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Another new thing from the Wii U HD version: the Cave of Shadows. Like the Cave of Ordeals, it's a place welcoming lots of enemies to face in a row.

This cavern involves fighting enemies, kind of like in the Cave of Ordeals, except that you must clear it all while in wolf! Second little change: when you get to a specific floor (after a set of ordeals), you are forced to leave the cave and do ALL the ordeals again from the beginning to move forward! This implies spending a little more time to clear it than the Cave of Ordeals requires.

First ordeal

  1. 3 Shadow Beasts
  2. 4 Shadow Beasts
  3. 4 Shadow Vermins + 3 Shadow Babas
  4. 5 Shadow Beasts + 5 Shadow Keeses
  5. 4 Shadow Vermins + 4 Shadow Beasts
  6. END of the first ordeal - Reward: 20 rupees

There is a small heart to be digged up on the 6th floor at the centre of the room.

Second ordeal

  1. 4 Bokoblins
  2. 8 Keeses
  3. 6 red Baba Serpents
  4. 4 Helmasaurs ("rats" with a helmet - the ones you met in Lakebed Temple)
  5. 9 Torch Slugs (from the Goron Mines)
  6. 6 red Tektites
  7. 3 fire Bulblin Archers
  8. 3 Dodongos
  9. Around thirty Chuchus of various colours (red, blue, yellow and purple)
  10. Around 20 Ghoul Rats (to attack only with your enhanced senses)
  11. 15 Bubbles (flying skulls)
  12. Stalkin army (group of small skeletons)
  13. 2 Redead Knights + Poison Mites (small bugs which slow down Link)
  14. END of the second ordeal - Reward: 50 rupees

There are small hearts to be digged up on the 9th, 13th et 20th floors at the centre of the room.

Third ordeal

  1. 5 Deku Babas + 3 Skultullas
  2. 10 Ghoul Rats + 3 Helmasaurs
  3. 6 Bokoblins + 2 Skull-face Lizalfos + 4 Armos
  4. 4 Redead Knights + 8 Deku Babas
  5. 14 Torch Slugs + 2 Dodongos: pay attention to the lava columns that gush out of the ground and make you lose a great amount of life
  6. Ghoul Rats + 5 Bokoblins + 5 Keeses
  7. 3 Redead Knights + 2 Bulblin Archers: it is advised to take care of the archers first while staying far from the Redead Knights and constantly staying on the move to avoid their arrows!
  8. 6 Ice Keeses + 6 White Wolfos which appear only when landing on the ground. Tip: Be quick and right after landing, use Midna's Dark Energy Attack and release it straight away! The Wolfos will still be near and you will beat most of them rather quick!
  9. Various Chuchus + Ghoul Rats
  10. 1 Chilfos + 6 Ice Keeses + 6 Freezards. Tip: don't do a Spin Attack on the Freezards and don't use Midna's Dark Energy Attack. Just take care of the Keeses while avoiding the Freezards as much as you can, then attack them one by one by jumping on them thrice.
  11. 4 Armos which are releasing enemies when you get closer:
    The one most to the left: some Baby Gohmas - the 2nd one starting from the left: 3 rats and some Keeses - the 3rd one starting from the left: 6 rats - the one most to the right: 4 Baby Gohmas
  12. 2 Bokoblins + 1 Lizalfos + 1 Dynalfos
  13. 8 Ice Keeses + 2 Chilfos + 4 Freezards
  14. Some Chuchus + 3 Lizalfos + 1 Dynalfos
  15. 10 Keeses + 2 big Helmasaurs (to attack from behind) + 5 Deku Babas
  16. 2 Shadow Bulblin archers (go up with the platform) + 5 Shadow Bulblins
  17. 4 Zant Masks + 5 Shadow Keeses
  18. 3 Fire Bulblin Archers + 4 purple Bokoblins
  19. It's the last room, hordes of enemies are being sent to you! First, get rid of the two Dodongos and the 4 red Baba Serpents. Then, the ground lowers and you have to face 5 Fire and Ice Bubbles and some Stalkins. Once you finished them all, the ground goes up again, and you end up now facing three Xant Masks. Once they are all defeated, you must activate the switches (for this you will have to go up using the platform), and defeat all the remaining foes which are hidden in the walls. The order in which you activate the switches is only up to you, but here is what you can find:
    - 2 Dynalfos and 1 Lizalfos
    - 1 Dynalfos + 2 Helmasaurs + Keeses
    - 2 Skulltulas + 6 Baby Gohmas
    - 3 purple Bokoblins and 2 green Bulblins

There are small hearts to be digged up on the 27th, 32nd et 38th floors at the centre of the room.

When you complete the 40 rooms of the Wolf ordeals, you win the Colossal Wallet which can contain 9 999 rupees! As a bonus, behind the Great Fairy, there is a room with a chest containing 200 rupees and a 4 meters height statue of the Wolf Link amiibo! You can watch it from several points of view in standing on the green slabs. You can even go up on Wolf Link's head to show off, and also dig on its head with your senses to find 100 rupees!

Cave of Shadows Twilight Princess

Tips to complete the Cave of Shadows

  • Floor with enemies easy to beat (Chuchus, Bokoblins, Keeses, rats...)
    Just jump in all directions while pressing the A button without stopping and locking the enemies with ZL. Link is untouchable when jumping and you will get rid of the enemies easily.
  • Floors with a lot of fire monsters
    Don't jump in all directions, and take time to watch the room before starting the fight. Pay attention to the lava columns that gush out from the ground drains. Fight the Torch Slugs first, then the Keeses and finally the Dodongos. If you jump in all directions, you may take damage from the lava or the Torch Slugs heat waves.
  • Floors with ice monsters
    The first is pretty simple, just jump in all directions with A while locking with ZL. The 2nd one contains Freezards, Ice Keeses and a Chilfos. Above all, don't panic and protect yourself from the Chilfos using the ice walls in the middle of the room. Take care of the Freezards first, then the Chilfos, and finally the Keeses. Don't repeatedly jump at the risk of being frozen by the Freezards (minus one heart). Take your time to clear out the Freezards one by one. The 3rd one contains the same monsters as the 2nd one but there are now two Chilfos and no walls to protect you. Use the same technique and stay out of reach of the Chilfos' spears while taking care of the Freezards. Go on with the Chilfos and Keeses.
  • Floors with archers
    Get rid of the archers before all the other monsters. Zigzag while running to avoid the arrows then jump on them with A. Repeat this technique until there are no more archers.
  • Floors with Redead Knights
    Fight all the other monsters before the ReDead Knights. Then, attack them with A to prevent them from screaming. Repeat this technique until they are all down. If nevertheless they manage to immobilize you with their scream, repeatedly hit the A button while locking them with ZL. You should manage to avoid their sword slice just in time.
  • Floors with Armos
    Fight all the other monsters before the Armos. Then, to defeat them, fight them one by one. Turn around one of the Armos counterclockwise to avoid the axe in its right hand. Don't lock it with ZL. Roll the right joystick to keep it in sight. Like this, you spin way faster than it moves. Press ZL once in its back then quickly A to make a jump attack. Repeat the operation thrice per statue.

Note: It is possible to fill your health bar using the Wolf Link amiibo from the quest screen. CAUTION: We can use it only once each time you try the Wolf ordeals. And it won't fully restore your life, but 12 or 15 hearts.

Cave of Shadows Twilight Princess

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