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Last steps in the Kingdom of Hytopia

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Castle of HytopiaBack in the castle, head out. Sir Combsly congratulates you and notices that you now own the three Lady's materials. Go to Madame Couture's. She is surprised that you have found the three materials and invites you to order THE outfit. Order the Lady's Ensemble and here you go! Go back to the castle, then after listening to the lord's speech, you will find yourself in front of the king and princess. Use the magic of the Lady's Ensemble to break the spell and give back her beautiful clothes to Princess Styla. Afterwards a ceremony takes place in front of the castle to announce the good news and to officially congratulate you. The king will lift you, followed by Lord Combsly to form a heck of a totem!

Castle of HytopiaCastle of Hytopia

Castle of Hytopia
After the game credits, you will get a message from King Tuft inviting you to pay him a visit. Return to the castle where the king and the princess will thank you again warmly. As a reward, they will offer you the Semi-Cursed Tights! Leave the castle and go back to Madame Couture to try on these magnificent tights behind the blue curtain :-) You can now try the Drablands challenges, but after getting changed of course...

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