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Spider Houses

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There are two Spider Houses in Termina. Each of them holds 30 Gold Skulltulas which leave tokens once beaten. Follow your ears to locate them and collect the 30 tokens to win a prize.
The first house lies in the Southern Swamp, in the southwest part, in the Woodfall area, and the second one is located on the Great Bay beach, next to the Fisherman's Hut.

Fearful Spider House - Southern Swamp

A miserable man spelt by spidersYou will need one Deku Stick, two Magic Beans, one bomb, arrows and at least one bottle to find the 30 Skulltulas. If you already own the Hookshot, no need for bombs and arrows, one Deku Stick and one Magic Bean are enough and the job will be much easier.
Use a Deku Stick to burn the web blocking the entrance, talk to the bewitched man and open the next door. Here is the procedure to follow if you don't have the Hookshot. If you do, it is more or less the same thing, but a lot easier.

  1. In the pond
  2. In a pot next to the slope
  3. On a pillar in the northeast corner, wait for it to go down so you can retrieve the token afterwards
    Put some water in a bottle, then open the door on the west side.
  4. In a crate in the southwest corner, hit the crate by rolling to break it
  5. In a crate in the northwest corner
    Roll into jars so spiders spring out of themBlow up the big rock with a bomb, then plant a bean there and water it. (If you have the Hookshot, this is not necessary)
  6. On the wall opposite to the door, climb on the bean to reach it (don't forget the token!)
    Take back some water in the previous room, then come back and climb the ladder.
  7. Above the central rock, jump onto it and climb the ladder again
  8. Behind the torch near the other door
    Open the door on the second floor.
  9. On a pillar in the northwest corner of the room, wait for it to go down to retrieve the token
  10. On the north wall, shoot an arrow at it from your position, then use the Deku flower to go on the flower in the centre of the room, glide towards the token, then go on your right (still flying)
    They can also hide in hivesOpen the opposite door, then fly towards left.
  11. On the wall, wait for it to go down to retrieve the token
  12. Shoot arrows at the hives so two Skulltulas will fall, then go down
  13. See above
  14. In one of the pots
  15. In one of the jars, hit it by rolling to make it spring out
  16. Same as above
    Play the Sonata of Awakening to wake up the Deku Scrub who will run away behind vines, then cut these vines with your sword.
  17. On a wall, behind the vines
    Use the Deku flower to fly back up towards north, open the door, then strike the switch to make a ladder appear. Jump.
  18. Use flowers to travelOn one of the pillars, wait for it to go down to retrieve the token
  19. On the ladder, shoot an arrow or a bubble, then climb the ladder to pick up the token
  20. In a hive on the ceiling, fire arrows at the hives, then get down
    At the top of the ladder, plant a bean in the holde, water it and climb on it.
  21. On the north wall using a bean, if necessary climb once more on it to take the token
    Climb on the bean again, jump towards the passage to the north and open the next door.
  22. On the ground, in the bushes
  23. Same as above
  24. Inside a hive, shoot arrows
  25. Hit the tree by rolling to make three fall on the ground
  26. Same as above
  27. Same as above
    You get the Mask of Truth!Put an insect inside a bottle (or many if you have other bottles). Leave this room, jump and open the south door.
  28. Stand next to one of the two soft soil squares against a wall, release a bug which will make the Skulltula get out and strike it
    If you have only one bottle, go back east, fly towards the ledge on the left, lift the stone and pick up another bug.
  29. Same as above
    Again pick up another bug if necessary. Next, go through the west door, climb the ladder, get out through the other door, cross the room with the flower and go right.
  30. In another soft soil square, release the insect as written above

Leave this room, talk to the man who has now returned to his former self and he will give you the Mask of Truth!

Oceanside Spider House - Great Bay Coast

The Hookshot is the most used item to destroy them and get their tokens. In the N64 version, you have to find the Skulltulas before the end of the first day.
Get in and place a bomb against the cracked wall, then slide in the corridor.

  1. Listen and look closelyAfter sliding down the corridor, on the corridor's wall
  2. At the same place as the previous one, on the other wall
    Throw the Hookshot at the opposite target to pass the gate.
  3. Look at the ceiling, burn the spider web with a fire arrow, then use the Hookshot
    Open the door.
  4. On the wall near the stairs
  5. Throw the Hookshot at the beam on the ceiling, you can climb on the stairs banister to see it better
  6. In the first jar near the stairs, run and hit the jar to make it spring out
  7. Burn the web in a corner of the room, then run into the jar
    Burn the web above the other door and get through.
  8. Climb the shelfPush the bookshelf in the northwest corner to find two in a secret room
  9. See above
  10. On the wall with three chests of drawers, pull the middle one and look through the hole
  11. Behind the painting to the left of the chests, take it down thanks to the Hookshot
  12. Climb on the empty shelf (near the chests of drawers), look behind you and throw the Hookshot at the small gap in the wall (black line along the wall)
  13. Jump on the cupboards to see one in the southeast corner of the room
  14. Always on top of the cupboards, behind the painting to the right of the skeleton
    Come back to the previous room and go down the stairs.
  15. From the bottom of the stairs, look up at the gap in the wall
  16. behind the web hides another spiderIn one of the jars, near a torch
  17. In a pot above the two crates (burn the web first)
  18. On the wall behind the stairs
  19. Burn the webs against the wall, then look through the hole and use the Hookshot
    Open the door behind the stairs.
  20. In one of the crates along the north wall
  21. N64: Behind one of the two boats, against the west wall / 3DS: In the northwest corner
  22. Burn the web on the ceiling then use the Hookshot
  23. Break a crate along the south wall, go through the hole and look behind you
  24. Climb on the crates near the door, throw the Hookshot at the barrel above, then break the other barrels
    Get out, come back into the room with the stairs and open the other door.
  25. The skeleton masks are the keyTake down the second painting on the north wall
  26. In the gap in the wall above the door
  27. In one of the jars which are in a corner
  28. Run and hit the table to make three fall from the chandelier
  29. See above
  30. See above
    If you have the Captain's Hat, talk to the six Stalchild in the house, then shoot arrows on the skeleton masks in the indicated order to open the fireplace grid, then go up the stairs and open the chest which holds a Piece of Heart.

Leave this room, go up the stairs again, use the Hookshot to pass the gate, then roll as Goron Link to go out. Talk to the man and he will give you the Giant Wallet which can hold up to 500 rupees!