Twilight Princess walkthrough

On the way to Hyrule

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Twilight Princess walkthroughLet's go to Hyrule

Back to Toal, the following day, talk to Fado, call Epona and ride her. Gather all 20 goats into the barn, then cross the fence and head to the village. Go back to your place then head to the forest. Accept to lend your sword to the children and go on. Follow the path through the tunnel to the pond and talk to Ilia. Suddenly foes will appear and abduct the children, before taking you as well! On your hand, a part of the Triforce will light up and you will turn into a wolf before being taken away!

Locked up

Twilight Princess walkthroughInside the cell, you meet a strange creature that will unleash you. Get close to the crates and shake your head to break them, then dig here to go across under the bars. Enter the next cell and talk to Midna. Aim at the hanged hook and catch it, then follow the tunnel. As soon as your jockey says so, use your senses to see a ghost soldier and listen to him. Keep going on the left ledge, jump to the other side and go left. Go to the south corridor, climb on the ledge and catch the hook so the water level will rise. Swim north and use your senses to listen to another soldier at an intersection. Follow the west path and Midna will go through the bars. Head to the far east, catch the hook to make the water level lower, and go back to Midna. Get in the small passage on the left, just before the gate, to join her.

Twilight Princess walkthroughThen head left, climb the stairs, jump... and fall! Come back to the top of the stairs to try again and talk to Midna when she's calling you. You can now easily jump and go on up to the rope. Stand right in front of the rope, carefully cross the gap and go straight to the door. Attack the Keeses then break the crates to find a heart and some rupees. Climb on the stone block northeast of this circular room, talk to Midna, then jump without stopping until you reach the door on top of the room (hold Z down).

Twilight Princess walkthroughOutside, break the skulls behind you for some hearts replenishment, then go ahead and use your senses to listen to the soldier spirit. Climb on the crate on the left, jump and go on. Attack both Shadow Kargaroks while avoiding falling off the ledge and go on to the dead end. Break the skull to get one heart, then go down on the planks on the right. Talk to Midna, jump three times in a row, then quickly go north and east on the roof's top, while avoiding the Shadow Kargaroks, and quickly get into the tower. Jump on the left stairs, go ahead, gets hearts in the crates and get into the room. Then you will meet the castle princess, who is none other than Princess Zelda of Hyrule. After her talking about past events, leave the room and take the stairs. Midna will bring you back to the light world.

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