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Sky Realm: Deception Castle

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Deception Castle

Stage 1

Deception CastleChoose a weapon among the Gripshots and the Gust Jar, and give the other items to the doppels. Make a full totem with the Gust Jar-using Link on top, jump to the left, then blow on the highest soldier to make him fall from its armos statue. Next, come back right, leave a hero safe from the wind, and make the second soldier fall. Now take control of a Gripshot-using Link, fire this item at a soldier to stun him, then run (with L or R) and hit him with the sword. When they are both defeated, the wind will stop. Go right, shoot the Gripshot at the fence, then switch to the Gust Jar Link and blow on the clinged hero to make him fall more to the north. Repeat the operation with the second Gripshot hero, then form a totem and shoot the Gripshot at the moving fence. Get down when you are to the far right and step on the switch. Place the other Gripshot Link on the middle switch, then place the one with the Gust Jar on the left switch. Cross the newly-appeared bridges and step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Deception CastleGet into the whirlwind and land on the circular platform. Do the same with the other two heroes and the fight will start. Pick up the thrown bombs and throw them back at the soldier on the left and at the ball & chain soldier on the right, while dodging their spears and ball & chain. Try to retrieve the purple rupee left by this enemy. Also watch out for the vultures which sometimes dive on you. When only the soldier throwing bombs is left, make a three-Link totem with the Gust Jar hero on top and blow on the bomb flower just in front of him to reach him. Repeat this twice to clear him out. Pick up the silver rupee on a pillar north-west, then stand on the Triforce symbol at the centre.

Stage 3

Deception CastleIn this stage we can find other balancing platforms. Place two heroes to the right and one hero with a Gripshot to the left, then go north, shoot the Gripshot at the hearts and rupees, particularly at the silver rupee to the north, then head towards the platform at the centre, but stay on the balance rather on the right. Next, carefully have the Gust Jar Link go to the centre, on the stable platform, then switch to the Gripshot Link south and shoot this item at the other Gripshot hero so you can all stand on the stable platform. Next, make a two-Link totem with the Gust Jar Link on top and blow on the beamos to make them fall down! Then throw the Gust Jar hero to the right and lead him quickly north. Switch to another Link, use his Gripshot on the Gust Jar hero to cross the gap, then do the same with the other Link and have everybody reach the second balancing platform.

Deception CastleNow place the Gust Jar hero on the right part of the balance and another hero on the left part. Have the Gust Jar Link walk to the back and blow on the bomb flowers to make them fall into the centre of the two traps and destroy them. Next, place the hero left behind on the right part, and restore the balance! If the heroes fall, leave the Gust Jar one on the platform. Switch to the hero on the right, shoot the Gripshot at a bomb flower, throw it to the left hero, and throw the bomb into the trap. Now place the Gust Jar Link on the right part at the back (if it's not already the case), fire the Gripshot at a bomb flower, throw it to the left Link, who quickly throws it north, and blow on the bomb very quickly to make it fall into the last trap! A key will fall at the centre of the balancing platform. Without moving too much, shoot the Gripshot to get it. Next, take slowly the Gripshot heroes northwards, then lift and throw the Gust Jar Link higher up. Next, fire the Gripshot at him to join him, then quickly switch to the other hero and use the Gripshot to have him catch up with his friends. Stand on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Deception CastleWalk to the centre of the arena to start the fight against a giant keeleon. In the first phase, take control of the hero with the Gust Jar and watch the movements of the flying enemy thanks to its shadow. As soon as it stands above one of the four whirlwinds, blow in its direction to stun it, then switch to another hero, quickly shoot the Gripshot at a bomb flower and throw it into the whirlwind. Repeat this technique twice, then the second phase will start. This time the mini-boss will show its eye and throw more fireballs. Keep on following it, blow in its direction when it flies above a whirlwind, then when it's stunned, throw a Link in the whirlwind and strike its eye as much as possible. Repeat these actions twice, then the giant keeleon will fall to the ground. Run and slash it again to defeat it! Next, get into the successive whirlwinds to reach the Triforce gateway. Bring the other two heroes there, then place them all on the symbol. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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