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In the HD version on Wii U, you can find 50 Hylian Letter stamps scattered in chests all over Hyrule and which let you post messages on Miiverse. Each dungeon contains two of them, except for the City in the Sky which contains three.

Indications are for the normal mode. Don't hesitate to give details, correct and complete this list.

AForest TempleIn the room with the Big Key, in a chest accessible through a passage at the water level to the south (see map below) - see the walkthrough
BSnowpeak RuinsOn the 1st floor, shortly after using the first cannon to clear the way, in the room where you have to walk on beams - see the walkthrough
CEldin FieldIn the area with wild boars, at the level of the highest hill of the field, north-west of the largest water source. Dig in the grass where there isn't (grass), then set fire to the two torches (there's also a purple rupee)
DArbiter's GroundsOn the 1st basement, shortly after getting the Spinner, use it in the large room where you have to go up using the Spinner, then open the chest guarded by two stalfos. (In the second part of the room, after "jumping" with the Spinner while following the rails) - see the walkthrough
EEldin Field[Dominion Rod required] Au nord de la plaine où il y a le petit pont avant Kakariko, utilise le Dominion Rod sur la statue en forme d'oiseau pour atteindre le coffre en hauteur
FLanayru FieldNorth of Hyrule Castle in a cage in the water leaning against the castle and accessible by the top
GCity in the SkyOn the 2nd floor in the outside room, where you have to use flying plants to move on, the chest is where you can also find a poe - see the walkthrough
HGoron MinesOn the 2nd floor, in the large room with many archers, in an underwater chest on the east side - see the walkthrough
ILanayru FieldNorth of the castle, on the east bank, dig the circle of grass to the south near the water
JLake HyliaIn Lake Hylia's cave. To the south-west on the map, climb the ladder, blow up the rock ahead, and get in the cave. Follow these directions at the intersections: east, east, north, east, then light up the two torches to make the chest appear - see the map of the cave
KLakebed TempleOn the 1st basement, in the central room, just below the door leading to the boss, after making the water flow once - see the walkthrough
LTemple of TimeOn the 5th floor, in the room with spiders (the one where you have to come back with the Dominion Rod for a Piece of Heart). It's located in the chest at the back of the room - see the walkthrough
MLanayru Field[Clawshot required] To the far south of Lake Hylia, where there are archers shooting fire arrows, and a poe as well. Destroy the rocks higher up with a bomb arrow, climb with the Clawshot and use it twice again. Dig the ground as a wolf and fight all the skulls
NForest TempleIn the easternmost room, with tile worms jumping at the centre, in an elevated chest - see the walkthrough
OEldin FieldIn the area before the bridge leading to Kakariko, blow up the rock blocking the entrance to the cave. The chest is to the north, next to a Skulltula (the cave where there is a poe soul to be found) (at the intersections: north then north-west)
PLanayru FieldTo the far north of the field, where the river comes out of a tunnel, on the east shore, turn into a wolf and dig in the middle of the grass circle. Fight the spiders, then light up the three torches to make a chest appear
QSnowpeak RuinsOn the 1st floor, in the hall, behind a statue to be entirely destroyed with the Ball and Chain - see the walkthrough
RGerudo DesertNorth-west from the Cave of Ordeals. From the entrance to the cave, go north-west, latch on to the flying plant with the Clawshot and let go to the far west near the chest
SLanayru FieldIn the south-west part, after climbing the ladder leading to the watchtower, go on a little, then dig where your senses show you to. Clear out all the frogs and open the chest
TTemple of TimeOn the 7th floor, where there is a poe. Use the scale of this floor to hang on with the Clawshot a bit more higher up, then use the Spinner to reach the chest, right behind the poe - see the walkthrough
UGoron Mines[Clawshot required] In the large room with many archers, in the north-east corner. From the chest holding the letter H stamp, climb the ladder, go east and look north. Shoot your Clawshot at the iron gate, climb it and the stamp is yours
VLanayru Field[Double Clawshot required] South of Castle Town, at the bottom of the staircases is a huge hole leading to Lake Hylia. Follow the path marked out by targets and open the chest near the 4th target
WLake HyliaIn the area of Lake Hylia's portal is a path leading to a poe's soul. Jump into the water and put on your Iron Boots just before jumping to the plaform where the poe is
XSacred Grove[Spinner required] In the room just beside the room with statues. Climb the wall with vines to reach the Lost Woods "labyrinth". Once on top, use the Spinner to go around the room almost completely and reach a platform where the stamp is
YLakebed Temple[Clawshot required] On the 4th floor, where you made the water flow for the first time, use the Clawshot on the wall. (Tip: to climb back up faster, use the edges of the structure while walking slowly (and while going down into the water with your Iron Boots when there is a pillar!) - see the walkthrough
ZCity in the SkyOn the 4th floor, in the outside room with ropes, in the chest near the poe - see the walkthrough

Link finds a stamp Twilight Princess HD

Agitha---Received when you give 12 golden bugs to Agitha
Angry LinkLanayru FieldNorth-west of the western entrance of castle town, in a cave accessible by digging in a stone circle at the same place as the female butterly (see map below)
Angry MidnaPalace of TwilightOn the 1st floor, in the first room with the fog that turns you into a wolf, climb with the Clawshot after defeating Zant's head - see the walkthrough
Angry ZeldaCave of OrdealsAt the end of the 2nd ordeal (next to the door of the Great Fairy)
CuccoLake HyliaReward of the "Flight by Fowl" minigame, in one of the chests
FairyCave of OrdealsAt the end of the 5th ordeal (on the small landing before jumping in the Great Fairy room)
Happy LinkOrdon VillageIn Ordon Village, in the ranch. During the day, get in the barn, dig where your senses show you to, then light up the two torches
Happy MidnaCave of OrdealsAt the end of the 3rd ordeal (next to the door of the Great Fairy)
Happy ZeldaHyrule CastleIn the room with treasure chests next to the boss door - see the walkthrough
Heart ContainerCave of OrdealsAt the end of the 4th ordeal (next to the door of the Great Fairy)
Hylian ChestLake HyliaIn Lake Hylia's cave. To the south-west on the map, climb the ladder, blow up the rock ahead, and get in the cave. Follow these directions at the intersections: east, east, north, west, west, west, north, south, east, and blow up the rock east (next to last room) - see the map of the cave
Malo MartCastle TownTo be bought when the castle branch of Malo Mart is opened
OocooCity in the Sky[Double Clawshot required] On the 1st floor, in the rooms west on the map, where you have to climb up and down using targets and iron gates, turn around before going to the room with the strong Baba - see the walkthrough
Piece of HeartEldin FieldIn the cave north of Eldin Bridge, the one where there is also a Piece of Heart. Proceed in the cave and use the Lantern to light up the two torches, right before the chest holding the heart
RupeeCastle TownAfter collecting the 60 poe souls, go to Jovani, if he's not in, talk to his cat which asks you where his master is. Go to the tavern, talk to him then go back to his cat that will give you 200 rupees, as well as the stamp
Sad LinkEldin FieldNear Elding Bridge, dig to the left when coming from the bridge (se map below)
Sad MidnaGerudo DesertIn the north-east part, where you can also find poes. Dig the ground, attack two poes, destroy a rock and light up the three torches
Sad ZeldaHyrule CastleAfter finding the dungeon map, climb the ladder to the right of the chest and go to the end of the path to find the chest - see the walkthrough
Surprised LinkCave of OrdealsAt the end of the 1st ordeal (next to the door of the Great Fairy)
Surprised MidnaArbiter's GroundsOn the 1st floor, shortly after the 3rd poe, there is a room with a mechanism which rises the chandelier. Quickly cross once the chandelier is on the ceiling and open the chest - see the walkthrough
Surprised ZeldaLanayru FieldAt the southern exit of Castle Town, shoot the Clawshot at the pillar north-west, let go, then use the Spinner and jump a little before halfway to land near the fountain chest
Twili Midna---Received automatically when finding the 49 other stamps
Wolf LinkFaron FieldIn the south part, from the horse grass, walk along the wall eastwards until you find tall grass, and dig to find a hidden cave
ZantPalace of TwilightOn the 1st floor, in the second room on the right, use the Clawshot with the elevated targets and look in the recesses on your left - see the walkthrough

location stamp Alocation stamp sad Linklocation stamp angry Link
Hylian Letter Stamp A location• Sad Link stamp • Angry Link stamp

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