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The Ruins: Grim Temple

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Grim Temple

In this level, the Sword Suit can be a good choice.

Stage 1

Grim TemplePick up a weapon among the Gripshot, the Boomerang and the Fire Gloves, and give the other items to the doppels. Take control of the hero with the Fire Gloves to set fire to the torch to the north and watch out for the two holes a bit further. Fight all the stalfos with the weapons to stun them, then the sword to beat them. After that, go north and step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Grim TempleGet rid of the three ghosts according to their colour, then make a two-Link totem to defeat the two white ghosts. A steady path appears to the north. Walk up to the orb and hit it to make a path of disappearing slabs appear. Hit the orb, go north, then switch to another Link, do the same, then switch to the Link with the Fire Gloves and do the same. A gibdo will wake up! Quickly throw a fireball at it, then strike it. Next, the other gibdos will come alive. Use the same technique to defeat them or try to push the stalfos off of the platform. Move to the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Grim TempleGo north while helping each other (using the Boomerang and Gripshot and making totems), then prankster poes will appear. Get rid of them quickly, then more coloured platforms will appear to the right. Bring all the heroes to the right in several steps, but leave the Boomerang and Gripshot heroes on a colour platform. As the Fire Gloves-using Link, fight the two Redeads like in the previous level. You can also step on a platform matching your colour if you need to escape one of them. When they are all defeated (or pushed off of the platform), the Triforce gateway will activate. Break the skulls on the pillars to find 50 rupees, then head north and stand on the Triforce to reach stage 4.

Stage 4

Grim TempleGet down into the arena to the north to start the fight against Prismantus! Stay away when he spins quickly, then when he spins more slowly, get closer carefully and take a step at the right time to strike the ball matching your colour. Do it again, then switch to the two other heroes to do the same, then the boss will be stunned. Quickly make a two-Link totem, throw the top hero near his eye and strike it as much as you can. Then the second phase starts and the boss now moves upright. Again use the heroes to hit twice the balls touching the ground, then make a full totem to hit twice the ball being high up. At this moment, he will be stunned. Quickly throw a hero on his eye to hurt him, then the third phase will start. Now he will shoot a laser beam which covers all the arena. Quickly run to him to strike the ball being on the ground or run behind the beam so you don't get hit. Next, make a full totem to hit the other two balls. When the three balls are off, he will be stunned again. Slash his eye one last time to defeat him. A bridge will appear towards the Triforce north. Pick up as many rupees as possible, particularly the purple ones, then cross the bridge. Place the heroes on the Triforce, then walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle, if you have passed all the levels successfully, a message will inform you that the Drablands map has been updated and that new outfits are available at Madame Couture's.

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