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Sky Realm: Floating Garden

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Floating Garden

In this level, the Big Bomb Outfit can be a good choice.

Stage 1

Floating GardenChoose a weapon among the Gripshot, the Bow and the Bombs, and give the other items to the doppels. Take control of the Bow-using hero, place it to the north (just behind the wind) and shoot an arrow at the orb to the right. To reach the southern one, stand south (just behind the wind) and shoot an arrow at the second orb, which will make a bridge extend. Next, walk carefully to the right by pushing the joystick a little upward. Have the other two heroes cross the bridge, then make a two-Link totem and throw the Bomb Link onto the elevated ledge to the right. Have him go north and throw bombs at the soldiers to get rid of at least one of them. Fight the second one if necessary, then make a three-Link totem with the Gripshot-using hero on top, then throw the top two heroes higher up. Shoot the Gripshot at the peg on the other side to cross the gap, then jump below. Switch to the Link with the Bombs, stand near the left edge and throw a bomb to the right. Quickly switch to the Gripshot Link again, fire the Gripshot at the bomb, then throw it near the orb to the north, which will make a bridge appear. Have the two heroes cross it, then prepare another bomb and throw it just before it explodes so that it activates the orb under the grate. Another pretty damaged bridge appears to the right. Have the team cross this bridge, then place it on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 2

Floating GardenPick up a cucco, then run to the right and fly up to the platform. Fly to the right twice more, then take control of the other heroes and do the same. Next, lift a cucco, step on the lift-slab, fly right, then fly towards the chest north. Pick up the 100 rupees, then jump below. Make a full totem with a cucco on top^^, step on the lift, then fly to the platform north. As soon as the three heroes have arrived, enemies called helmasaurs will appear. Use the Gripshot to remove their helmet or to stun them, then strike them. If you're having trouble, switch to another hero to attract the helmasaurs to him. When they are all defeated, the gate will open. Stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Floating GardenTotem up with the Bow-using hero on top, go right, then stand around the third gold tile and shoot an arrow at the orb to the right. Climb the steps which have appeared, then have the lone Link climb them too. Go right, prepare a bomb, then throw it at the cracked blocks to make them explode. Next, make a two-Link totem and shoot the Gripshot at a cucco to pull it to you. Throw the Link with the cucco to the left, switch to him, then run to the right towards the small moving platform, bounce on it and fly northwards to the other island! Let the cucco go, then step on the switch on your right, which will create a bridge in the air. Bring the other two heroes, then go north and fight the two sky soldiers. Next, place the Bomb Link on the right switch, which will make the key accessible, and place the Bow Link (or vice versa) on the left one, which will make a platform appear on the left. Switch to the Gripshot-using hero, walk on this platform facing east, then once arrived near the last gold tile, shoot the Gripshot at the key to retrieve it and quickly jump left at the bottom of the stairs. Climb the stairs, go right and unlock the door. Then have the three teammates stand on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 4

Floating GardenGo north to start the fight. Helmasaurs and two fire keeleons will appear. Use your Gripshot or bombs to get rid of the helmasaurs, then throw the Gripshot Link on an elevated platform. Shoot the Gripshot at a keeleon to draw it to you, then slash it quickly. Do the same with the other flying enemy, then more helmasaurs and fire keeleons will appear. Clear them out the same way, then the gate will open. Walk to the Triforce symbol, open the two chests holding 20 rupees, then stand on the symbol. Move to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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