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Secret Seashells

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Here are the locations of the 26 Secret Seashells on Koholint Island. The objective of these seashells is mainly to get a new sword at the Seashell Mansion (K9) by exchanging 20 (or more) of these items. The remaining Secret Seashells are replaced with rupees afterwards.

On Switch, there are 50 Secret Seashells to be found! Thanks to them you will receive various gifts, a more powerful sword being one of them. Contrary to the GameBoy version, there is no need to go to Seashell Mansion when you have the exact number of shells, you can even get two rewards in only one visit.
Secret Seashells shown in italics are only available on Switch.

The numbers indicate the order in which the seashells can be obtained (more or less, according to certain choices).

Mabe Village

  • 1. Under a bush in the eastern part of Mabe Village (D11)
  • 2. At Mabe Village, at the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play (after catching the heart piece)
  • 3. [Deluxe Shovel required] In BowWow's doghouse (B11)
  • 38. [After completing the 4th temple] At the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play
  • 39. [After completing the 4th temple] At Mabe Village, at the Fishing Pond, catch a Cheep Cheep
  • 47. [After completing the 5th temple] At the Fishing Pond, catch a big fish (Blooper or Ol' Baron) of more than 100 cm TO BE CONFIRMED

secret seashell Mabe Villagesecret seashell BowWow's

Mysterious Forest

  • 4. [Shovel required] At the centre of the Mysterious Forest, dig up in the middle of a square of blue flowers
  • 5. [Shovel required] At the northern exit of the Mysterious Forest, dig up to the far left before the last tree
  • 7. [Shovel and Roc's Feather required] North of the Mysterious Forest, from Mr Write's house, go up then to the far right and dig up under the bush
  • 11. [Power Bracelet required] In the southeast part of the Mysterious Forest, open the treasure chest (B8)

secret seashell Mysterious Woods

Toronbo Shores (and north of Toronbo Shores)

  • 6. [Shovel required] In the eastern part of Toronbo Shores, where there is a lying tree trunk, dig up on the left
  • 13. [Bomb required] In a hidden room of Tail Cave, from the entrance, go up, left, up, drop a bomb near the cracked wall and go left (D14)
  • 25. [Pegasus Boots required] West of Tail Cave, dash into the tree (C14)
  • 26. [Pegasus Boots required] In the western part of Toronbo Shores, rush into the palm tree below the other three

secret seashell Tail Cavesecret seashell Tail Cave

Note: In the Switch version, bombs can be bought only after completing the Bottle Grotto (2nd dungeon). So the seashell nr 13 can be obtained sooner on GameBoy.

Koholint Prairie (and Dampé's Shack), Tabahl Wasteland and Cemetery

  • 8. [Shovel and Roc's Feather required] In Tabahl Wasteland, to the far east, dig up on the right of a tree
  • 9. [Power Bracelet required] North of the cave with the mogoblins, where you find BowWow, there is a sign with three rocks. Lift up the right one
  • 10. [Deluxe Shovel and Power Bracelet required] Southwest of the Witch's Hut, cut the bush down and dig (E8)
  • 27. At Dampé's Shack, pass the "1 shovel" challenges (4 first tests) to get a seashell

secret seashell Witch's Hut

Ukuku Prairie

  • 12. *GameBoy only* At the Seashell Mansion, as you are carrying exactly 5 Secret Seashells (K9)
  • 16. [Power Bracelet required] In Ukuku Prairie, south of the tree with honey there is (was) a big stone skull. Blow it up if not already done, then dig up at this place
  • 17. [Power Bracelet and shovel required] North of Key Cavern, dig up in the middle of the grass tufts (F11)
  • 18. [Power Bracelet required] Near the Seashell Mansion, under a bush (L9)
  • 19. [Power Bracelet required] Under a rock north of Catfish's Maw (J12)
  • 20. *GameBoy only* At the Seashell Mansion, as you are carrying exactly 10 Secret Seashells (K9)
  • 21. [Power Bracelet required] Northwest of the big lake, enter the cave (I12), bomb the left wall, get out and dig next to the owl (I11)
  • 23. [Power Bracelet required] In Richard's secret passage, after finding the five golden leaves (G14)
  • 24. [Pegasus Boots required] Southwest of the Warp Hole, dash into the tree (E11)
  • 37. [Flippers required] Northeast of Key Cavern, cut the bush down on the small island (G11)

secret seashell Seashell Mansionsecret seashell Key Cavernsecret seashell Ukuku Prairiesecret seashell Catfish's Mawsecret seashell Seashell Mansionsecret seashell cavesecret seashell secret seashell Ukuku Prairiesecret seashell Key Cavern

Martha's Bay

  • 14. In the House by the Bay, after helping the ghost or not (G16)
  • 22. [Power Bracelet required] Near the Mermaid Statue, but on the other side of the lake (J15)
  • 30. [Pegasus Boots required] Cross the bridge southeast and dig next to the owl (K14)
  • 35. [Flippers required] Southwest of Martha's Bay, on a small island (I16)

secret seashell House by the Baysecret seashell Mermaid Statuesecret seashell Martha's Baysecret seashell Martha's Bay

Animal Village and Yarna Desert

  • 31. In Yarna Desert, right of the quicksand, dig up to the south of the owl statue
  • 32. [Pegasus Boots required] In Yarna Desert, in the southeast corner, lift the rock (P16)
  • 33. In Yarna Desert, where the Walrus was standing, play the Ballad of the Wind Fish so it will jump out of the water and offer you a seashell
  • 34. [Broom required] After giving Christine's letter to its recipient, go back to the goat who will thank you with a seashell
  • 48. [Magnifying Lens required] At the Animal Village, get into the rightmost house and talk to the Zora who gives you a seashell

secret seashell Yarna Desert

Kanalet Castle

  • 36. [Flippers required] At Kanalet Castle, jump into the moats' water, go northwest and dive at the foot of the waterfall
  • 46. [Level 2 Power Bracelet/Hookshot required] While the Flying Rooster is following you, go left of Kanalet Castle's gate, lift the Flying Rooster and fly to the stairs (I8) / Switch: You only need to own the Hookshot to reach these stairs

secret seashell Kanalet Castle

Tal Tal Heights, Rapids Ride and Ancient Ruins

  • 15. [Power Bracelet and bomb required] Just to the right of the warp hole in Tal Tal Heights, throw a bomb into the well and pick up the seashell
  • 28. [Pegasus Boots required] Southeast of Seashell Mansion, before entering the ruins' region, there is a small area with lots of rocks and fixed stones. Lift up the most northeastern rock
  • 29. In the Ancient Ruins, push the Armos warrior and go downstairs (O11)
  • 44. [Hookshot required] At the Rapids Ride, pay 100 rupees and choose the item trip, surf to the far left, then as soon as the raft goes down, cling to the roots on the left to ride along the left wall. Next head east, get out on the small island at the centre of the area and dig up
  • 45. [Hookshot required] At the Rapids Ride, pay 100 rupees, choose the race against time and finish the trip in less than 35 ??? seconds TO BE CONFIRMED. Use the Hookshot to cling and go faster
  • 50. On a small island reached through the Face Shrine (see the walkthrough)

secret seashell Southern Face Shrinesecret seashell Face Shrine

Tal Tal Mountain Range

  • 40. [Flippers required] In the eastern part of Tal Tal Mountain Range, above the three waterfalls, dive at the foot of the waterfall flowing higher
  • 41. In Tal Tal Mountains, eastern part, there is a well near the cuccos' house. Stand north of this well and throw a bomb into it
  • 42. In Tal Tal Mountain Range, east of Cucco Keeper house, lift the rock (M1)
  • 43. [Flippers and bomb required] In Tal Tal Mountain Range, in the cave right of the easternmost waterfall, bomb the north wall, cross the 5-chest room and get out (N2)
  • 49. In Tal Tal Mountains, western part, after going through the rock falls, lift up the most northeastern rock
  • 51. In Tal Tal Mountains, western part, after the cave with the fire stream, go left and dig up in the middle of the small stones
  • 52. In Eagle's Tower (see the walkthrough)

secret seashell Cucco Keeper housesecret seashell Tal Tal Mountain Rangesecret seashell Eagle's Tower

Rewards of the Switch version

Head to Seashell Mansion when you found:

  • 5 seashells to get a Piece of Heart
  • 15 seashells to receive the Seashell Sensor
  • 30 seashells for a chamber stone
  • 40 seashells to get the Kokolint Sword
  • 50 seashells to have plenty of rupees (280) and a chamber stone!

Thanks to Maella, Samchi, Snow09, Delphine and Baba51 for their help!