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Gold Skulltulas (and their rewards)

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The owner of the place is cursed
In Kakariko Village, a family, whose house is located on the south-west, is under a curse. To break the spell, you must destroy the Gold Skulltulas and collect Tokens. Sometimes, you won't be able to reach a Token without the Boomerang or the Hookshot. There are 100 Gold Skulltulas in Hyrule, when you get rid of all the ones present in a dungeon, a skulltula icon appears on the dungeon map. When you have gathered a given amount of Tokens (see below), go in the House of Skulltula and talk to a child.

Gold Skulltulas: in the dungeons  •  outside - Young Link  •  outside - Adult Link

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The kid rewards you for freeing himRewards

10 Tokens: the Adult's Wallet - it allows you to carry up to 200 rupees
20 Tokens: the Stone of Agony/Shard of Agony - if you have the Rumble Pak*, it will react to hidden holes or will help you catch fish!
30 Tokens: the Giant's Wallet - it allows you to carry up to 500 rupees
40 Tokens: the Bombchus - an additional weapon
50 Tokens: a Piece of Heart
100 Tokens: a huge rupee (200 rupees)

Note that once you got the huge rupee, you can get out of the house, get in again and talk to the man to win another identical rupee!

* The Rumble Pak is an accessory which is bought separately and plugged on the game controller. The Stone of Agony and so the Rumble Pak are specificities of the N64 version of the game: the said item was replaced by the Shard of Agony in the 3DS version, which gives the player the same advantages in game without buying any spare part for their 3DS.

Gold Skulltulas located in dungeons

Inside the Deku Tree

  • To get the token, you need the BoomerangOn the 4th floor, in a room with an alcove on the left.
  • Jump into the hole in the entrance, it's on the vines. Use the Fairy Slingshot to hit it, then climb on the vines
  • Same place on the bars. (You can get the token with the Boomerang or by jumping from the cliff where the torch is)
  • [Boomerang required] Same place, take the narrow path to the west, then go north-east, burn the web if it's not already done, then blow up the far away wall and open the door.

Dodongo's Cavern

  • While entering, go right, open the back door, blow up the right wall (around in the middle of the wall) while striking a lizard right next to it (or with a bomb) and open the door.
  • [Scarecrow's Song required] With Adult Link, same place, just a little before. Look up on the left, play the Scarecrow's Song and use the Hookshot on Pierre.
  • While entering, go left at the back, (north-west on the map), go up the large stairs (where the two rows of Bomb Flowers are) and look at the web near the next door. Use the Fairy Slingshot to hit it, then climb the vines
  • [Longshot required] With Adult Link, same place, stand right at the top of the stairs, look up carefully in the alcove and use the Longshot.
  • While entering, go straight in the monster's mouth, then in the room where you have to move crates, there is a door you need to explode. Get in and find it behind the statue.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

  • [Boomerang required] On the vines of the room where there is a switch that raises the water level.
  • In the room where you arrive after droping through the hole on the left (the entrance of the dungeon being behind you).
  • Same place, right next to it.
  • On the vines in the room just before the boss' one.

Forest Temple

  • At the entrance, in the courtyard, on the right wall.
  • In the large room, to the right of the door facing the entrance.
  • In the eastern "green" room, on the wall of the island (under the balcony). Shoot the Hookshot at the chest from the river's shore or jump from the balcony accessible from the square-patterned room.
  • In the western "green" room. From the balcony, jump on the arch (with the small hearts) and look at the wall.
  • In the rotating room before the boss, in the alcove with a small chest.

Bottom of the Well

  • [Lens of Truth required] For the three Skulltulas of this place:
    From the main room, take the left hallway and use the Lens of Truth to find a hidden entrance in the right wall. Go in, take the key in the chest, go out and turn left. Go straight ahead, turn left at the end of the hallway and use the Lens to find another entrance on the left. Get in, take the key in another chest, get out and continue to the left. On the right, you see a cage with a monster. Go through the wall right in front of this cage, go to the other side of the room while avoiding the hole in the centre and go through the wall. Take the opposite hallway, go near the bars, jump, get under the bars, climb the fence and open the door. Check that the Hylian Shield is equipped, then light a Deku Stick and light the torch located at the back on the left (from the door). Take the small key in the coffin, then go out, climb the fence and go through the wall in front of you. Open the locked door on the left, get rid of the Deku Baba and the Gold Skulltula. Get out, go left, avoid the hole and open the other locked door. Take care of the bats, mind the hole!, then with the Lens' help, walk on the edge to find the Gold Skulltula. Get out, go through the left wall, then go left. (If you fall, play the Sun's Song to take advantage of a yellow fairy.) Avoid the hole right before the painting and turn right. Take the narrow path, unlock the door and use the Lens to locate the holes. Clear out the bats and the Beamos with a bomb (the chest holds a Deku Shield if you lost yours), then open the next door, strike the Like Like relentlessly, then get rid of the last Gold Skulltula. Whew!

Fire Temple

  • From the entrance, go upstairs, enter on the right, then move to the door on your left. Play the Song of Time to make the block fall, then open the door above and be ready to protect yourself from the flying tiles!
  • In the maze room with many rolling rocks, from the door at the ground level, go along the left wall. When you can hear a Gold Skulltula, blow up the wall.
  • In this same room, but from the door at the platforms level, play the Scarecrow's Song. Shoot the Hookshot to be dragged to it (very high on the right), turn around, then use the Hookshot to go on the higher platform (a lift), open the further door, climb the fence and look ahead.
  • From the last place, climb the fence, open the next door, move towards the edge and find another one on the left wall (use the Hookshot).
  • [Megaton Hammer required] From the entrance, go right, open the door (where the statue was), get rid of the enemies, the Gold Skulltula is in the next room.

Ice Cavern

  • In the room with the blades, break the ice stalagmites on the left, the Gold Skulltula is behind.
  • From the room with the blades, go right, then look near the Piece of Heart (Compass room).
  • In the room with the block to push, look left while getting in.

Water Temple

  • A Gold Skulltula well hiddenOn the right wall in the room with the platforms which go down, use the Longshot.
  • In the underground river, on the left wall before reaching the edge (use the Iron Boots).
  • On the lowest floor, take the south hallway, place a bomb where the floor is bumpy, then jump, move on, go back up, step on the switch and shoot the Hookshot at the target. Get closer to the grate, then use the Spin Attack to reach the diamond and lift the grate.
  • In the central tower, right at the top, use the Longshot.
  • Behind a waterfall, in the hallway preceding the Boss Key (with the rocks).

Shadow Temple

  • In the room with the guillotines, from the platform with the Stalfos, turn left, then with the Lens of Truth's help, jump onto the platforms and open the door. Use the Lens to see the blades in the middle of the room, then get rid of the Like Like with arrows, as well as the three bats (go around the room to make them come to you). Open the next door and take care of the Gold Skulltula.
  • In the room with the pike traps, in a cell on the left.
  • In the room with the giant skull, behind the skull.
  • [Scarecrow's Song required] In the room with the ship, go on the platform next to the ship, then play the Scarecrow's Song and shoot the Hookshot at it.
  • In the room with the three giant skulls (after the crossing on the ship, go right, go through the invisible maze in order to open the opposite door), behind the skulls.

Spirit Temple

  • Original view of a tokenAs Young Link, after the first narrow path, take the right door and look at the fence on the right.
  • As Young Link, after the second narrow path, open the door, climb on the wall on the right, then look behind you.
  • As Young Link, after the room where you brought the sun into the light, turn around in the stairs and look above the door.
  • As Adult Link, in the room with the rolling rocks, go near the blue block and play the Song of Time.
  • As Adult Link, in the room with the giant statue, go up the left stairs (according to the map), look north and play the Scarecrow's Song.

Young Link

  • Everywhere where you can plant Magic Beans, release a bug near the hole (except near the Bean Seller).

Hyrule Field

  • [Boomerang required] While exiting Kakariko Village, turn right and place a bomb near the tree.
  • [Boomerang required] Search for a stone circle before the entrance to Gerudo Valley, drop a bomb in the centre, jump, then use Din's Fire to burn the webs.
    Note: These two Gold Skulltulas above are still there for Adult Link.

Kokiri Forest

  • Zoom on a Gold Skulltula[Boomerang required] Behind the house near the way leading to Hyrule Field.


  • In a crate in the guard's house just before arriving to the Market.

Hyrule Castle

  • In the first tree you can see while entering the surroundings of the castle (rush at it and press A to roll).
  • After sneaking past the guards outside, jump into the water, swim up to the corner ahead on the right, get out of the water and go near the large tree. Play the Song of Storms, go down into the hole and blow up the walls.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • [Boomerang required] On Talon's house wall, near the top.
  • In a tree to the left after Talon's house, run and roll against the tree.
  • Behind the shed of the pen (outside the pen).
  • [Boomerang required] On the outside wall of the ranch, to the right of the small stone house (south-west on the map).

Kakariko Village

  • In a tree near the entrance, roll against it to make the spider fall.
  • On a brick wall in the middle of the village.
  • On the wall of the House of Skulltula.
  • On the house near Death Mountain Trail.
  • On the ladder of the high tower, use the Fairy Slingshot from the platform above, then climb the ladder to take the Token.

Kakariko Graveyard

  • [Boomerang required] On the wall at the back on the right.

Death Mountain Trail

  • [Boomerang required] In a cave behind a wall to blow up, not far from the start of the trail on the right.

Death Mountain Crater

  • From the mountain's summit, enter the crater and break the crate.

Goron City

  • [Bombs required] As you get in, go left, blow up one of the three brown rocks and take the back path. Blow up the brown rocks to find a crate to break at the back of the room.

Zora's River

  • In a tree near the entrance, roll against its trunk.
  • On the ladder near the entrance to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Fountain

  • In a tree on the small island, south-east on the map.
  • [Boomerang required] On a wall near the big branch in the water.

Lake Hylia

  • On the small island with the two pillars in the middle of the lake.
  • [Boomerang required] On a wall of the laboratory.

Gerudo Valley

  • [Boomerang required] On the right while walking on the plank.

Kokiri Forest

  • Behind the twins' shed (not far from the path leading to the Deku Tree).

Lost Woods

  • Get on the magic bean to see this SkulltulaIf you did plant a Magic Bean, go right, left, right, left, left and climb on the bean.
  • In the Sacred Forest Meadow, on the wall to the right, just before the large stairs. If you know the Scarecrow's Song, play it before entering the maze. Thanks to Pierre, you will avoid the Moblins.

Death Mountain Trail

  • [Megaton Hammer required] Go left just before the entrance of Goron City and destroy the rock with the Hammer.
  • [Megaton Hammer required] Take the path leading to the summit of the mountain and break the third large rock on the section where rocks were falling from the sky in the past.

Goron City

  • [Hookshot required] Look at the hanging platform in the center of the city, the Gold Skulltula is behind the stele. Walk along one of the ropes supporting this platform and shoot the Hookshot at the Skulltula.

Zora's River

  • If you did plant a Magic Bean, climb on it, jump towards the stone circle, then look at the upper part of the wall.
  • [Longshot required] Go on the bridge leading to Zora's Domain and look up on the left.

Zora's Domain

  • At the top of the frozen waterfall.

Zora's Fountain

  • [Silver Gauntlets required] Go to the island where the Great Fairy Fountain is and lift the large rock. Get down and use the Lens of Truth to see the Skulltulas. The Gold Skulltula is right before the exit.

Lake Hylia

  • [Longshot required] Stand on the warping plate and use the Longshot to aim at the top of the sliced trunk to land on its branch.
  • [Iron Boots required] Go down to the bottom of the pond in the Lakeside Laboratory and break the crate with a roll attack.

Kakariko Village

  • [Longshot required] Go in front of Impa's first house (up on the right), use the Longshot to go up on the opposite roof, then on Impa's house roof and look at the rock wall.

Gerudo Valley

  • Behind the carpenter's tent, on the wall.
  • On the stone arch after the bridge, opposite the carpenter's tent.

Gerudo's Fortress

  • On the north target of the Horseback Archery Range.
  • In the middle of the east wall (according to the map) of the fortress.

Haunted Wasteland

  • In the stone building where you found the Phantom Guide.

Desert Colossus

  • South on the map, in one of the trees near the drained pond / the Fairy Fountain.
  • Climb on the Magic Bean and look on top of a large rock.

Hyrule Castle - Ganon's Castle

  • Take the path to the right, walk under the stone arch and turn around.