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Dowsing with Fi

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Thank you to Mylaur and Crepus for their suggestions

Except for her not always very useful advice, our dear Fi is capable to detect all sorts of items on huge distances. During the adventure, after some events or some repeated events, Fi adds the different items to her skill: Dowsing.

Those items are listed in the order of the circle of her skill, starting from midday and then in the clockwise direction.

According to your messages, it seems that detections don't arrive in the same circumstances for everybody.

main quest Main quest This box is empty after finishing the main quest
treasure detection Treasures [After getting Nayru's flame] Unlocked by upgrading an equipment with Gondo or by predicting the future for a treasure
heart detection Hearts [Once Eldin Volcano is accessible] Unlocked when your life points are low (3 hearts max). Fi will then talk and unlock this item detection. If she doesn't, save and quit the game at a Bird Statue, load the game and Fi will unlock it
goddess cubes detection Goddess Cubes Unlocked at the Volcano Summit after talking to the Goron in front of the frog head
OR: a bit further by talking to the Goron again near the Bird Statue "Inside the Volcano"
OR: by landing at "Volcano Entry" and talking to the Goron there

You may notice that this item is able to detect the Goddess Chests as well
first-person view First-person view Unlocked at the beginning of the game
gratitude crystals detection Gratitude Crystals [After getting Nayru's flame] Unlocked by finding another crystal or by talking to Batreaux in his house
side quests detection Side quests and sub quests? Displays the symbol of the object you're looking for. So cannot display two or more objects at the same time. Empty when no side quest is in progress.
This concerns the side quests like the clown's roulette but also stages of the main quest like searching the invisible ship - I think...
rupees detection Rupees [After getting Nayru's flame] Unlocked in Eldin Volcano in the Mogma cave where small monsters spit fire, by talking to the Mogma in the northwest corner

You may notice that after getting Nayru's flame (after the Sandship), Fi can detect more items at the same time.