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Lanayru Province

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Twilight Princess walkthroughThe Light Spirit suggests you should head north to Lanayru Province where there is someone you seek. Then Colin asks you to search for Ilia. Go to the shop "Malo Mart" and buy the Hylian Shield for 200 rupees if you still don't have it. Get out and talk to the second Goron on the street. Climb on his back, then on the roof and keep on climbing. Speak to another Goron, climb up and open the door. Pick up 50 rupees in the chest, then get out and climb the ladder.

Speak with Talo who's keeping watch and agree to make a demonstration. Hit both targets, then if you can, hit the pole in the distance to get a Piece of Heart. Go back to Malo Mart and buy the Hawkeye for 100 rupees. Using it with your Bow, you can now zoom in and aim with precision.

You will now need 120 rupees to go on with your quest to the next region. Go to the graveyard west of the village, at the very back of it, light up the two torches and pick up 50 rupees from the chest. Once you've gathered all remaining rupees by breaking pots and slicing bushes in Hyrule Field, go to Barnes Bomb Shop and buy his Bombs. He will offer you to buy a Bomb Bag with Bombs for 120 rupees. Finally, get out, call Epona and go to Hyrule Field from the north path.

Twilight Princess walkthroughHyrule Field

Gallop to the north towards a stone construction. Cross the bridge and go on straight ahead. Get off your horse and place a bomb in front of the three rocks. At this moment, a part of the bridge will vanish and three Twilight Beasts will appear. Ignore them, get back on Epona and go north to the twilight gate. Midna will bring you in and you will turn back into your wolf form. Go on, use your senses and smell the bag to learn the Scent of Ilia, then go on. Once you get in a wider area, use your senses and follow the scent of Ilia, go eastwards and keep on following the scent until you are in...

Twilight Princess walkthroughHyrule Castle Town

In the eastern street, listen to the discussion of the two townspeople, then go on and follow the scent in the western street. Keep on following the scent to the southern street, enter a little courtyard, and listen to the four cats. Get back in the street, listen to the Goron, then follow the scent to Telma's Bar. You will find Ilia at the bedside of a Zora child. Listen to her discussion with Telma, then get close to the guards and look at the map. Next, leave the Castle Town from the eastern gate, and go to the far east, then south.

Twilight Princess walkthroughGreat Bridge of Hylia and Lake Hylia

Go across the bridge and you will be stopped, surrounded by flames. Push one of the crates against the wall, climb on it and make a leap of faith! Get out of the water from the eastern bank, listen to the Zoras, then switch off your senses and go to the house with a pink roof. Use your senses again to listen to the man, who gets sight of an enemy.

Go towards this foe to the north who will call a kind of bird. When it's diving towards you, press Z, then A to jump at it. Then press quickly three to four times A to bite it and repeat this attack once more. Avoid the fire arrows it shoots at you, then attack the "jockey". Once you have defeated him, Midna will take over the bird and make both of you fly!

Zora's River

Direct the bird following the path highlighted on the map, while avoiding enemies' shoots, rocks and boulders falling, until you get out. At the river's top, listen to the woman in front of the house, then go down to the east, get close to the shiny stone and keep on going east.

Zora's Domain

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo on to the north, speak with Midna, jump with her help and go on. Walk past some fallen ice, then jump again using Midna's help and head north. Here are three more Twilight Beasts! First get rid of the one in the back behind a wall, then the two remaining ones. Next use your senses and look at the frozen Zoras under the ground. Choose to warp to Death Mountain. Get close to a huge hot boulder and warp it to Zora's Domain to melt the ice. When you're on your way to get out, Queen Rutela will thank you and tell you about her son that went to Hyrule Castle. Leave and jump into the water to go back to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

Get inside the cave in front of you and speak with Lanayru, the third Spirit of Light. He will entrust you a Vessel of Light to collect Tears of Light. Go back outside.

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