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Sky Realm: Sky Temple

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Sky Temple

For this last level, choose an outfit which strenghtens your sword or gives you more Heart Containers.

Stage 1

Sky TempleChoose three weapons among the eigth weapons available in the game, for example the Water Rod, the Boomerang and the Hammer, then make a full totem and step on the newly-appeared platform to reach a battle arena. Jump off the central platform, strike the deku scrubs on the right, then throw the top Link and strike the ones on the left. Next, throw the Link with Bombs (or another one) onto the elevated platform and throw bombs or bomb flowers at the centre of the two traps. Walk onto the translucent platform. If you have the Water Rod, use it to easily reach the enemies. If you have the Boomerang or Gripshot, you can clear out the red octoroks at a distance. Otherwise use your sword to fight the water tektites, the octoroks, then make a full totem to strike the flying keeleon. Step onto the new platform. Use the Hammer if you have it to flip the terrorpins, otherwise use bombs or bomb flowers, then strike them or make them fall off the arena. Also strike the ice wizzrobes and freezards, then get on the translucent platform and stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Sky TempleAt the start, you can change one or several items if you wish. The Fire Gloves and Gust Jar can be useful. Step on the platform to reach the first arena. Strike the fire bats, the kodongos in the lava, then make a totem or climb on the armos statue to strike the two soldiers. If you have the Gust Jar, you can also make them fall in the lava. Then go right, break the pots for hearts, and walk onto the translucent platform. Fight the gibdo and the four stalfos with the Fire Gloves if you have them, or the Water Rod to walk on the sand. Otherwise use an item with a long range to stun them, then strike them or make them fall off the arena. Walk onto the moving platform. Clear out the white ghosts, then set fire to one or two torches if you have the Fire Gloves. Fight the ball & chain soldier like the previous ones: Wait for it to throw its weapon twice, then run to strike it. When the light comes back, step onto the translucent platform, then stand on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 3

Sky TempleYou can change one or many items again. You should take the Water Rod and the Magic Hammer. Walk up the stairs to reach the first arena and five soldiers will approach! Place the heroes at three different places, and fight the sky soldiers by attracting them to one or another Link and strike them in their back! You can also use the Water Rod to stun them or the Magic Hammer to smash them. Walk up the stairs. This time there are four sky soldiers and a ball & chain soldier. Stay concentrated to get rid of them. Then climb the next stairs to face two aeralfos dragons faster than the ones in the previous level. Furthermore they can spit fire. Always stay on the move, dodge their tornadoes and when one of them dives at you, move aside. Sometimes, after landing, they will stop for a while, swing their sword and turn around. Quickly come close and strike the dragon with your sword or Hammer. The Hammer is slower, but only one hit is enough. Next, the gate will open. Stock up on hearts thanks to the squiddy, then step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Sky TempleNow you meet the evil witch again. After taking all your items from you, she invites you to join her. So go on to start the fight against The Lady! Make a full totem, throw two heroes over the pink circle, then one hero near her and strike her. Repeat this once, then she will start to run and chase one Link while swinging her umbrella. Get closer using the three heroes alternately and slash her back 3-4 times. If your life is full and that you're wearing an appropriate outfit, you can strike her at a distance.
Then the second phase will start. Actually it happens to be a ping-pong game well known by the Zelda fans. Place the heroes in the same corner of the room, then send back her energy balls at her using the Link matching the colour of the ball. If you hit the ball with the wrong Link, it will fire a lightning which will hurt that Link, so quickly switch to another hero to avoid being hit. If the ball bounces in the air, don't worry and keep on sending it back. After hitting it back at her 7-8 times in a row, the witch will be stunned, so dash at her and strike her using the Link with the strongest sword. If necessary, repeat these actions once more.
Then the third phase will begin. Now The Lady gets up high and surrounds herself with her dear umbrellas. Make a three-Link totem and have the hero on top jump onto an umbrella of his colour or a white one. Strike her head as much as possible, then repeat this technique. When she opens her wings, she will soon launch an attack, so quickly protect yourself by running to the edge of the arena. After hitting her 3-4 times, she will rise again and the umbrellas will stay at ground level spinning and moving fast. Make a full totem, take your time, then step on a white umbrella or one matching the colour of the bottom Link, and strike her once again, which will knock her to the ground!
After she leaves, pick up as many rupees as you can, especially a silver rupee and two purple rupees, then step on the Triforce. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material, as well as the Lady's Parasol! Level completed.

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