Twilight Princess walkthrough

A wolf in Ordona Province

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Twilight Princess walkthroughA wolf in Ordon Village

Leave the pond and Midna will advise you to find a sword and a shield. Go back to the village.

After listening to the squirrel's advice, cross the large bridge and listen to the two men from afar. Get slowly closer, near the tree to hear about a shield located in this house and a sword at Rusl's place. After Midna's intervention, talk to the dog, then cross back the bridge. After the hawk's attack, go towards the house of the man who had lost his cat and talk to the cat. Go towards the shop, stand on the rock and talk to Midna. Jump on the roof then towards the man with the hawk to frighten him. Then jump towards the watermill and get in through the open window.

Twilight Princess walkthroughCome down, climb on the table and look east. Jump higher up thanks to Midna then bump twice into the wall to make the Ordon Shield fall down and pick it up! Jump outside through the window then get close to the pregnant woman's house. Wait for her husband to get away then head east. Talk to the frogs if you want to, then climb to the north and talk to the hen on the right side of the house. Dig next to the house, pick up the Ordon Sword lying on the couch and get out by digging (using your senses). Go back to the forest and to the Ordon Spring.

Get rid of the twilight creature by biting it several times, then listen to the words of Ordona, one of the four Light Spirits. It tells you that you are the one who can revive the light of the other spirits. Leave the spring, head right, cross the hanging bridge and walk to the gate.

Twilight Princess walkthroughFaron Woods

Go ahead, then after Midna's speech, fight off three twilight beasts. Following Midna's advice, draw a circle to enclose all three Twilight Beasts within it then release the button to swiftly defeat them all. Keep on going north and get close to the waterfall. Look at the shiny spirit and you will receive the Vessel of Light from another Light Spirit. You will now have to find dark insects to recover all the Tears of Light (white dots on the mini-map) and so dispel the twilight in this area.

Head north, use your senses and attack the first two insects. Touch the Tears of Light (blue lights) to collect them.

Twilight Princess walkthroughIn front of the sign, go left to the house and get inside by climbing the planks on the left side and jumping with Midna's help. Using your senses, listen to the salesman, then get rid of the two insects and collect two more Tears of Light. Get out by climbing the planks to the northwest, then go to the other side of the house. Look at the wall and bump into it to make the insect fall, then attack it as usual and collect the Tear of Light. Go back to the path and turn left after the sign. Dig in front of the fence to go under it, attack the two insects (recover two Tears of Light) and follow the passage. Just before getting in, you can dig near the torch to use a shortcut. Then go on to the exit.

Twilight Princess walkthroughLook at the wall on the left, bump into it to make two flying insects fall down, get rid of them and collect two more Tears of Light. Go ahead on a sort of "pointing rock" on the left (close to the wall) and talk to Midna. Jump several times in a row, keep on following the wall upwards and jump again towards the centre. Using your senses, attack all three insects and go on after recovering the Tears of Light. Jump in the trees, then once more without stopping in the middle of the plants. Then jump towards Midna while avoiding the swinging branch. Once again jump several times in a row to reach the east side, then look for insects under the ground and dig near them so they pop out. Collect both Tears of Light and go on east.

Twilight Princess walkthroughAs soon as the Twilight Beasts appear, enclose them in your energy circle to defeat them. Look for a wooden construction to the east and head north. Get rid of the last two insects to bring light back to the forest! Faron, another Spirit of Light, will give you your human body back, as well as a green tunic which once belonged to the ancient hero chosen by the gods, and you also are a hero chosen by the gods! Faron also says that there is a forbidden power in the nearby temple.

Go back to the forest, head for the Lantern salesman house. Speak with him so he gives you a Small Key. Buy a Bottle of Oil for 100 rupees. If you are lacking a lot of rupees, go back to your house, go down to the basement and use your Lantern to find 50 rupees in a chest.

Twilight Princess walkthroughCome back to the sign, open the gate and follow the path. Go across the cave once more, then when you see the fog, take out your Lantern and swing it. A monkey will suddenly appear and grasp your Lantern! Follow it through the fog to the other side, then grab your Lantern and head east. Get in Trill's Shop, leave 20 rupees into the box left of the two pots and dip your Lantern into the oil jar to fill it up. (If the bird attacks you, fight the Bokoblin nearby and come back.) Then get close to the Golden Wolf north. He is the Hero's Shade, who is also a sword master. You will learn the Ending Blow. Then he tells you to search for the statues that howl with the sound of the wind to learn new techniques. Go on towards the temple and burn down the spider web to get into the...

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