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Secret Seashells

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Here are the locations of the 26 Secret Seashells on Koholint Island. Secret Seashells are used to get the Level 2 Sword at the Seashell Mansion (K9) by exchanging 20 (or more) of these items. The remaining Secret Seashells are replaced with rupees afterwards.

secret seashell Mabe Village
Under a bush east of Mabe Village (D11)
secret seashell Mysterious Woods
[Power Bracelet required] In a treasure chest southeast of the Mysterious Woods (B8)
secret seashell BowWow's
[Deluxe Shovel required] In BowWow's doghouse (B11)
secret seashell Tail Cave
[Bombs required] In a hidden room of the Tail Cave, accessible from the entrance by going up, left, up and left (D14)
secret seashell Witch's Hut
[Deluxe Shovel and Power Bracelet required] Southwest of the Witch's Hut, cut the bush down and dig (E8)
secret seashell Seashell Mansion
At the Seashell Mansion, as you are carrying exactly 5 Secret Seashells (K9)
secret seashell Ukuku Prairie
Under a bush in Ukuku Prairie (L9)
secret seashell
[Power Bracelet required] In Richard's secret passage (G14)
secret seashell Key Cavern
North of Key Cavern, dig the grass tufts (F11)
secret seashell Tail Cave
[Pegasus Boots required] Dash into the tree west of the Tail Cave (C14)
secret seashell Seashell Mansion
At the Seashell Mansion, as you are carrying exactly 10 Secret Seashells (K9)
secret seashell Yarna Desert
Under a rock in Yarna Desert (P16)
secret seashell Martha's Bay
Cross the bridge southeast of Martha's Bay and dig next to the owl (K14)
secret seashell Catfish's Maw
Under a rock north of Catfish's Maw (J12)
secret seashell cave
Enter the cave in I12, bomb the left wall, get out and dig next to the owl (I11)
secret seashell Mermaid Statue
Near the Mermaid Statue (J15)
secret seashell Martha's Bay
On a small island southeast of Martha's Bay (I16)
secret seashell House by the Bay
In the House by the Bay, after helping the ghost (G16)
secret seashell Key Cavern
[Flippers required] Northeast of Key Cavern, cut the bush down from the north (G11)
secret seashell Ukuku Prairie
[Pegasus Boots required] Dash into the tree southwest of the Warp Hole (E11)
secret seashell Southern Face Shrine
In the Southern Face Shrine ruins, push the Armos and go downstairs (O11)
secret seashell Face Shrine
On a small island reached through the Face Shrine (see the walkthrough)
secret seashell Kanalet Castle
While the Flying Rooster is following you, go left of Kanalet Castle's gate, lift the Flying Rooster and fly to the stairs (I8)
secret seashell Cucco Keeper house
In Tal Tal Mountain Range, under a rock east of Cucco Keeper house (M1)
secret seashell Tal Tal Mountain Range
[Bombs required] In Tal Tal Mountain Range, in the cave right of the easternmost waterfall, bomb the north wall, cross the 5-chest room and get out (N2)
secret seashell Eagle's Tower
In Eagle's Tower (see the walkthrough)
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