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Master Ores

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Four Master Ores are hidden across Lorule. This special ore allows you to increase the strength of your sword. To do this, two Master Ores have to be brought to the Hyrule's blacksmith and the two others to the Lorule's blacksmith. The first three pieces of ore can be found in any order, once you are in Lorule. Whereas the fourth one requires owning the Titan's Mitt.

Master Ore in the Dark PalaceThieves' Hideout

The Master Ore piece is located on the third basement of the dungeon, in a large room. For more details, check out the walktrough.

Dark Palace

The Master Ore piece is located on the second floor of the dungeon, in a room in the middle of the map. For more details, check out the walktrough.

Skull Woods

The Master Ore piece is located on the first basement of the dungeon, near the chest holding the Big Key. For more details, check out the walktrough.

Lorule Field

From Hyrule, go back to the Sanctuary, walk to the back where the priest is, and enter the fissure. Once in Lorule, set fire to the torch, talk to the priest, then cross the bridge and leave. Outside, Hilda talks to you and tells you that an important item is located nearby. Walk east in the graveyard, pick up the large rock in the northeast corner and go down the stairs. Slash the skulls to the left which hide a switch, then step on it to open the north door. Move on, head left, walk up the stairs and go to the far east. Take the 20 rupees in the chest, then merge into the wall, go right and exit near the Small Key to pick up! Go back left, unlock the door and go through. Fight the three Eyegores to open the doors again, then in the following room, pull the right lever to unlock the door. (The left lever makes snakes appear.) Walk up the stairs. Move a little, merge into the wall, then open the big chest which holds a piece of Master Ore! Merge again to exit this place.

Master Ores locationMaster Ores for the blacksmith

After finding two Master Ores, return to Hyrule, go back to the blacksmith's house and talk to him. He notices your two pieces of ores and improves your sword, which is now level 2!

In Lorule, the boss of the smithy sees your upgraded sword, amazed. Bring him the other two Master Ores and he'll improve your sword again. Then he says that nobody can resist you with this sword, which has now reached level 3!