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Here are the quests found in the Adventure Log, how to start them and how to finish them:

West NecludaKakariko VillageHateno VillageAround Hateno VillageZora's DomainLanayruEldinAkkalaGreat Hyrule ForestHebraTabantha and Rito VillageGerudo Canyon and DesertGerudo TownFaronLurelin VillageHyrule RidgeCentral HyruleAncient Shrines and various

Zora's Domain

Luminous Stone Gathering

side quest Luminous Stone Gathering in Breath of the WildAt the domain's entrance, talk to Ledo who needs some Luminous Stones to repair some stuff.
Give him 10 Luminous Stones that you can find in the mountain, notably in Upland Zorana. As a reward, he gives you 2 Diamonds. He offers to give you another Diamond if you bring him 10 more Luminous Stones.

Diving is Beauty!

On the second floor, talk to Gruve who's very emotional. He wants you to perform a beautiful dive.
Run and jump into the water near him, then climb back up the waterfall. You receive 5 Fleet-Lotus Seeds.

Lynel Safari

In Zora's Domain, on the second floor east side, talk to Laflat who would like a picture of a red Lynel ("apparently" any of them) to warn people about it.
Take a picture of the Lynel at Ploymus Mountain and you receive the Zora Greaves. (I took a picture of another Lynel, that the camera acknowledged as a Lynel, but Laflat didn't accept it.)

A Wife Washed Away

side quest A Wife Washed Away in Breath of the Wild[After you've calmed the beast] Talk to Fronk who is on a platform east of the plaza where Mipha's Statue is. His wife Mei has disappeared and he asks you to find her.
Then go to the small islands in the middle of Lake Hylia and you'll find her fishing to the east of the main island. Talk to her and she gives you 5 Staminoka Basses before going back to Fronk.

Frog Catching

[After you've calmed the beast and talked to Fronk] Talk to little Tumbo who's playing on the plaza where Mipha's statue is. He wants five Hot-footed Frogs.
Bring them to him and he'll reward you with an Armoranth.

The Giant of Ralis Pond

[After you've calmed the beast] Talk to Torfeau, a Zora located near the pools, on the west side, and who asks you to defeat a Hinox wrecking havoc near Ralis Pond.
Follow the objective marker to find it and fight it. Then, go back to Zora's Domain and talk to Torfeau again to report. The Zora gives you a silver rupee as a reward.

Zora Stone Monuments

side quest Zora Stone Monuments in Breath of the Wild[After you've calmed the beast] In the domain's bathhouse (under the throne room), talk to Jiahto who's studying the Zora's history. He asks you to find and read the 10 stone monuments scattered around the domain and along the Zora River. Here are their locations (picture of the locations):

  • In the Zodobon Highlands, south of Oren Bridge and west of the high lake (chapter 5)
  • North of the Oren Bridge, on high grounds (chapter 2)
  • By following the path, next to a group of Lizalfos (chapter 1)
  • South of Luto's Crossing, below to the west, on a pond's bank (chapter 4)
  • Atop the hill, after an abandoned campsite and a wizard (addendum 1)
  • Below between this hill and Rutala Dam, left of a big "bunch of stuck-together trees" (chapter 6)
  • Right before getting on the Great Zora Bridge, on the cliff to the east, between two lanterns (chapter 7)
  • On the bank west of Ruto Lake and east of Ralis Pond (chapter 3)
  • Northwest of Zora's Domain, atop a cliff north of a great group of trees (Memoir of a Gifted Stonemason)
  • Next to Ploymus Mountain, south of Lulu Lake (addendum 2)

Once you've checked them all, go back and talk to Jiahto who congratulates you and offers you a Diamond. Furthermore, two of these steles reveal that the Zora Helm is hidden at the bottom of Toto Lake, north of the Domain.

Special Delivery

side quest Special Delivery in Breath of the Wild[Once you've calmed the beast] (Before you calm it, at the "Seabed" inn, talk to little Finley who would like to send a letter to the Bank of Wishes.)
Go to the Bank of Wishes, west of Zora's Domain. Filney is waiting here with her love letter inside a big bottle and asks you to keep an eye on the latter until it reaches its addressee. The letter has to follow the river to the bank, way below. To do so, you have to destroy the dams with some Bomb Arrows or bombs before the letter gets near the dam, kill the Octoroks in the water, but also the Lizalfos on the firm ground (not necessarily all of them). You don't have to stay in the water all the time, but you shouldn't get too far away from the bottle. It's also possible to lift it and throw it further if it gets stuck. Finally, the letter reaches a Lizalfos campsite, where you have to be watchful. Try to get there before the bottle and blow up the planks and barrels in the water so it won't get stuck. Also defeat some enemies if you have time. Eventually, if everything went fine, the letter reaches the bank, and Sasan, a travelling merchant, is the addressee. After some explainations, he goes to Zora's Domain, where you can find him on the west side of the village, on the curved path. Finley and Sasan then give you a golden rupee as a reward for your efforts.

Lanayru Wetlands

Riverbed Reward

At the Wetland Stable, talk to Izra, the man next to the river to the left. He's looking at the bottom of the river since a treasure lies in it.
Use the Magnesis Rune to get the treasure, open it (and take the Knight's Broadsword even if you don't want to), then talk to Izra again to finish this quest.


Fireproof Lizard Roundup

At the Southern Mine, talk to Kima, an explorer, who would like 10 Fireproof Lizards.
Talk to him again when you have them to give them to him and as a reward, he gives you his Flamebreaker Armor. Then, he gives you 20 rupees for each three lizards you bring him.

Death Mountain's Secret

side quest Death Mountain's Secret in Breath of the WildAt the Goron Hot Springs, talk to Dugby, the little Goron who tells you this: "I bid a tweshure binteen gear an ba Bridge of Eldin! Iz an abazing schtick! Beely bool! If boo bind it...iz boars!". Translated (after reading it a few times): "I hid a treasure between here and the Bridge of Eldin! It's an amazing stick! Very cool! If you find it... it's yours!". (At night, you can listen to his dream to learn more about it.)
Go east, then after going by the second pool of lava, climb the mountain to the south and look for a bunch of cracked rocks on a wall. Blow it up, then take the Drillshaft hidden behind. Go back and talk to Dugby again, show him the Drillshaft and he lets you keep it.

The Road to Respect

side quest The Road to Respect in Breath of the WildIn Goron City, talk to Fugo, a Goron standing right in front of the Goron forge. He explains that in order to prove himself to his boss, he has to defeat an Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake.
Follow the objective marker to locate this place in northwestern Eldin. The enemy is right to the west of Darunia Lake. To defeat it, shoot some Ice Arrows at its weak point and when it's falling down, quickly climb on it to deal as many sword blows at its ore as you can. Once it's destroyed, go back and talk to Fugo who gives you a silver rupee to thank you.

The Jewel Trade

[After calming Vah Rudania] In Goron City, the Gerudo Ramella is walking around and buys ores for more than in other places. She offers to buy 10 Ambers from you for 500 rupees instead of the 300 rupees in other places.
Sell her 10 Ambers and earn 500 rupees. Later, she offers to buy 10 Rubies for 2300 rupees (instead of 2100) and 10 Diamonds for 5500 rupees (instead of 5000).


Little Sister's Big Request

At the South Akkala Stable, talk to Jana and give her an Armoranth. She says that her sister Gleema loves insects unlike her. Talk to Gleema who would love to see a Warm Darner, a Cold Darner and an Electric Darner.
The Warm Darner are in hot areas, the Cold Darners in cold areas, while the Electric Darners are mainly in Ludfo's Bog in Hyrule Ridge. Once you have the three species, talk to Jana again who asks you to show them to Gleema, then the latter runs to show them to her sister. Finally, talk to Jana again who gives you a silver rupee.

A Shady Customer

side quest A Shady Customer in Breath of the WildAt the East Akkala Stable, talk to the guard Hoz who tells you about a mysterious person named Kilton whom you can find near Skull Lake to the north and of whom he'd like a detailed picture.
Go northwest of the stable, at Skull Lake, and aim for the skull's right eye (left one on the map) at night (from 8 PM on). Get close to the strange coloured cart and take a picture of that mysterious man. Then, go back to the stable and show Hoz the picture.

Robbie's Research

side quest Robbie's Research in Breath of the WildAt Hateno's Ancient Tech Lab, after fixing the Sheikah Slate and getting the camera, Purah tells you about a scientist in the Akkala region.
Go in this region, all the way to the northeast of the map, the lab being in the north. Get in, then talk to the machine so the scientist Robbie arrives. Since he wants to see your scar, take off your shirt to show it to him, then he says that his furnace was put out. Check the walkthrough to light his furnace, then to thank you, he gives you three Ancient Arrows and says that his "cherry" can now build some Ancient weapons.

Hobbies of the Rich

[After the "From the Ground Up" quest] In Tarrey Town, go to the western side and talk to Hagie. He gives you 100 rupees, then tells you about Torin Wetland west of the village where there are two Guardians. He'd like you to destroy them.
Fly to the Torin Wetland and destroy two Guardians thanks to some Ancient Arrows or with the Perfect Guard technique. Pick up all the dropped materials. Be careful there is at least another one. Then, talk to Hagie who gives you again 20 rupees.

A Parent's Love

side quest A Parent's Love in Breath of the Wild[After the "From the Ground Up" quest] In Tarrey Town, enter the south house and talk to Ruli, the mother worrying about her daughter who's not eating much. At night from 10 PM on, the father Hagie comes back home and talks with his wife. Go south of their house to listen to their talk through the window. Ruli says that Hunnie only wants to eat cakes and that she's ready to sell her soul to a monster to find a new one.
To cook a Monster Cake, you need some Tabantha Wheat, some Goat Butter, and some Cane Sugar, all of which you can buy in the Rito Village's general store. You also need some Monster Extract, that you can buy at Kilton's (see the above quest "A Shady Custormer"). You can find him at night around any village. Next, cook this cake by selecting the four ingredients, then go back to Tarrey Village and by day, give the cake to Ruli. Talk to her again to receive a golden rupee.

EX Teleportation Rumors!

[DLC required] In the South Akkala Stable, read Traysi's Super Rumor Mill EX to learn about an item allowing you to warp. It is supposed to be in a chest buried under a labyrinth northeast of Akkala.
Warp to the Tu Ka'loh Shrine located on Lomei Labyrinth Island, then jump into the hole in front of the shrine to get into a room filled with Guardians! Run to the far south and open the chest containing the Travel Medallion.

Great Hyrule Forest

Balloon Flight

side quest Balloon Flight in Breath of the WildAt the Woodland Stable, talk to Shamae, on the balcony, who wants to see some balloons fly.
Tie two Octo Balloons (dropped by the Octoroks) to a barrel so it flies up with the balloons. As a reward, you receive a Star Fragment.

A Freezing Rod

In the Korok Forest, talk to Kula next to the Great Deku Tree who asks you to show him an Ice Rod.
Talk to him again when you have one in your pouch and he gives you a silver rupee. You can also show him a Blizzard Rod for which you'll get a golden rupee.

Legendary Rabbit Trial

side quest Legendary Rabbit Trial in Breath of the WildIn the Korok Forest, in the Great Deku Tree, talk to Peeks who would like to see a Blupee, a blue and shiny creature.
Take a picture of a Blupee. For example there is one on the path leading to Kakariko's Great Fairy Fountain. Talk to him to show it to him and he gives you 100 rupees.

The Korok Trials

In the Korok Forest, in front of the Great Deku Tree, talk to Chio to learn there are some Korok Trials inside some shrines.
Once you've done these three shrine quests: "Trial of Second Sight", "The Test of Wood" and "The Lost Pilgrimage", talk to him again and as a reward for your feats, he'll give you three Hearty Truffles.

Riddles of Hyrule

side quest Riddles of Hyrule in Breath of the WildAfter you've talked to the Great Deku Tree, climb to its top and wake up the Korok Walton who puts you to the ultimate test. He asks you a series of riddles and you have to place the corresponding ingredient to win his challenge.
Small, red, round, and sweet: that's an apple. Kakariko Village's specialty vegetable: it's a Fortified Pumpkin. This sultry shroom will warm your bones: it's a Sunshroom. Its scales and tail will zap you: it's a Voltfin Trout. If stepped on by this, you will go poof: it's a Lynel Hoof. As a reward, Walton gives you a Diamond!

Leviathan Bones

At the Serenne Stable, talk to the group of travelers talking about the disappeared leviathans. Some fossils should be in Eldin to the northeast, in Hebra to the northwest and some others in the Gerudo region to the southwest.
In the Eldin Mountains, east of the East Deplian Badlands, is one of those Leviathan Great Skeletons. If you zoom as much as you can on your map, it's very noticeable. Go there and take a picture of the skeleton's skull. In the Gerudo Desert, in the southwestern part, is another Leviathan's Great Skeleton. Again, if you zoom as much as you can on your map, it's very noticeable. Go over there and take a picture of the skeleton's skull. In the Hebra Mountains, southeast of the Hebra North Summit, look for a double door in the mountain. Force these doors open thanks to a snowball, then enter a giant hidden cave, hiding a Great Skeleton. More details thanks to the To Quomo Shrine. Take a picture of it as well, then go back to the stable, talk to each traveler, and you receive 300 rupees.

EX Strange Mask Rumors

side quest EX Strange Mask Rumors in Breath of the Wild[DLC required] In the Woodland Stable, read Traysi's Super Rumor Mill EX to learn there's a shivering and screaming mask, maybe when its peers approach it. It is supposed to be hidden in a chest inside an old terrifying tree in a forest in which you easily get lost.
Warp to the shrine next to the Great Deku Tree and exit the forest or go to the Woodland Tower and enter the Lost Woods. Pick up the torch next to one of the two torches, then go in the opposite direction of the torch's sparkles, meaning rather to the south. Look into the trunks of the trees you pass by to find a shining chest containing the Korok Mask.

EX Trials of the Sword

[DLC required] Once you own the Master Sword, these trials are accessible. More details to come...


Stalhorse: Pictured!

side quest Stalhorse: Pictured! in Breath of the WildAt the Snowfield Stable, talk to Juannelle, who would like to see a skeleton horse, there's supposed to be one north of the Snowfield or east in front of the strange ruins.
You then have to find a skeleton horse which is none other than a Stalhorse. In the north of Tabantha Snowfield, you can easily find one at night, with some Stalkoblins not far off. Get rid of the enemies and take a picture of the horse. Go back to the stable and talk to Juannelle again, who is delighted and gives you a silver rupee.

Tabantha and Rito Village

Curry for What Ails You

At the Rito Stable, talk to old Lester next to the fire, during the day. He asks you to bring him back a bottle of Goron Spice to cook his curry.
Go in Eldin, in Goron City and buy a bottle of Goron Spice for 16 rupees at the general store. Go back to the Rito Stable, talk to Lester, and he gives you 50 rupees.

The Spark of Romance

At the inn "Swallow's Roost", talk to Jogo, a Hylian on his honeymoon amongst the Rito. He tells you that he likes it there, but his wife doesn't, she finds the place boring. He regrets not being able to cook Baked Apples, for it's his wife favourite dessert, and asks you to bring him back some Flint.
Give him a Flint that he'll buy for 100 rupees! (You can then give him 30 of them that he'll pay 250 rupees, and 10 of them that he'll pay 70 rupees.)

The Apple of My Eye

In Rito Village, talk to Juney, who leaves the inn at 5 AM and spends the day on a wooden platform next to the Rito elder's house. The young woman is bored in the village and has a grudge against her husband, who isn't even bringing her Baked Apples, her favourite dessert.
Bring her a Baked Apple, and she'll give you 100 rupees! (You can then give her 5 of them that she'll pay 30 rupees.)

Find Kheel

side quest Find Kheel in Breath of the Wild[After calming Vah Medoh] Talk to Amali near the shrine who's looking for her daughter maybe gone at Warbler's Nest.
Fly west and go to that place. Talk to Kheel who's waiting for her sisters for a rehearsal and asks you to go tell them. The "Recital at Warbler's Nest" quest begins. When this shrine quest is over, go back and talk to Amali to ease her worries. She gives you 50 rupees.

Face the Frost Talus

[After calming Vah Medoh] At the village's entrance, talk to Gesane, the first Rito guard you meet. He asks you to go defeat a Frost Talus at Coldsnap Hollow.
Follow the objective marker to locate this place right in the Hebra Mountains and go there by traveling to the Shada Naw Shrine (or the Goma Asaagh Shrine). The enemy is at the bottom of the valley. Fight it by shooting Bomb Arrows at its weak point, while being careful of its ice attacks. Once it's defeated, go back and talk to Gesane who gives you a silver rupee.

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