Ocarina of Time tips and tricks


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Zelda's Lullaby: left up right left up right : Taught in Hyrule Castle by Impa.
To be used everytime you see the Triforce symbol. Tip: If you play it in front of one of the stones that give the time, you will get a little fairy.

Epona's Song: up left right up left right : Taught by Malon in Lon Lon Ranch.
To be used near a cow to get free milk or to call Epona when you're an adult.

Saria's Song: down right left down right left : Taught by Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow.
To be used to talk to Saria or Navi.

Sun's Song: right down up right down up : Learned in the Royal Tomb.
To be used to make the sun rise and set. It can also stun Redeads and Gibdos.

Song of Time: right A down right A down : Taught by Zelda when you find the Ocarina of Time.
To be used to open the Door of Time and to move "blue blocks" that can be found in dungeons.

Song of Storms: A down up A down up : Taught by the musician in the Windmill Hut.
To be used to enter the well of the village and make secret holes appear.

you learned Epona's song You learned the Sun's song

Minuet of Forest: A up left right left right : Taught by Sheik in front of the Forest Temple.
To warp you to the Sacred Forest Meadow.

Bolero of Fire: down A down A right down right down : Taught by Sheik in front of the Fire Temple.
To warp you to the Death Mountain Crater.

Serenade of Water: A down right right left : Taught by Sheik in the Ice Cavern.
To warp you to the Lake Hylia.

Requiem of Spirit: A down A right down A : Taught by Sheik in front of the Spirit Temple.
To warp you to the Desert Colossus.

Nocturne of Shadow: left right right A left right down : Taught by Sheik in Kakariko Village.
To warp you in the Kakariko Graveyard, near the Shadow Temple.

Prelude of Light: up right up right left up : Taught by Sheik in the Temple of Time after beating the Temple of Forest.
To warp you to the Temple of Time.

Scarecrow's Song: Composed by you: Taught by Bonooru.
You can call Pierre the Scarecrow and use your hookshot on him to reach distant places.

Link fully concentrated Sheik teaches you a new song