as well as a small bridge to the north. Jump onto the platform south (despite the gap), then clear out the three ghosts according to their colour, which makes a last path appear to the south. Go south, throw the Gripshot Link near the chest holding 50 rupees, then catch up with the two heroes and together jump below to reach the Triforce!

Stage 4

Lone LabyrinthHave the heroes jump into the arena to start the fight. If your health is getting low, have only two heroes jump down, pick up the hearts, then have the last one go down. Take control of the hero with the Fire Gloves and throw fireballs at the ReDead to stun it, then strike it quickly several times. If the ReDead raises its arms, get away quickly, and if it catches a hero, switch to another hero to slash it and make it let go. Repeat this once or twice, then four other ReDeads will appear. Avoid going to the centre of the room not to attract them all to you and fight them like the previous one. Finally stand on the Triforce gateway to get out. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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