The Minish Cap tips and tricks


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Smith's sword Smith's Sword Strikes enemies, breaks pots, cuts grass... Given by the King of Hyrule to help you in your quest
Small shield Small Shield Protects you and reflects attacks Given by Zelda at the Minish's Feast
Gust Jar Gust Jar Sucks up air and throws it back, and sucks up sand Treasure of the Deepwood Shrine
Bombs and Bomb Bag Bombs and Bomb Bag Blow up walls and rocks, hit enemies The bag is given by Belari, a Minish living in the forest. Bombs can be found everywhere and can be bought at shops
Grip Ring Grip Ring Allows you to climb on rocky walls Sold 40 rupees by the Business Scrub, at Mount Crenel's base
Cane of Pacci Cane of Pacci Turns objects and enemies over Treasure of the Cave of Flame
White Sword White Sword Strikes enemies, breaks pots, cuts grass... Given by Belari at Mount Crenel, after finding the Fire Element
Boomerang Boomerang Hits and stuns enemies! Can be bought 300 rupees at Stockwell's Shop in Hyrule Town
Pegasus Boots Pegasus Boots Allow you to run very fast! Given by Hyrule Town's shoemaker, after waking him up
Bow Bow Hits enemies and awakes Armos statues Found in Castor Wilds
Mole Mitts Mole Mitts Dig sand Treasure of the Fortress of Winds
Ocarina of Wind Ocarina of Wind Allows you to travel through Hyrule thanks to Wind Crests Reward for defeating the Fortress of Winds' boss
Power Bracelets Power Bracelets Push bookcases and crates as a Minish Found in Hyrule Town's fountain
Flippers Flippers Allow you to swim Found in the small Water Temple
Lantern Lantern Lights up rooms Treasure of the Temple of Droplet
Remote Bombs Remote Bombs Bombs that can be placed or thrown, and then triggered when needed Thanks to the 68th Kinstone Fusion with Belari
Roc's Cape Roc's Cape Allows you to jump higher and fly on short distances Treasure of the Palace of Wind
Magical Boomerang Magical Boomerang Hits and stuns enemies In an underground passage in North Hyrule Field, after meeting Tingle and his brothers
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield Protects you and reflects attacks! Given by Biggoron, atop Veil Falls
Light Bow Light Bow Hits enemies and awakes Armos statues Given by Gregal in the Tower of Winds, by using a teleporter!
Four Sword Four Sword Strikes enemies, breaks pots, cuts grass... Obtained once you found the 4 elements throughout Hyrule