Tri Force Heroes walkthrough

Sky Realm: Dragon Citadel

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Dragon Citadel

Stage 1

Dragon CitadelPlace the three heroes on the platform, then hit the orb to go north. Make a choice among the Water Rod, Boomerang and Magic Hammer, then give the other items to the doppels. Make a full totem with the Hammer-using hero on top, slam down the smiling spring pad, then step on it to go up. Next, hit the orb to move a wall aside. Totem up again, head south and take shelter behind the yellow wall. Hit the orb, then quickly go behind the purple wall to be safe. Throw two heroes (including the Boomerang Link) on the moving platform, throw the Boomerang at the lone Link to get him, then throw it at the right orb to again invert the height of the yellow and purple blocks. Throw the top two heroes on the right and use the Boomerang on the lone hero. Then make a three-Link totem with the Water Rod Link at the bottom, step on the moving platform and get off on the right. Throw two heroes higher up, then use the rod to rejoin them. Next, throw the Magic Hammer Link higher up to the right, and have him hit the orb to stop the wind. Walk on the narrow path south, open the chest holding 50 rupees, then go back north. Smash a peg and go right up to the three pots. Bring the other two heroes there, then place the team on the large switch to move up. Stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Dragon CitadelGo north, make a three-Link totem, then as soon as the slabs appear, step on them and follow the path to the right. Get rid of the soldier using your Water Rod or Hammer to stun it, then go north and face left. Don't hit the orb as it would be more difficult. Make a full totem again, cross on the fragile ice slabs, then strike the squiddy to fill up your hearts. Head north, fight the next two soldiers, then hit the orb to raise the purple blocks. Go right, take the path northwards and place two heroes on the middle and left switches, then the third one on the right one. At this moment four wizzrobes appear. Use the Hammer to slam them down, while taking care of staying on the blue floor and not hitting the orb, or one or two Link could slide and fall down. For some of them you have to make a totem to reach them. You can also use your sword, of course. Next, step on the newly-appeared Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Dragon CitadelMake a full totem in the order red-green-blue, step on the red platform, throw two heroes on the green one, then one hero higher up. Next as the green Link, lift the red Link and go to your friend in blue. Make a three-Link totem, walk up the stairs, then step on the switch to make a blue platform appear. Form a mega totem with the blue Link on the bottom and the cucco on top^^, then fly towards this platform and throw two heroes over the pegs. Slam down the pegs to have the blue Link go through (unless he's the one owning the Hammer), then fight the two soldiers. (If the blue Link has the Hammer and that he crossed the gap on his own, step on the switch to create a bridge and have the other two heroes cross it.) Go north and throw the Boomerang at the orb on the left, which makes another switch appear more to the north. Go south, smash some pegs, pick up a cucco, and come back north. Fly towards the switch and stand on it to open the door. Then step on the large switch and bring there your two friends, which will activate whirlwinds to the far east. Come back south, then make another mega totem with the green Link at the bottom and the cucco on top. Fly towards the whirlwind, then towards the green platform. Continue to the whirlwind on the left, then the one right, then the one left more to the north, then towards the north part of the room. Walk up the steps, throw two heroes towards north, then go right and open the two chests to get 20 rupees and a few hearts. Catch up with the two heroes, walk up the steps and stand on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Dragon CitadelAs soon as you arrive, you will find yourself with three aeralfos dragons flying above you! Avoid their small tornadoes and when one of them dives at you, move aside. Sometimes, after landing, they will stop for a while, swing their sword and turn around. When this happens, quickly get close and hit the dragon's head with your sword. Strike each dragon twice to defeat them. Finally, move onto the Triforce gateway to get out. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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