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Adult Link's trading sequence - Biggoron's Sword

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Right after leaving the Temple of Time, you can go to Kakariko Village to get the first item of the trading quest. You can earn the final reward for this quest as soon as you get Epona, however it might be easier if you can get more items like the Longshot or if you learn more songs before.

Pocket Egg Pocket Egg / Pocket Cucco In Kakariko Village, go speak with the Cucco Lady, she will give you the Pocket Egg, that will turn into the Pocket Cucco the next day.
Cojiro Cojiro Once the Pocket Egg has turned into the Pocket Cucco, go wake up Talon in the house near Death Mountain Trail, then bring the Pocket Cucco back to the Cucco Lady. In return she will give you Cojiro.
Odd Mushroom Odd Mushroom Head to the Lost Woods, turn left and wake up the sleeping guy, who will give you the Odd Mushroom.
Odd Potion Odd Potion Now go to the second Potion Shop in Kakariko Village. To go there faster, go left and jump on top of the Magic Bean. Once above the bridge, jump right to leave the Lost Woods. Ride Epona to Kakariko Village (if it's dark, play the Sun's Song) and climb the stairs on your left. Get in the first Potion Shop, run through the door on the left and enter the next house (up the stairs, on the left). Talk to the old woman and she will give you the Odd Potion.
Poacher's Saw Poacher's Saw Go back to where you were (on the left side) in the Lost Woods and talk to the girl to trade the Odd Potion for the Poacher's Saw.
Broken Biggoron's Sword Broken Biggoron's Sword Go to Gerudo Valley, cross the bridge on Epona (or use the Longshot if you own it) and give the Poacher's Saw to the carpenter, who will trade it for the Broken Biggoron's Sword.
Prescription Prescription Now bring the Broken Sword to Biggoron located on top of Death Mountain behind the rocks. He will take the sword and give you a Prescription for his eyes.
Eyeball Frog Eyeball Frog Head to Zora's Domain and give the Prescription to King Zora (if he isn't unfrozen yet, look at the walkthrough). He will give you the Eyeball Frog.
World's Finest Eye Drops World's Finest Eye Drops Run out of Zora's Domain, jump into the river and stay on the left side until you reach Hyrule's Field. Call Epona and ride to Lake Hylia. Go in the Lakeside Laboratory, talk to the old scientist and give him the Eyeball Frog so he can make the World's Finest Eye Drops.
Claim Check Claim Check Ride Epona to Kakariko Village, head to the Death Mountain Trail, use the Magic Bean in front of the Cavern and jump at the beginning of the path with meteorites. Go back to Biggoron and give him the World's Finest Eye Drops, he will then give you the Claim Check.
Biggoron's Sword Biggoron's Sword Three days later (you can play the Sun's Song), speak to Biggoron and trade him the Claim Check to finally get the powerful Biggoron's Sword.