Majora's Mask tips and tricks


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The scarecrow knows 2 songs and can learn oneFirst of all, there are two songs you already know at the beginning of your journey. Talk to the scarecrow at the Observatory or in the Trading Post, and you'll get some information.

Song of Double Time: Y Y L L R R
Accelerates time until it's 6am (if you're playing it by night) or 6pm (if you're playing it by day).
On 3DS, you can choose the time more specifically.

Inverted Song of Time: R L Y R L Y
Slows the flow of time by a third. It can be useful when you still need time to end something or to complete a quest which could require more than three days.

Here are the songs you'll learn during the game. Click on the song to know how/where/when to learn it.

Song of Time: Y L R Y L R: Learned from Zelda, Link remembers it when he gets his Ocarina back.
Brings you back to the dawn of the first day (6am). On Nintendo 64, also allows you to save

Song of Healing: X Y R X Y R: Learned from the Mask Salesman, when you first meet him.
Frees people or things from a mask's curse

Sonata of Awakening: A X A X L Y L: Learned from the jailed monkey in the Deku Palace.
Unveils the Woodfall Temple in the Woodfall area

Deku Link will play something Goron baby sings a song

Song of Soaring: R X A R X A: Learned on a stone at the entrance of Woodfall (on N64) and at the entrance of the Southern Swamp (on 3DS).
Allows you to soar from anywhere to the Owl Statue of your choice. Each time you see a statue, activate it. Played in a temple, it will bring you back to the entrance

Oath to Order: Y R L R Y A: Learned after defeating Odolwa in the Woodfall Temple.
Useful at the end of the game, when you have the four bosses' remains

Goron Lullaby: L Y X L Y X Y L: Learned in two times, from the Goron Elder after unfreezing him, and the Goron Baby after calming him down.
Puts the people around you to sleep

Epona's Song: A X Y A X Y: Learned from Romani at the Romani Ranch after you met her the first day.
Calls Epona wherever you are

New Wave Bossa Nova: X A X Y R X Y: Learned from the Zora's larva in the Marine Research Lab.
Calls the turtle which will bring you to the Great Bay Temple

one more song to your repertoire Larva can also play music!

Song of Storms: L R A L R A: Learned from the ghost Flat in Ikana's Graveyard, under one of the graves on the first night.
Makes the rain fall and cancel the Bubbles' curses (flying skulls)

Elegy of Emptiness: Y X Y R Y A X: Learned from the Ikana King after you defeated him.
Creates clones of Link, up to four different ones (Link, Deku Link, Goron Link and Zora Link)

Scarecrow's Song: to be composed by yourself: Stand in front of a scarecrow in Clock Town (at the Trading Post or at the Observatory) and play a 8-notes song. He will say that he likes it. (On N64, remember this song)
Sometimes, when Tatl becomes green, play this song to summon the scarecrow and use the Hookshot on it to reach far away places.