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Den of Trials

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Would someone be interested in writing a page about the Den of Trials?

No need to write in details which are the enemies met in each room and how to defeat them all, but the text could give tips about how to beat the toughest foes, recommend an outfit for each zone, mention the materials which can be found, etc.

If you are interested, please contact me at: zp@pal aisze (without spaces of course). Thanks!


After talking to the clown who can give you information about this weird place, move onto the first Triforce gateway with your teammates.

Forest Zone

Flooded Zone

Scorching Zone

Frozen Zone

Fortified Zone

Desert Zone

Shadow Zone

Baneful Zone

In this last zone, you have the choice among the 8 weapons of the game. Personally I recommand the Gust Jar, the Bow and another item of your choice.

Floor 36: Use the cuccos and the Gust Jar to make the octoroks, blobs and hardhat beetles fall off of the platforms, then make a two-Link totem to strike the flying enemy.
Floor 37: First rush northwards to hit the orb which will raise a wall which will block the wind. Next form totems and use the Gust Jar to make the four soldiers fall off, then take out the remaining foes thanks to the Bow or another weapon.
Floor 38: Use the Bow to get rid of the ball and chain soldier at a distance, without taking risks, then take out easily the two wizzrobes. Next two dragons will appear. If you are very patient, you can beat them with arrows at a distance or else slash their head with your sword. Once defeated, open the chest holding a fairy, stock up on hearts thanks to the jellyfish, then stand on the Triforce.
Floor 39: For this last battle, you have to defeat three very fast Dark Link! And these ones are eqquiped with random weapons among the 8 of the game and with strengthened power. Again the Bow can be recommended to hit them from afar...
Floor 40: Finally you will find yourself in a pretty flowery place with large chests in the middle. Their number correspounds to the number of floors you have gone through in the Den of Trials in a row (without coming back to the lobby), between 3 and 8. (Can someone confirm?) Choose one to get a material, but also the Fierce Deity Mail!

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