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Pieces of Heart

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Like in Ocarina of Time, gather four Pieces of Heart to increase your life by one. Here are the locations of the 52(!) Pieces of Heart:

Clock Town

  • piece of heart in clock townSouth Clock Town: Near the door on the Clock Tower's second floor. Give a Moon's Tear to the business scrub on the flower.
  • North Clock Town: On a tree. First climb the steep slope or climb on the pillars.
  • North Clock Town: Once you have the Keaton Mask, cut the group of bushes to meet a Keaton and answer correctly his five questions.
  • North Clock Town: In the Deku Scrub Playground, next to the Great Fairy Fountain, on the first day, beat the jumping record, and do the same thing on the 2nd and 3rd days.
  • West Clock Town: In the post office after 3pm on the 1st or 2nd day. Accept his challenge and beat the postman's "Mental Training" (pretty easy with the Bunny Hood on).
  • West Clock Town: In the courtyard, the night of the 1st or 2nd day. Put the Kamaro's Mask on and dance for the Rosa sisters.
  • West Clock Town: In the Swordsman's School, after meeting him at least once, come back and attend the "expert" lesson.
  • West Clock Town: After depositing 5000 rupees in the Bank.
  • East Clock Town: In the Stock Pot Inn, between 0am and 6am, take a Town Title Deed and bring it to the hand in the restroom.
  • piece of heart in clock townEast Clock Town: Go in the Treasure Chest Shop as a Goron, pay 20 rupees, then as soon as the timer starts, put the Bunny Hood on and look for the chest!
  • East Clock Town: When you have the All-Night Mask, go to the Stock Pot Inn on the 1st or 2nd day, and talk to Anju's grandmother in her room. Listen to the Carnival story and answer "the day before".
  • As above, listen to the Four Giants story and answer "I don't remember" for another Piece of Heart.
  • East Clock Town: Once you have the Couple's Mask (see the Anju and Kafei chapter), go to the Mayor's Residence at 10am and talk to him with the mask on.
  • East Clock Town: In the Shooting Gallery, have a perfect score of 50 points.
  • East Clock Town: In the "Honey and Darling's Shop" on the first day, win their challenge, and do so on the 2nd and 3rd days.
  • Once you have the Postman's Hat (see the Anju and Kafei chapter), search in a mailbox.

underground piece of heartTermina Field

  • On daytime, in the southwest part, find a group of bushes with a Deku Baba in the middle. Run around the plant to fall in a secret hole and destroy the flying monster by aiming its sting.
  • First, go to the Observatory, look in the telescope and follow the Business Scrub until he dives into a hole. Then go in this hole and accept his second deal, which will cost you 100 rupees.
  • In the mountains region (Termina's northwest area), jump into a hole and destroy the two Dodongos by hitting their tails.
  • Once you have the Zora Mask, stand next to the fences blocking the access to the Great Bay beach, destroy the big rock with a bomb, then shoot at the hives with your bow and dive.
  • piece of heart thanks to Gossip StonesOnce you have a bomb bag and you know the Sonata of Awakening: They are four holes in the Termina Field, with four Gossip Stones in each of them. One of the holes is under a big rock (bombs needed), not far from the town's west door. One is close to the north door, another one is just beside the Observatory's fence and the last one is to the right of the bush field just before the path leading to the Swamps. Get in one of these, put the Deku Mask on, stand in front of the biggest stone and play the Sonata of Awakening (the stone will become green). Do the same thing for the three other big stones in the other holes.
    Note that this also works with the Goron Mask + the Goron Lullaby, or with the Zora Mask + the New Wave Bossa Nova. - Thanks to Samchi and Linkezio for the info
    Memo: Once you get this Piece of Heart, if you do this again, you'll get a silver rupee (N64) or a Fishing Hole Pass (3DS). You probably have to start the 3 days cycle all over.

Romani Ranch

  • At the Doggy Racetrack, bet some money in order to win 150 rupees, in small increments. Wear the Mask of Truth and carry the dogs until you find the one which says that "I'm racing for my wife and son so there's no way I can lose!". If you don't find him, pick the one which says "my four paws feel lighter that usual today!".

Southern Swamp

  • piece of heart at the Southern SwampClimb the vines on the first tree that you find on the path wich leads to the swamp.
  • On the roof of the Tourist Centre. Give a Town Title Deed to the scrub to use the flower.
  • Once you have the Pictograph Box, take a photo of the Deku King in his palace, and come back to the Tourist Centre to win the competition (before defeating Odolwa)
    There is another way to get this one: take a picture of Tingle and bring it to the Tourist Centre. Using this method, bringing a picture of the Deku King later will yield you 100 rupees! - Thanks to RomY for the info!
  • N64: After defeating Odolwa, go back to the Tourist Centre, talk to the witch and win her game.
  • At the Shooting Gallery (turn left on the path leading to the Tourist Centre), do the best score twice (first time, you'll get a bigger quiver).

piece of heart in WoodfallDeku Palace

  • In the left Inner Palace Garden, towards the northwest part of this garden.


  • In the zone with the Woodfall Temple, in a chest in the northeast on the map.

Mountain Village and Goron Village

  • piece of heart at the Goron VillageTo the south of the Goron Shrine, as Deku Link, give a Swamp Title Deed to the Scrub to use the flower.
  • After talking to the five frogs (refer to this chapter for more details).
  • On the path leading to the Goron Village, dive as Zora Link when the sun is rising upon the mountain and look for an underwater chest in the south part. Advice: take this one just after the one below!
  • On the path leading to the Snowhead Temple, where you have to jump over holes, with the Hookshot and the Scarecrow Song, use the Lens of Truth to see platforms to the east. Jump on them, then play the song and hook up to the scarecrow.

Great Bay Beach

  • piece of heart in Great Bay BeachIn the south of the Zora Hall Coast, facing the big waterfall, dive and destroy the fishes and the Like Like.
  • In the Marine Laboratory, bring four fishes (you can find them in the hole behind the Skulltula's House for example) to the big fish in the aquarium.
  • At the Waterfall Rapids, race against the beavers several times.
  • With the Captain's Hat on, go in the Skulltula's House, write down the infos from the two skeletons in the library, as well as the infos from the four other ones in the left part of the basement. Then, shoot the masks with your bow in the correct order, walk through the fireplace and open the chest.
  • Once you possess the Hookshot, a magic bean, the Scarecrow's Song and a water bottle if necessary: go to the northeast part, look up and use the Hookshot on the left pillar (there is another one not far). Use the Hookshot again on the pillar further north. Once you're there, plant the bean, water it (rain the 2nd day, Song of Storms or water bottle), climb on it and step off on the next platform. Play the Scarecrow's Song ans use the Hookshot on it.
  • Daytime, after defeating Gyorg, swim towards northeast from the lab to see a boat close to the shore. Climb on it, and while travelling, use the Hookshot on a palmtree. Talk to the fisherman and win the game by getting at least 20 points before the timer ends.

Zora Hall

  • piece of heart in Zora HallIn the west room, as Goron Link, give a Mountain Title Deed to the scrub to use the flower.
  • Before defeating Gyorg but after obtaining the Hookshot, get in the rooms where the drummer and the bassist are, and play a song for the pianist   >> Go to walkthrough

Pirates' Fortress

  • In the maze leading to the fortress court, in a cell.

Pinnacle Rock

  • In the snake lair, if you came with the seahorse, find his friend in one of the many alcoves.

Ikana Graveyard

  • piece of heart in Ikana GraveyardOnce you have the Captain's Hat, talk to the skeletons the night of the 2nd day. Go down in the grave, use the Lens of Truth to open a gate, then get rid of the Skulltulas and the warrior behind a cracked wall   >> Go to walktrough
  • 3DS: Under Ikana Graveyard the night of the 3rd day, defeat the ghost with the help of DampĂ©   >> Go to walkthrough

Ikana Canyon

  • Next to Sakon's Hideout in the southeast of the canyon, as Zora Link, give an Ocean Title Deed to the scrub to use the flower.
  • In the northeast of the canyon, win at the Spirit's House minigame. If the ghost hunter isn't there, he is in the secret shrine (see below). You must then obtain this piece first.
  • Once you have the Light Arrows and at least 16 hearts, swim to the west of the broken bridge, go through the waterfall and get in the Secret Shrine. Shoot a light arrow at the sun above the door, then talk to the mysterious hunter. Defeat each enemy in the four rooms (left to right: three Lezalfos, one Wizzrobe, Wart and a Garo Master) to get four silver rupees, then come back in the main room.

Ancient Castle of Ikana


  • In Odolwa's mini temple, in the northeast part of the first room.
  • In Goht's mini temple, in the northeast part of the first room.   >> Go to walkthrough
  • In Gyorg's mini temple, at the end of one of the many connections.  >> Go to walkthrough
  • In Skorn's mini temple, in the fourth room.