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Ilia's memory and Owl statues

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Twilight Princess walkthroughGo back to Castle Town, in the bar, and take a look at the map to find Shad's location. Head to Kakariko, talk to Renado (who just sent you a letter) in his house, along with the Gorons and Ilia, to learn more about how to restore her memory. You will receive Renado's Letter for Telma. Jump into the hole leading underground and speak with Shad. He tells you about the Hyrulian legend of the sky beings called the Oocca and mentions the rod of the heavens, as well. And he has found a stone statue linked to that.

Go back to Castle Town and give Renado's Letter to Telma. To help you meeting the doctor who found Ilia, she gives you the Invoice. Go to the western street and get into the doctor's house at the back of the street. Give him the Invoice so he tells you about a wooden statue that was stolen. Go to the back bedroom, push the crate, turn into a wolf and use your senses to learn the Medicine Scent. Go back to your human form, get out and leave the town using the closest exit (the west one, if the bridge got repaired). Turn into a wolf, get in once more and use your senses until you reach the bar. Talk to the cat that will tell you about dog beasts in front of the south gate who took the statue. Leave the town from the southern gate and wait for the night to come if it's daytime. Get rid of all the dogs and you will get the Wooden Statue.

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo back to Kakariko Village, get in Renado's house and show the Wooden Statue to Ilia, who will get back a part of her memories. The Goron says you should search for a hidden village north of Eldin Bridge. Get out. If you have already repaired the Eldin Bridge, you can call Epona with a Horse Grass and gallop to the north, cross the bridge, then cross the small bridge and you will get close to this place. If it's not the case, warp to Castle Town, then head north, cross the bridge north of the city and go on to the west towards the red dot on the map. Get in the tunnel and get close to Darbus. After telling you that all enemies have to be defeated, go ahead after he leaves.

Hidden Village

Twilight Princess walkthroughThere are 20 archers to find and defeat. Look at the balconies and the roofs, and using the Hawkeye, get rid of as many enemies as possible without getting too close. On the west side of the street, shatter the shaking window and get into the house to defeat two archers. If you run out of arrows, you can find some inside the barrels. Once all 20 enemies are down, an old lady will get out of her house. Her name is Impaz, she's the one who saved Ilia and she gives you Ilia's Charm. Go back to the house where you broke a window, break the window on the other side and get out. Turn into a wolf and listen to the Howling Stone melody. Repeat it twice to discover the last Wolf mark. Leave this place and go back to Kakariko.

Show Ilia's Necklace to her, who will get all her memories back and will give you the Horse Call, allowing you to call for Epona from almost anywhere. Then she talks about a heavenly messenger and something for him at Impaz's village. Go back to the Hidden Village, go to Impaz' and show her the Dominion Rod. She will give you the Ancient Sky Book as you seem to be the messenger to the heavens! Go back to Kakariko once more, to Renado's, go to the basement and show the book to Shad. He decides to go to all the similar statues and marks their location on your map. Then your Dominion Rod will get its full power back!

You will now need to find six owl statues scattered through Hyrule. Use your map to find them!

Twilight Princess walkthroughLeave Kakariko from the south gate and go north of this part of the field. Use your Dominion Rod on the Owl Statue to move it aside, then get into the light circle to find a Sky character of the missing word in the Sky Book.
Then warp to the Castle Town, but before going to the next Owl Statue, you can learn the last Hidden Skill. Enter the town, go to Central Square and head north. Get close to the Golden Wolf to learn (if you haven't missed any) the last hidden skill: The Great Spin!
Get out of the city, call Epona using the Horse Call then go south upon reaching the stone ruins. Use the Dominion Rod on the Owl Statue to make it go down, then place it between the column and the stairs to be able to jump towards the light circle. Move the statue once more so it is between the column with a chest and the stairs, then jump towards this chest and find 100 rupees.
Go back north and follow the path leading to Lake Hylia. Look north and upward a little to see the Owl Statue, then use your Dominion Rod to make it go down. Use your Clawshot on the vines, let go to fall on the statue, then jump towards the circle.

Twilight Princess walkthroughHead north, go around Castle Town, cross the Lanayru field westwards, go past the Hidden Village and go on until you reach the broken bridge (or if you can, warp straight to the Bridge of Eldin). Get on the bridge to see the Owl Statue behind you. Climb on the ledge of the bridge, then move the statue using your Dominion Rod and get into the light circle.
Now warp to the South Faron Woods, go to the oil merchant and drop a bomb next to the northeast rock. Go forward until you reach the Owl Statue, move it and stand into the light circle to find another Sky character.
Finally, warp to Lake Hylia, speak with Fyer and buy an "oasis flight" to reach the Gerudo Desert (or if you can, warp directly to the Gerudo Mesa). Ride a boar, go east until you reach an Owl Statue (or west if you warped). Use the Dominion Rod to make the statue go down, then place it between the blocks so you can reach the light circle, then jump to find the last character that will make the missing word in the Ancient Sky Book complete.

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo back to Kakariko, to Renado's basement, talk to Shad and show him the Filled Sky Book. After he leaves, use your Dominion Rod on the Owl Statue, move it aside and go ahead. Get close to the Sky Cannon and Midna will intervene. Talk to Shad so he goes away, then speak to Midna and warp the Cannon to Lake Hylia. Speak to Fyer and pay 300 rupees for the repair. Then go to the back of the cannon and shoot your Clawshot at the target to take off!

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