Twilight Princess walkthrough

Kakariko and Death Mountain

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Twilight Princess walkthroughKakariko

Go back on the path to Death Mountain. Go ahead, climb the fence and try to block the Goron, but you will fail. Go back to the village and Renado will tell you about Bo. As you head to Hyrule Field from where you came in, an out of control Epona will barge in! Ride her and move your joystick like the screen tells you to, and press A to take back control on her. Go back to the field by crossing the fence, then head for Faron Woods.

Twilight Princess walkthroughOrdon Woods and Ordon Village

Keep on going towards Ordon and stop near the spring where the children were abducted. Get off your horse and get close to the shining wolf (marked on your map if you succeeded at singing). There, you will learn the second hidden skill: the Shield Attack! Climb back on Epona and go to Ordon Village. Speak with Bo in front of his house, who will then give you a sumo lesson! After learning the basics, challenge Bo until you win. Then Bo tells you about the real secret: Open the chest and pick up the Iron Boots! Get out, ride Epona and head to Kakariko.

Twilight Princess walkthroughKakariko

As soon as you arrive you will see Collin getting abducted by a horrible monster riding a wild boar! Go straight ahead and cross the fence. In the field, focus on the chieftain. Chase him while riding Epona at her limits and hit him several times (five to six times) until he flees to a bridge where you will duel him. On the bridge, gallop slightly closer to one side (f.e on the right), then when he gets close to you, gallop around him and swing your sword to make him fall. Do this as much as needed.

Twilight Princess walkthroughOnce back to Kakariko, you can see that little Malo opened a general store on the east side of the road. If you have 200 rupees, you can buy the Hylian Shield, which will be useful in the next temple while not being necessary (do not forget to equip it).

Go back on the path to the Death Mountain. After climbing the fence, put on your Iron Boots and get close to the Goron. Grab him and turn around to get rid of him, then go on while avoiding rolling Gorons or get rid of them like you did with the first Goron. Once you reach the smoky area, collect some Hawk Grass and send the predator towards the bowmen. Go on to the northwest.

Death Mountain

Twilight Princess walkthroughIn the Goron-filled area, swing your sword a few times (or use your Shield Attack if you learnt it) at the one near the wall in the northeast corner, then quickly climb on him and turn around facing the highest path to get thrown towards this direction. Do the same with the Goron at the end of the right path, then with the one on your left. In front of the steam geyser, put on your Iron Boots and go ahead, then turn right as soon as possible. Pursue your ascension of the mountain using the Gorons as propellers, then enter the cave on the right.

After the speech of the Goron elder Gor Coron, duel him in a sumo fight. Put on your Iron Boots and use the same technique you used with Bo to defeat him. The best method is to sidestep, grab him, push him, and repeat this once to push him outside the arena. Then Gor Coron tells you what happened with the mountain and Darbus who turned into a monster when touching their treasure.

After asking you to help them, head towards the exit so one Goron offers you to use a lift. Step on the switch and put on your Iron Boots to go down. On the right, push the rock to the back of the room, then remove your boots and enter the now opened tunnel. Speak with the Goron on the left who is a shopkeeper. Buy another shield if yours got burnt down and if you still don't have the Hylian Shield. Then get on the lift once more, go right and enter the...

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