Twilight Princess walkthrough

* * * Wii version and Wii U version for the Hero mode * * *

Originally written by Ariane, translated by Le Pourpre and reviewed by Sarah

This text doesn't contain all the optional actions of the game. Sections like the Pieces of Heart and Golden Bugs can be found in the Tips and Tricks pages.

Important note! These walkthrough and tips were originally written for the Wii version in which Link is right-handed. However in the Wii U version (normal mode), like in the GameCube version, Link is left-handed and therefore, all the maps, places and dungeons are inverted! What is right is left, what is west is east, and vice versa.
The Hero Mode included in the Wii U game though, corresponds to the Wii version.

Thanks to Amelousch for the pictures!

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