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First steps in Ordona Province

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Twilight Princess walkthrough Ordon WoodsOrdon Woods

Following the scene between Link (our Hero) and Rusl, and the disappearance of your horse Epona, talk to your friend Fado, then head left (northeast of the map) and enter the forest. Go forward a little and look for an entrance carved into the stone to the right. Get in the tunnel and crawl through. Your mare is here, along with your friend Ilia. Talk to the young girl, then collect some Horse Grass right next to you and blow into it. Speak once more with Ilia, and stand right next to Epona to ride her. Leave this place, turn left and go back near your house. Go ahead to enter the village.

Twilight Princess walkthrough Ordon VillageOrdon Village

Get off your horse if you want to talk to the villagers. You can meet the family owning the shop "Sera's Sundries" to the right, another family in the middle of the village, as well as Mayor Bo, the village's chief, in front of his house south of the village. Climb back on Epona and head south of the map.

Twilight Princess walkthrough Ordon VillageOrdon Ranch

Go ahead and talk to Fado. Accept to help him, then bring back all 10 goats to the barn by "chasing" them towards the house while riding Epona. Then you will get to do a training sequence of horse jumping. Press A to fasten your pace before jumping over an obstacle. When you want to stop, cross the gate to the north.

A tip to new Legend of Zelda players: During the whole game, you can find rupees and collect small hearts by throwing pots and rocks, cutting grass, breaking crates, and so on... it might save your life or refill your wallet, so keep this in mind during dungeon exploration.

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