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Snowpeak Ruins

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Snowpeak Ruins

Twilight Princess walkthroughGo ahead, turn into a wolf and use your senses. Get rid of the Poe, then go back to your human form and open the door at the back. Speak with the lady Yeta, who will give you a Map of the Mansion. Go west and talk to Yeto, then go behind the crates and lift the pot to find Ooccoo. Open the door to the north.

Push the block the closest to you to the west, then push the second block east, then south, west and south on the switch, which will unblock a door. Open the door to the east.

Turn into a wolf and dig in front of the broken wall. Take 20 rupees in the chest to the right, then go north and dig near the item covered in snow to find a Small Key in a chest. Go back to your human form, then open the west door and turn right. Get rid of the enemies with your sword (using the Mortal Draw while carefully stepping forward), then unlock the door to the north.

Twilight Princess walkthroughGet rid of the three enemies the same way to unblock the doors, then open the door to the west. Go to the next door and two Chilfos will appear. Try to bring one of the enemies away to avoid the other's attack, then as soon as it throws an ice spear at you, strike it several times with your sword. Get rid of the other one, then open the door to the south. Pick up the Ordon Pumpkin in the chest, then open the door to the south. Climb on the crate, open the door to the south, then the one east.

Talk again to Yeta, then come back to her husband and talk to him to give him the pumpkin. If you have an empty bottle, you can climb on the crates and dip it in the cauldron to get some soup, because you won't find a single small heart in this dungeon! Then speak to his wife again, who will show you another location on your map. Open the door to the north.

Twilight Princess walkthroughTurn into a wolf, go through the window to the northeast, then switch back to your human form and open the next door. Get rid of the three or four first enemies, then pick up the cannonball in front of the door and carry it to the other side of the room while following the path. Get on the cannon, load it with the cannonball, then grab one of the handles and turn the cannon to the south. Then load the cannon with a bomb to set it off and clear out the way. Open the door to the south.

Go ahead on the left plank, then step back to get rid of the Keeses safely, then come back to the plank and shoot the Clawshot at the enemy to make it fall. Jump on the plank ahead, then slide and quickly stop. Jump on the plank to the right (towards west), then again to the west and jump towards the big blue chest. Pick up the Compass. Next, jump back to the previous plank and open the chest left to get 20 rupees/letter B stamp. Leave this room easily using the Clawshot, go west and get out. Turn into a wolf, use your senses and dig several times where indicated to find another Small Key in a chest. Unlock the door to the east.

Twilight Princess walkthroughLower the lever next to the door, then lift and place a cannonball in the small launcher next to you. Get out and lower the lever on the other side, then carry the cannonball and go to the cannon in the middle. Load the cannon with the ball, aim the cannon at the north, then load a bomb to fire. Open the door to the north.

Mini-boss: Darkhammer

Get close to the next door and Darkhammer will arrive! Roll to get close to him and do your best to get in his back to hit his tail. If you don't succeed, wait for him to throw his ball and if it gets stuck in the ground, run swiftly behind him to hit his tail. After five to six hits, he will be defeated.
Note: If you have any trouble, ask Ooccoo for help, warp to Kakariko for example to refill your hearts in a spring and/or buy a red potion, then you can call Ooccoo Jr. to go back to the dungeon.
Take his Ball and Chain and open the door to the north.

Twilight Princess walkthroughUse the Ball and Chain and throw it at the ice blocks, then open the chest to find some Ordon Goat Cheese. Destroy the armours to the west with the Ball and Chain, then the skull which shows up next, and pick up (maybe) an orange rupee! Backtrack twice to the south. Get close to the cannon, throw the Ball and Chain to the south then pick up the bombs in the chest. Then go south once more and speak with Yeta. Bring the cheese to her husband, then go speak with Yeta again to get another location on the map. Open the door to the east.

Throw the ball at the ice block in front of you, then go on, follow the ice breath and look for an opening in the monster's cage. There, look in this direction and throw the Ball and Chain several times to get rid of the enemy. Go a little bit further and do the same with the next monster, then go to the second floor and destroy the ice in front of you. Take note of the cannon, then open the door to the north.

Get rid of the warrior, then throw the Ball at the ice to discover a blue target. Stand right in front of the chandelier, use your Z lock and throw the Ball to make it swing. Jump on it, then jump towards the chest and pick up the Small Key. Get out of the room by shooting the Clawshot at the blue target, then go south. In the corridor, take note of the damaged floor, then throw your Ball and Chain at this part of the floor to break it. Jump down, pick up the Piece of Heart in the chest, then climb back using the Clawshot on the blue target. Unlock the door to the west.

Twilight Princess walkthroughFirst throw the Ball and Chain at the ice to the right to discover a blue target, then once more, throw the Ball at the chandelier, jump towards the ice warrior while avoiding his spikes, and fight him. If you ever fall down, use the target to climb back to the second floor. Next, swing the chandelier once more and jump on it, make the middle chandelier swing, jump on it, then quickly swing the next chandelier, jump on it, then towards the chest. You can also throw the Ball at floors' edges to make chandeliers swing. Open it to find a Piece of Heart! Go back where the warrior was by jumping down and using the Clawshot, then open the next door.

Still using your Ball and Chain, get rid of the enemies, then break the ice to the west. Turn into a wolf to defeat the Poe and pick up its soul, then switch back to your human form and open the door to the north.

Go left, push the crate, then go down and use the Ball on the switch in the middle, and also on the frozen crate. Here is one way to solve this puzzle: The crate number 1 is on the first switch and the crate number 2 is the one which was covered in ice. Push crate number 1 to the north, then the crate number 2 to the south, then west, then north. Go back to crate number 1 and push it east, south, west and north towards the central switch to unlock the door atop of the room. Climb on the crates to come back to the second floor and go through the east door.

Twilight Princess walkthroughWalk carefully on the narrow path to the north, get rid of the three Chilfos, then look through the hole in the wall. Shoot the Clawshot at the target, let go and open the door to the west.

Throw the Ball and Chain at the ice to the right, then at the chandelier, then jump on it and quickly swing the second chandelier, jump on it and then towards the chest. Pick up the Small Key, then open the south door. Jump on the crates to the right then get out from the south. Unlock the door to the east.

Get rid of the two Freezards, then go towards the east wall and push both crates to create a shortcut to the staircase. Take this shortcut, go to the first floor, then open the door to the north. Push the crate, go ahead and take a cannonball (cannonballs are marked with red dots on the map). Backtrack to the last door, lower the lever and put the ball in the "spoon". Then go through the door again and lower the lever on the other side. Pick up the cannonball, go back to the second floor and load the cannon with it.

Twilight Princess walkthroughMake the cannon face the shortcut and load a bomb to fire the ball to the other room. Walk towards the cannonball, carry it and put it in the "spoon" next to the northern door. Open this door, pick up the ball and put it in the cannon. Turn the cannon towards northeast and fire to destroy the Freezard. Jump east, open the door to the east and climb the ladder. Open the door to the east.

Take careful steps because of the falling ice, then fight off all Chilfos appearing in several rounds. Finally, open the next door and pick up the Bedroom Key in the chest.

Get out, talk to Yeta, go to the third floor and open the door. You can also take some soup with you or leave the manor before following her. In front of the mirror, Yeta goes crazy!

Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta

Twilight Princess walkthroughAt first, the poor Yeta will turn into a kind of big spinning top. Use your Ball and Chain and throw it several times at the spinning top, who as she gets smaller, gets faster. Next, ice blocks will fall from the ceiling. Look at the ground to see where the blocks will fall. When they are moving in lines, run to avoid them falling onto you, then as soon as the last one fell down, turn around and try to break one with your Ball, then keep on running. When they are moving in circles, get as far as you can to avoid being surrounded, because in that case the boss would fall onto you. Once more, as soon as they all fell (even if one fell onto you), try to break one or two with your Ball (and pick up a few hearts). After destroying some of them, you will be able to hit the boss with your Ball and Chain (using the Z lock). Three Ball hits are enough to guarantee you the upper hand. With a new Mirror Shard in your bag, pick up the Heart Container (awww, so beautiful!) and leave your friends' manor.

Note: In the hall throw the Ball and Chain twice at each armour: You will find 10 and 20 rupees/letter Q stamp in the two chests, a Poe, along with an ice skull that will drop 100 rupees. In the room with the first cannon, the two chests contain 20 rupees and some bombs.

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