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Sword techniques - Hidden skills

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A bit like in "The Minish Cap", our hero learns the secret skills of his sword throughout the adventure. First, you must find a Howling Stone, then you have to "hear it" and howl in your wolf form to repeat the notes that appear. After repeating the notes a second time, a wolf symbol will appear on the map. You must then go to this place and find the Golden Wolf or its symbol to learn a new technique. These sword techniques are also called: "hidden skills".

NameLocation of the howling stoneLocation of the wolf/symbol
Ending Blow None for the first hidden skill In Faron Woods, just before the Forest Temple
Shield Attack On the way leading to Death Mountain, in a circular zone In Ordon Woods, by the spring (pond)
Back Slice To the north of Zora's River Just before the eastern entrance of Hyrule Castle Town
Helm Splitter On the way leading to the Sacred Grove, in Faron Woods When leaving Castle Town through south, to the right on the map, next to the town wall
Mortal Draw In the south-east part of Lake Hylia, near the Watchers' Tower In Gerudo Desert, after going through the first barriers
Jump Strike In Snowpeak Province, on the way leading to the top, before the underground passage In Kakariko Graveyard, at the back
Great Spin In the Hidden Village, behind a house, to the far west In Hyrule Castle Town, north of the central square

Important note! If you miss a wolf symbol, you will learn the hidden skills in this order anyway! And you can look for the missed howling stones and symbols later to learn all these hidden skills.