Majora's Mask tips and tricks


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first of all you need the Don Gero's MaskTo talk to the frogs, you need Don Gero's Mask and the Ice Arrows, treasure of the Great Bay Temple. First of all, here are their locations:

  • In Clock Town, at the Laundry Pool
  • In the Southern Swamp, in the southeast part of it, on the trunk in the water
  • In the Woodfall Temple, after defeating Gekko
  • In the Mountain Village when the area is sunny
  • In the Great Bay Temple, after defeating Gekko a second time

Talk to the 5 frogs spread in TerminaTo gather them, it's better to start the first day to have enough time. Return to the Great Bay Temple, go to the main room, take the southeast corridor (on the first basement), then the passage blocked by the hands to the room which contains the Compass and the Boss Key, create ice blocks towards the stalagmites and go on to meet Gekko again. Fight it again, put on Don Gero's Mask and talk to the frog to ask it to go to the Mountain Village.

Play the Song of Soaring, talk to the turtle to leave, then soar to Woodfall, play the Sonata of Awakening and get in the temple. Cross the room, then jump lower and open the door to the right. Stand on the Deku flower at the centre of the room, fire an arrow at the eye above, then glide above this eye and open the door to find the second Gekko. After having defeated it too, talk to the frog with the mask.

Here is the famous choir!Leave the temple, soar to the Southern Swamp, go help Koume in the Lost Woods, then go talk to her in the Tourist Centre to have a free boat ride. Stop at the Deku Palace, then backtrack to the southeast part by jumping on waterlilies. Climb on the trunk and talk to the third frog.

Soar to Clock Town, go to the Laundry Pool, and talk to the frog.

Finally, soar to Snowhead, get the Goron to sleep, enter the temple, get into the light and defeat Goht once again. Enter the light to return to the sunny Mountain Village. Talk to the fifth frog, and they will sing and give you a well deserved Piece of Heart!

Note: You can talk to the frogs in any order: the objective being that all five frogs must be in the Mountain Village when it's sunny.