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Here are the quests found in the Adventure Log, how to start them and how to finish them:

West NecludaKakariko VillageHateno VillageAround Hateno VillageZora's DomainLanayruEldinAkkalaGreat Hyrule ForestHebraTabantha and Rito VillageGerudo Canyon and DesertGerudo TownFaronLurelin VillageHyrule RidgeCentral HyruleAncient Shrines and various

Gerudo Canyon and Desert

Missing in Action

side quest Missing in Action in Breath of the WildAt the Gerudo Canyon Stable, talk to Sesami who's worried about his companions. He asks you to go find them in Koukot Plateau where he lost track of them.
Go to Koukot Plateau northeast of the stable, climb a ladder and go forward on the planks along the walls. Two of them are all the way to the north, one north of the path, the other south of the path, both of them are being attacked by Bokoblins. The third one is in the northeast part of the plateau and north of the path. And the fourth one is in the southeastern part of the plateau, under a tent and also attacked by Bokoblins. Talk to the four of them, then go back to the stable to tell Sesami, who gives you 300 rupees.

Rushroom Rush!

At the Gerudo Canyon Stable, talk to old Pirou who would like 55 Rushrooms to be able to run again.
Pick at least 55 Rushrooms that you can find on the cliffs in the Gerudo region and other mountains, then bring them to him and in exchange, he'll give you a Diamond. Open the chest behind the tent to get it.

Good-Sized Horse

side quest Good-Sized Horse in Breath of the WildIn Gerudo Canyon, between Koukot Plateau and Mount Nabooru, on the path, talk to the traveler Zyle who has lost his horse and is stuck there.
Warp to the Gerudo Canyon Stable, take a horse (the one you're less fond of) and gallop to Zyle. Talk to him and agree to give him your horse for 300 rupees.

An Ice Guy

In Kara Kara Bazaar, talk to the Rito bird who left his village and who's looking for a Chilly Elixir to get protection against the heat.
Go look for a Cold Darner or a Winterwing Butterfly in the Gerudo Highlands (if you haven't got already one), then prepare the elixir by adding a monster part, such as a Bokoblin Horn or a Moblin Horn. Go back to the Bazaar and give him the elixir, he gives you 50 rupees.

The Eighth Heroine

side quest The Eighth Heroine in Breath of the Wild[After buying clothes from Vilia] In front of Gerudo Town, dressed as a Gerudo, talk to Bozai who's running. He tells you about his rare Sand Boots and is willing to give them to you if you can show him the eighth heroine, linked to the legend of the Seven Heroines. Say yes and he adds that she's supposed to be in the Gerudo Highlands. He asks for a visual proof of her upper body. Then he lends you his Snow Boots to help you walk in the snow.
While wearing warm clothes, the Snow Boots and having a meal protecting against the cold for at least 10 minutes, go to the Gerudo Highlands north of the Gerudo Desert, go round the Gerudo Summit from the left side and keep going north until you reach a precipice. Go along this precipice from the east side and look back, the statue is here. Take a picture from its waist up (you must see an exclamation mark). Then, go back to town, talk to Bozai while wearing Gerudo clothes to show him the picture, and ask for his boots. He gives you his Sand Boots but takes back his Snow Boots.

The Forgotten Sword

[After completing the "The Eighth Heroine" quest] Go back and talk to Bozai who is under the tent next to the town entrance, still wearing women clothes. He agrees to give you his Snow Boots, but for this, he wants you to find the lost sword of the eighth heroine which should be not far off the statue, in the steeps of the Gerudo Highlands.
Go to the Gerudo Summit, in its southeastern part, and in the middle of three small summits, you spot the giant sword stuck into the snow. Take a picture of it, then go back to Gerudo Town and talk to Bozai again. After you showed him the picture, he gives you back his Snow Boots.

Gerudo Town

The Secret Club's Secret

side quest The Secret Club's Secret in Breath of the WildIn town, in the western part, get in the bar "The Noble Canteen" and listen to the three Gerudos Pyra, Sumati and Yaido talking about a password.
Enter the neighbouring house, go to the other side of the room and listen to the three Gerudos again to learn the password. In a small street on the eastern side, open the club's door, then give the password. It's a clothes shop selling special outfits.

Tools of the Trade

In Gerudo Town, talk to Isha in front of the jewel shop. She needs 10 pieces of Flints to make new accessories.
Give them to her and as a reward, you can choose an accessory from her. Take note that Rubies help to endure the cold, Topazs the electricity, and Sapphires the heat.

Medicinal Molduga

In Gerudo Town, on the plaza or near the training soldiers, talk to Malena. To cure her husband, she needs some Molduga guts that can be found in the Toruma Dunes to the west, or south of town.
Go to the Toruma Dunes (southwest to the three groups of trees), and if you haven't done it before, put the four torches on fire, which causes a shrine to appear. Then from the shrine, throw some bombs and make them explode when the Molduga goes on them. If it's hit, it will emerge from the sand stunned. Hit it quickly as many times as you can, then take cover in the shrine and do the same thing a few times. Once it's defeated, pick up its Molduga guts, its Molduga Fins and get a Royal Broadsword or Claymore from the appearing chest. Go back to town and talk to Malena to give her the guts. As a reward, you receive a golden rupee.

The Mystery Polluter

side quest The Mystery Polluter in Breath of the Wild[After calming Vah Naboris] In the northern corner of town, talk to little Dalia who wants to plant a fruit orchard, but the water is dirty because of all the trash.
Climb on the town's rooftops, go to the western corner, and talk to Calyban who's eating water melons. She agrees not to toss the rinds anymore if you bring her at least 10 Wildberries. When you have them, talk to her again to give them to her. Then by day, go back to see a very happy Dalia, who gives you a Hydromelon. Come back here later to see her patches of berries.

The Search for Barta

side quest The Search for Barta in Breath of the Wild[After calming Vah Naboris] In Gerudo Town, talk to Liana, the soldiers' captain, and learn that Barta has gone missing again, while going looking for a giant fossil southwest of the hot desert.
Travel to the Hawa Koth Shrine, then go northeast and you find Barta almost passed out who wants a Hearty Durian. Place the fruit next to her, then talk to her, and she goes back to town. Go there as well and talk to Liana again, who gives you 100 rupees to thank you.

The Thunder Helm

[After calming Vah Naboris] In Gerudo Town, talk to Riju again and look at the Thunder Helm next to her. She agrees to lend it to you if you help her town's inhabitants.
To do so, you have to do the quests "Tools of the Trade", "Medicinal Molduga", "The Mystery Polluter" and "The Search for Barta". Have I forgotten another one? Then, go back and talk to Riju and she gives you the Thunder Helm.


Hunt for the Giant Horse

side quest Hunt for the Giant Horse in Breath of the WildSouth of the Faron Grasslands, at the start of a path is the Mounted Archery Camp. Straia is making ecological researches about animals and tells you about a giant horse living in the Taobab Grassland northwest of here.
Go in this grassland, spot the giant horse, then silently get close, mount it, and calm it down a good ten times. You need to have a bit more than two full stamina containers, but you can also eat meals during the training. Lead the horse to the counter by following the path and avoiding the Lynels. Talk to Straia again, then after looking at the horse very carefully, he gives you 100 rupees.

The Horseback Hoodlums

At the Highland Stable, talk to Perosa who's complaining about bandits wrecking havoc.
Fight those five horse-riding Bokoblins (not necessarily while riding your horse), then talk back to Perosa who gives you an Endura Carrot that horses are very fond of.

Thunder Magnet

At Lakeside Stable, talk to Cima, a young girl very scared of the thunder. She says that some thunderstorms are breaking out over this stable every evening and she wishes she knew why.
Climb the cliff next to the stable and use the Paraglider to land on the stable's horse head (or use Revali's Gale if you have it). Take the axe you find there and talk to Cima again. As a reward, she gives you the Rubber Helm.

EX Ancient Horse Rumors

side quest Ancient Horse Rumors dans Breath of the Wild[DLC required] At the Highland Stable, read volume 3 of Super Rumor Mill on the table. You learn that the bridle improves the performances of a horse and that the saddle can make it come to you in a flash wherever you are. The bridle can be found under a cherry tree where animals use to gather, south of Hyrule Ridge. The saddle can be found near the spring of the god of horses.
From the stable, go south to the Horse God Bridge, then go east where Malanya Spring is standing. Use Magnesis behind the fountain to find a chest holding the Ancient Saddle. Travel to the Mogg Latan shrine on Satori Mountain, then go north where there is a pond and a cherry tree. Use Magnesis to unearth a chest at the bottom of the tree and find the Ancient Bridle.

EX Treasure: Merchand Hood

[DLC required] In the eastern part of the Deya Village Ruins (southwest of the Dueling Peaks Tower), look for a book in the ruin of a house and read it. The merchand's hood can be found at Dracozu Lake in the right hand of the dragon which consumes the Source of Courage.
Travel to the Shae Katha shrine, then go southwest, just below the dragon's paw (where there is a Korok seed symbol on the map). Use Magnesis to dig up the chest and find Ravio's Hood.

EX Treasure: Garb of Winds

[DLC required] In the eastern part of the Deya Village Ruins (southwest of the Dueling Peaks Tower), look for a book in the ruin of a house and read it. The blue garb of the hero who used to travel the ocean can be found where the Menoat River was born.
Travel to the Lake Tower, glide towards southwest and head to the west end of Cora Lake. Create an ice pillar in the water, then use Magnesis to find and take the chest out of the water, which holds the Island Lobster Shirt.

EX Treasure: Dark Armor

side quest Dark Armor dans Breath of the Wild[DLC required] In the eastern part of the Deya Village Ruins (southwest of the Dueling Peaks Tower), look for a book in the ruin of a house and read it. The armour of the evil spirit who looked like the Evil Lord is hiding in the Faron's sea of trees. At the highest of three waterfalls north of Floria Lake. Near a bridge between small waterfalls over Floria River. Near a broken stone bird in Ebara Forest.
Travel to the Faron Tower, then glide westwards and land near the Sarjon Bridge. Create an ice pillar near the central pillar of the bridge, then use Magnesis to take the chest out of the water and find the Phantom Ganon Armor. Next, travel to the Qukah Nata shrine, glide towards southwest and let go near the path. Go on westwards, look for a headless bird statue, then use Magnesis to dig up the chest at the foot of the statue and find the Phantom Ganon Greaves. Travel to the Shoda Sah shrine, swim southwards, then put on the Zora armour to swim up the waterfall to your right. Next, go southwards at the bottom of the waterfall south of Corta Lake, use Magnesis to take the chest out of the water and get the Phantom Ganon Skull.

EX Treasure: Usurper King

[DLC required] In the eastern part of the Deya Village Ruins (southwest of the Dueling Peaks Tower), look for a book in the ruin of a house and read it. The helm of the self-proclaimed King of Shadows can be found in the swamp of the valley of dead trees, south of the Dueling Peaks.
Travel to the Shee Vaneer shrine, then glide south up to Tobio's Hollow where a mud swamp is located in its northern part. Go to the islet with two trees, use Magnesis to dig up the chest and grap Zant's Helmet.

Lurelin Village

Take Back the Sea

side quest Take Back the Sea in Breath of the WildAt Lurelin Village, talk to Sebasto who says that some monsters took over Aris Beach and that it's very dangerous to go there.
Go to this beach to the west, fight all the Bokoblins, as well as a Moblin, find a Royal Halberd in the chest, then talk to Sebasto again who gives you 100 rupees.

Sunken Treasure

On the pier, talk to Rozel - the chief of the village - who says there's a sunken treasure in the centre of the "golden triangle".
Pull out the map and notice the three rocks in the water making a triangle shape. If you don't have a Korok Leaf, cut the palm trees until you find one. Get on the raft, cut the rope, then go in the centre of the triangle. Use Magnesis to find four chests containing a Sapphire, two Topazs and a Thunderblade. Go back on the beach and talk to Rozel again to finish the side quest.

A Gift of Nightshade

side quest A Gift of Nightshade in Breath of the WildTalk to Numar who's on sentry duty. He tells you about the Lover's Pond on Tuft Mountain. Go to Tuft Mountain to the northwest and talk to Wabbin who fell in love at first sight for a Gerudo, but he's quite shy. He wants a Blue Nightshade to confess his love.
Talk to him again to give him the flower (there are some next to the lake to the west), but he's still too shy. Do him the favour. Talk to the Gerudo Perda twice, then she's waiting for a confession which doesn't really happen! Wabbin gives you 20 rupees to thank you, then eventually 100 more rupees.

What's for Dinner?

By day, talk to Kiana and her son Kinov who want to cook a Seafood paella, but she's missing some Goat Butter and a Hearty Blueshell Snail.
Talk to her again when you have these two ingredients and she rewards you with 50 rupees and gives you a serving of Seafood Paella.

Hyrule Ridge

A Gift for the Great Fairy

side quest A Gift for the Great Fairy in Breath of the WildAt the Tabantha Bridge Stable, talk to the traveler Toren who's looking for the Great Fairy that you can spot from the top of the tower. He gives you 500 rupees that he saved for the offering.
After you've met the Great Fairy on Piper Ridge west of the stable, talk to Toren again.

Central Hyrule

A Rare Find

At the Outskirt Stable, talk to Trott who is exhausted and would really appreciate some gourmet meat.
Give him some Raw Gourmet Meat that he'll pay 100 rupees.

The Royal White Stallion

side quest The Royal White Stallion in Breath of the WildAt the Outskirt Stable, talk to old Toffa whose grandfather saw a white horse on Safula Hill and would like you to bring one here.
Go west to Hyrule Ridge, on Safula Hill, and look for a white horse. Get close by crouching, mount it, and calm it down a good ten times. You should have at least two full stamina containers and some energizing meal. Lead the horse to the stable and register it. Then talk to Toffa who's very happy to see this horse, descending from the royal family's horse. To thank you, he gives you the Royal Saddle and the Royal Bridle.

My Hero

At the Outskirt Stable, talk to Aliza who is crying near a tree.
If you own the Master Sword, she believes you are her hero and gives you a Star Fragment. Otherwise come back to her once you've found it.

The Royal Guard's Gear

side quest The Royal Guard's Gear in Breath of the WildAt the Riverside Stable, talk to Parcy who wants to see one of the royal guard's old weapons.
To do this you have to go to Hyrule Castle! By looking inside the castle, you'll quickly find a Royal Guard weapon: a Bow, a Broadsword, a Claymore or a Shield. Once you got one of them in your pouch, go back to the stable and talk to Parcy again to show it to her. To thank you, she gives you 300 rupees.

A Royal Recipe

At the Riverside Stable, talk to Gotter who would like a cook book from Hyrule Castle to taste some delicious meals. One of his ancestors was a chief there in the old days.
Going to the castle's library, you can find two cooking books and learn the recipe for the Monster Cake and the Fruitcake. Prepare one of these desserts (Tabantha Wheat + Cane Sugar + Goat Butter + Monster Extract, OR Tabantha Wheat + Cane Sugar + two/three different fruits but matching well, like an Apple, a Wildberry and a Palm Fruit), and talk to Gotter again. Delighted with this delicious cake, he gives you a silver rupee.

EX Royal Guard Rumors

side quest Royal Guard Rumors in Breath of the Wild[DLC required] At the Riverside Stable, read volume 4 of Misko's "Super Rumor Mill EX" on the table. You learn that the uniform of the Hyrulean royal guards who protected the royal family would still be in Hyrule Castle, in three different chests: In a corridor near the Dining Hall, in the Guards' Chamber and on the second floor of the Sanctum.
Travel to the Hyrule Castle shrine, get in the library, cross the corridors, then instead of turning right to the Dining Hall, turn left, go to the end of the corridor, turn left and open the chest which holds the Royal Guard Uniform. Keep on going through the castle as indicated in the walkthrough until reaching the large Guards's Chamber where two Lizalfos and a Moblin are. Get rid of them, then open the chest near the fire to get the Royal Guard Boots. Now head to the Sanctum where the Calamity is, but to the floor above! Open the chest at the foot of the armour to find the Royal Guard Cap! - more details in the walkthrough

Ancient Shrines and various

A red shooting star in Breath of the WildA Gift from the Monks

After you've compelted the 120 shrines' trials, the last monk tells you that a reward is awaiting you at the bottom of the Goddess' Statue in the Forgotten Temple.
Warp to the Rona Kachta Shrine and open the three chests at the bottom of the statue. They contain the Tunic of the Wild, the Trousers of the Wild, as well as the Cap of the Wild!

Xenoblades Chronicles 2

[Available with the 1.3.3 update of 09.11.17] "The southern sky from the middle of the largest bridge. The eastern sky from the skull's left eye. The southeastern sky from the peak of the tall, pierced snowy mountain."
These three places refer to Bridge of Hylia, to the skull's left eye in Akkala (the one where a shrines stands), and to the Hebra Peak. Look at the sky between 9pm and 4am, and you will see a red shooting star falling from the sky. Go where it fell to find a chest holding a piece of clothing, either the Salvager Vest, the Salvager Headwear or the Salvager Trousers.

Epilog: Kass gets his family back

Kass gets his family back in Breath of the WildOnce you've completed all the sidequests related to Kass' songs, go to Rito Village at night, on the flight platform next to the shrine, talk to him and tell him you have some time. He then tells you that his teacher from the Sheikah tribe was the court poet for the Hyrulean royal family. He was in love with the princess, but she was in love with her knight attendant. His teacher was jealous. Then came the Calamity and his teacher prayed that a hero would drive it away but he had to flee and went back to his hometown: Kakariko Village. On the way, he realised the knight gave his life to save the princess and from this moment on, he decided to seek all the ancient songs composed back when the legendary Hero sealed the Calamity away. Later, Kass was chosen to perpetuate his will.
After this story, go back to the village by day. Kass is on the small plaza next to the shrine and he plays the accordion in front of his daughters, the little Ritos. How cute...

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