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Lon Lon Ranch, Lost Woods and Sacred Forest Meadow

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Lon Lon Ranch

Lon Lon Ranch Ocarina of TimeOpen the first door on the left, talk to Talon and accept to play the game for 10 rupees. Lift and toss the cuccoos as fast as you can to find the three Super Cuccoos. When he gives you his daughter in marriage, say yes again! He will give you a bottle of Lon Lon Milk, which can fill five hearts twice. When it's empty, you can play the game again or play the ocarina in front of a cow! Get out, go towards the back and enter the pen. Talk three times to Malon, then play your ocarina. She will teach you Epona's Song. To get a Piece of Heart, get in the stone house south-west on the map and look for an opening behind the crates. Go back to the Kokiri Forest.

Kokiri Forest

Go left, climb a little higher, then climb the vines, then keep going until you reach the entrance of the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods

Take the right path, then the left one and you will meet the Owl again. Next, take the paths from which you can clearly hear music. You will reach a place with an iron gate in front of you.

Sacred Forest Meadow

Sacred Forest Meadow Ocarina of TimeGet rid of the Wolfos then go ahead. You are now in a maze, look at the map in order to go northwards. Get rid of the enemies along the way, then climb the stairs, defeat or avoid other enemies, then climb the next stairs. You will meet Saria, who will teach you Saria's Song. Go back down the stairs, then go up the ladder. If you wish to replenish your hearts, jump into the hole to reach a Fairy Fountain. Finally, jump from platform to platform until you get back to the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods

When the Owl is taking off, go back to the Kokiri Forest (take a passage with a white light to go faster). There are two Pieces of Heart in the Lost Woods. To find them, look for Skull Kids and play music with them.

Hyrule Field

Go to the Hyrule Field, head for the castle, but right before reaching it, look for a bridge on the right. Cross it and climb the big stairs. You will reach Kakariko Village.

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