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Pretty EponaEpona is the poney of the Lon Lon Ranch that becomes your horse when she has grown up.

Call her with her song to travel through the Hyrule Field, to jump over fences and to catch Poe Souls.

Ingo has lost!To get her, you need to learn Epona's Song when you're a child. When you are an adult, make sure you have at least 70 rupees and go to Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to Ingo and pay 10 rupees to ride a horse. Play Epona's Song to make her come to you, get on her and make her walk in the enclosure. When the time is out, talk to Ingo again and pay another 10 rupees. Call Epona, get on her and talk to Ingo (with Z target). Accept the deal and win the race. To make it, push the joystick forward straight away and press A to give a carrot to Epona. Stay as much as you can close to the fence. You can use as many carrots as you want, but I highly recommend you don't use the last one. After this race, Ingo will ask for a revenge. Accept and win again. He will let you keep Epona, but won't let you leave the ranch. To go out, jump over the fence on the side of the ranch. You can also jump over Ingo's head.

Tip on 3DS from ZeldaWorld64: To get Epona easily, when the race starts, stay where you are and wait for about 20 seconds. Ingo will overtake you. After 20 seconds, start up and go around like if you were really racing, except that Ingo isn't there anymore. When the lap is over, the race is won!

This trick doesn't work on GC and Wii U. Is that the case on N64?