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Go back to Kakariko Graveyard, climb the stairs at the back and get close to the Golden Wolf. There you will learn the Jump Strike, the second-to-last Hidden Move.

Twilight Princess walkthroughNow go to the Hyrule Castle Town and go back to Telma's Bar. Speak with Telma and look at the map on the table to find Rusl's location. Leave Castle Town and warp to the Northen Faron Woods.

Faron Woods

Go on to the north, climb on the ledge and speak with Rusl. He tells about a temple deep in the woods and a special power known by the ancients. Take the golden cucco and jump from the ledge and hover towards the north to land on a small platform. Hover again to the north, then turn east, hover in this direction and go on. Put the Cucco on the ground, then use the Gale Boomerang, aim at the platform's propeller for a few seconds, then release to make it spin. Pick up the Cucco and hover towards the platform, then let it go again, make the platform spin, take the Cucco and walk towards the ground. Using the Cucco, hover to the north while avoiding the obstacles.

Sacred Grove

Twilight Princess walkthroughSkull Kid and his puppets are back! As before, you have to chase Skull Kid through the forest. Since it's nighttime, look for his lantern's glow, try to hear his laughter or the music from his instrument, to find him. The second and third time, he will be on a branch high up, so you have to shoot an arrow at him to force him to move to another area. Then he will stay in the same area and call for his puppets again. Swiftly get rid of them and shoot an arrow at him. Do this twice more so he opens a new passage.

Follow this passageway to end up at the entrance of the Sacred Grove. Go ahead and push the block as far as possible, then go down to the left and go north between the two giant statues, and again straight ahead. Place your sword on the pedestal so one of the statues disappears, then go back south. Five Twilight Beasts will appear! Attack them using the usual tactic, then climb the southwest blocks and open the now reachable door with a mysterious path behind it...

Go on straight ahead, put once more your sword on the pedestal and climb the light stairs to enter the...

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