Twilight Princess walkthrough

Looking for the Tears of Light

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Twilight Princess walkthroughLake Hylia

On the footbridge to the right, get rid of the insect and pick up the Tear of Light, then cross the next footbridge. Once more, three Twilight Beasts will attack you! Once you got rid of them, follow the path to the west, turn left, jump on a few platforms and attack the insect for another Tear. Go back down where the three beasts were, and take the footbridge to the north. Go behind the house, get rid of a flying insect and collect the Tear of Light. Swim westwards, climb on the bank left of the waterfall and get rid of the insect (one more Tear). Get close to the grass, howl and repeat the notes to make the bird come back.

Twilight Princess walkthroughZora's River

During your flight over the river, use your senses, press Z as soon as you see an insect and dive on it to destroy it and collect its Tear. You can do this several times to pick up all four Tears of Light. When the bird leaves you, get close to the house, talk to the lady, destroy the insect and get the Tear of Light. Swim to the north and head for the Howling Stone standing at the end of the platform. Listen to its whistle, then repeat it by howling and do it once more close to the castle. The Wolf mark will appear on the map near Hyrule Castle Town's entrance. Go on to the east towards the two bright lights. Listen to the Zoras' discussion, then follow the path to the east.

Zora's Domain

Twilight Princess walkthroughSwim towards the middle of the lake, climb on the small pieces of land and jump on the two insects to collect two more Tears of Light. Afterwards, swim to the west bank, look for an insect on the bank and take the Tear of Light. Cross the lake towards east and a shiny rock. Jump with Midna's help, then do it once more. Climb on the ledge to the west (there are some vines in front of you) and jump once more. Go south and jump once more. When you see a waterfall above you (northwest of the map), go on the small block on the ledge, look north and jump in this direction using Midna's help. Keep on going east and south, pick up rupees on your way and head south to get rid of a flying insect (one more Tear).

Now warp to Zora's Domain. Look at the wall behind the Zora on the ground and bump into it to make a flying insect come out. After picking up the Tear of Light, get into the water and let the current take you to the previous area, then swim again straight ahead (to the south) and as soon as you get in the next area, swim to the left (towards the southeast) to follow the river leading to Hyrule Field.

Twilight Princess walkthroughSwim straight ahead, under the bridge, climb on the eastern bank and keep on going south to the castle town's entrance. Once more, three Twilight Beasts will appear! Fight them as usual and enter the town.

Hyrule Castle Town

Go back to the courtyard in front of Telma's Bar, get rid of the insect and get the Tear of Light. Midna will then show you where the last insect is, in Lake Hylia. Leave the castle town and warp to Lake Hylia.

Twilight Princess walkthroughLake Hylia

Swim towards the Twilit Bloat using the map, climb on the planks and use your senses to find it. Attack it like the bird by jumping on it and biting it. Once bit, it will swim around you, so be ready to dodge it when it will ram you, then bite it twice again. Then, it will float on its back. Jump on its belly and use Midna's energy to create a shadow ring and circle all its six legs to defeat it. Note that during the fight, you can swim to the west bank and refill your hearts by digging the ground. After you got the last Tear of Light, the Spirit of Light will remind you of the story of Hyrule's creation and will warn you against the Fused Shadow.

Twilight Princess walkthroughSwim towards the house and speak to the Clown. Pay 10 rupees to be propelled in the air near the Hylia Bridge. Once you reached the "Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl", come down the ladder and open the door. Go north, collect a Horse Grass, then ride your horse and go north. Get off your horse in front of Castle Town, and climb on the platform to the right of the entrance where the wolf mark is located. You will learn the Back Slice!

Hyrule Castle Town

Go to the plaza. On the southeast of the map is located a shop run by Gorons. Buy some arrows if you only have a few left, then come back to the Bar where your help is needed.

Hyrule Field

Twilight Princess walkthroughTelma and Ilia decide to take the Zora prince to Kakariko. The woman tells you that Ilia lost her memory, and that she found the Zora in the road. Telma will take Ilia and the prince in her cart. Stay close to the cart until you reach the bridge where King Bulblin is waiting. Use the Hawkeye with the bow and shoot an arrow at him from afar to stay safe. Turn around, shoot another arrow and you made it, you will get two gate keys. Afterward gallop in front of the cart until you reach a gate, get off your horse, open it and quickly climb back on Epona. If the cart gets attacked along the way, use your Gale Boomerang to put out any flames.

Then you have to cross Firone's field and protect the cart from attacks. You can attack boar-riding enemies by shooting two arrows at each of them, but if you can't do it quickly, they will come back. In fact this isn't even necessary! The most important thing is to stay behind the cart to protect it. This way enemies will aim at you and you will only have to swing your sword from time to time to slow them down. You just need to throw your Gale Boomerang at the birds when they're getting too close, this way the cart will ride by itself to the second gate to the west. If the cart ever gets hit, quickly put out the flames and go back to your position behind it (red dot on the map) so it continues the travel towards west. When the cart reaches the second gate, quickly open it and you will arrive to Kakariko Village.

Twilight Princess walkthroughOnce the Zora prince is healing, look at the sky to see the Zora Queen floating in the air. Follow her to the graveyard and get in the passageway. Swim and get close to the tombstone to receive the Zora Armor! After Midna's message, go back to Barnes' north of the village. Go left of his counter and speak to him so he comes by. Sell him your bombs, then on the right of the counter, buy some Water Bomb (five are enough) and get out.

Lake Hylia

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo south of Kakariko, call your horse and go back to the field. Gallop to the southeast, then head to Lake Hylia eastwards. Cross the Great Bridge, then go right. Get off your horse and get inside the house, the "Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl"! Speak with the clown Falbi, pay 20 rupees, then pick up a cucco and jump to hover. Aim for the tower with several floors and try to reach its top to get interesting prizes.
Shortcut: Go back to Kakariko Graveyard and get in the small tunnel. Wear your Zora Armor and your Iron Boots, jump into the water and drop a Water Bomb in front of the rocks to the east. Then take off your Iron Boots and follow this new passageway leading to Lake Hylia!

In the water, swim towards the blue point on the map, then put on your Zora Armor and your Iron Boots to walk under the water. Look above you and you will see a brown rock. Drop a bomb on the block under it, so an ascending bubbles current is freed, then drop a bomb in the middle of this current so it blows up in front of the brown rock while going up. Take off your Iron Boots and swim towards the entrance of the...

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