Twilight Princess walkthrough

Eldin Province

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Once back at the waterfall, head north. Pass by the oil shop and keep on going north.

Hyrule Field

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo west until you meet the postman. In your inventory, read the letter and keep on going west. Enter the twilight world.

Eldin's Land

Go ahead and smell the stick. You will learn the Youths' Scent! Go straight ahead on the path, then create your shadow ring to get rid of all three Twilight Beasts. This time, these creatures will be more spread out, so focus on one of them (but not the one in the middle), then as soon as it is down, put the two other into your ring to defeat them (release the button as soon as the Twilight Beasts get into the ring). Go ahead until you reach the gap. On the map, choose the portal "North Faron Woods", then get close to the wooden structure on the right, talk to Midna and travel to Kakariko Gorge. Follow the path to the west, use your senses and dig near the fence to get under it, then go ahead.

Twilight Princess walkthroughKakariko Village

Get rid of all three Twilight Beasts using the same technique as previously, then get close to the waterfall. Speak with the kind of golden cloud (another Spirit of Light) and you will receive another Vessel of Light to collect Tears of Light.

Go behind the closest house, near the cart, then jump with Midna's help and walk to the middle of the roof. Once in the house, use your senses and listen to the conversation between the kids, Renado and Barnes. Then pick up the stick near the fire, get into the flames to light its two ends, and walk around the room while lighting up all four candles, which will open the cellar. Drop the stick and drop down to the underground level. Get rid of the three insects, collect the Tears of Light, then head north and jump to get out.

Twilight Princess walkthroughIn the graveyard, to get 10 rupees, get close to the straight tombstones and push them. Use your senses, look for an insect, dig to make it pop out of the soil and attack it for another Tear of Light. Get out of the graveyard from its east side.

Get close to the first house on the right side of the street (a shop) and get in from the tunnel on the right. Look for the insect with your senses, get the Tear of Light and get out.

Then follow the path going up marked by the "dead-end" sign. Gather some momentum, run, speed up and jump on the roof of the Elde Inn. Get inside by the window, grab the stick near the fireplace, light it by jumping from the table and get close to the fireplace to set fire to it. Attack the insect and collect the Tear of Light, then exit from the northwest door on the mini-map. Fight two enemies and open the chest for 20 rupees. Climb the stairs, go to the next room and get rid of the flying insect for another Tear of Light. Exit using the windows from which you came in.

Twilight Princess walkthroughOn the other side of the street, a bit further north, climb on the small house with a cage next to it, then look at the neighbouring house and jump towards the broken window with some momentum. Climb the stairs, ram into the wardrobe, get rid of the insect and get the Tear of Light. Then climb on the wardrobe and exit from the opening on the roof. Climb on the roof, then climb the stairs, go left and get into the house through a tunnel on its right side. Pick up the stick close to the fireplace, light it, then get close to the fireplace. Hurry up to leave the house before it explodes, then pick up all three Tears of Light.

Get close to the Fence close to you and get around it. Go on the planks and jump on the damaged roof on the right. Inside, push the big crate towards the wall, attack the insect, collect the Tear of Light and get out with Midna's help. Go back to where the house exploded and keep going up and north until you see a house. Dig on its left side to get inside. Get rid of the insect, still using your senses, take the Tear of Light and get out. Jump all the way down! (no risk to do so), go ahead north and follow the path to the Death Mountain.

Go on to the left, jump with Midna helping you, then use your senses. Listen to the Goron, then head north until you see some steam. Dig up the insect, get the Tear of Light, then walk towards the Howling Stone and listen to its whistle. Repeat this same melody by howling. (Use the nunchuck joystick to choose one of the three tones and hold A down for the whole sequence.) Repeat this melody once more, a wolf mark will then appear on your map. Take the northwest path.

Death Mountain

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo down to the area with four Twilight Beasts. One of them is behind the electrical curtain. Walk along the wall to find an entrance and get rid of this one first. Then attack the closest remaining beast, then put the last two into your shadow ring to defeat them all. Go towards the fence to the northwest and use your senses to find and attack a flying insect - one more Tear of Light. Climb on the two steps close to you, use Midna to jump, then use your senses and listen to the Goron. Go south while watching out for falling rocks, climb on the tight path and jump again using Midna's help. Now jump all the way down, towards the small shadow vermins, attack the insect and pick up the last Tear of Light.
TYI: If you need to leave this place because you missed an insect, stand on a slab near the fence against the wall and Midna will help you to climb back up.

After bringing light back to this region, the Spirit of Light Eldin will appear and tell you about the Gorons' Mountain. You will also meet the kids again and Renado will introduce himself and his daughter. The shaman tells you about the mountain and the change in the Goron tribe.

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