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A classy way to sheathe your sword

Everybody wants to know how to do it! Whenever you defeat an enemy, right before it explodes, press A to sheathe the sword. Link will do some cheerleading twirling!
This works with almost all the enemies.

Roll Attack

To perform the Roll Attack, run with your sword unsheathed, roll, and as soon as you get up, swing your sword.

Jump a bit further

As a wolf, take some momentum to be able to jump a little bit further.

Trick the big spiders

To defeat the Skulltulas easier, you can shake your lantern at them, which makes them drop their guard for a short time.

Free arrows

If you ever want some free arrows (especially useful in the Cave of Ordeals), avoid your enemies' arrows and quickly pick them up before they vanish.

When you find some goblin archers, take out your wooden shield and wait for them to shoot at you (don't take out your sword). As soon as they've hit you, put your shield away (or stop the Z or L lock) and here you go, the arrow is yours!

To put out a shield fire

When a wooden shield is burning (the Ordon Shield or the Wooden one), to prevent it from disappearing, press Start and go to the "shield" square (the one next to the shield - to do this trick you will need two shields). Then press Start again and the shield isn't destroyed!

Some not so brave soldiers...

Go to Hyrule Castle Town by day, as a wolf, make the townspeople panick and after a few moments, guards will come and surround you. Cast a shadow circle around them to see them run for their lives, leaving hearts, arrows and other things behind.

Easy small hearts

  • Pick up a Gold Bug you already have and let it go to earn a small heart.
  • After you've successfully beaten the STAR game once, the girls outside the tent will leave small hearts behind them each time you speak to them.
  • Find a fishing spot, take your fishing rod out and use it. If the caught fish is already enlisted in your Fish Journal, a small heart appears if you put it back in the water (doesn't work on the fishing boat).
  • In the Gerudo Desert, in the bandits' hideout, you can find a boar with 2 or 3 bandits. Get rid of them (you don't have to, but it's best if you do) and if you have lost some health, use the Clawshot on the boar to get back a small heart! You can do it several times!

About Epona (your horse)

  • To quickly ride Epona, just run to her from behind and press A at the right moment (not so easy the first time) so Link jumps on her back and starts the ride with an acceleration boost.
    PS: in fact, you just have to be behind her and press A. No need to run!
  • To direct Epona while shooting arrows, just press "Z" before pressing the bow-assigned button. You can then aim your bow on screen and use the nunchuck to make Epona move, but still holding "Z".
  • While horseback riding, press the "gallop" button and unsheathe your sword right after it. Our Link is ready for a fight!
  • You can make your horse rear up simply by pulling the joystick back and making two little jolts! While she's rearing-up, you can make her turn around by turning the joystick.
  • On the Gamecube: When you're on your horse, hold the R button, and if you then press A, Link will jump down from his ride by doing a backflip. Very handy whenever you have to quickly climb down from Epona and/or while the latter is galloping.
    On the Wii: To do the same, you have to lock (Z button) an enemy and press A. It doesn't work all the time, so it's less easy than on the Gamecube.
  • If you turn into a wolf and talk to Epona, she will say she recognizes you and that you should turn back into a human!
  • Still in your wolf form, if you stand right under her head and that you "look" at her head, you will see her horrible grey teeth! And BAM! The perfect picture we had about the gracious mare is gone!
  • If you put Epona in front of monsters, she will neigh and rear up. Once back on her four hooves, and if the monster came closer, Epona will stomp it!

Stop the 100 rupees platform

At Lake Hylia, after taking the cannon to reach the Flight By Fowl mini-game, before entering the house, take out your Boomerang and aim at the kind of weathercock on the roof. By switching this on, you get shown that the platform all the way to the top, which holds a 100 rupee chest stops turning and is now fix! Making this easier to land on it with a cucco and grab the 100 rupees!

Control your hoverings

As in previous Zelda games, Link can hover by holding a cucco, but in Twilight Princess, he can also put on and take off his Iron Boots to hover down a few meters as he wishes...

Small shortcut in the Lakebed Temple

To get to the boss earlier: after finding the Big Key, you just have to climb on the chandelier, to cling on it where the boss platform is, and to let go. Once landed, just open the door and here you are!

Statue at your service!

In the Temple of Time, when you're with the statue, you don't have to hit the targets to activate the moving walls anymore, the statue can break them for you!

Locate the Golden Bugs and Pieces of Heart!

When using your wolf senses, you can easily see the Golden Bugs and Pieces of Heart around (even a bit far) as long as there is nothing between them and you!

Another way to get the Piece of Heart from the Fishing Hole

Instead of renting a boat and grabbing the Piece with a fishing hook, you can:
1) put the Zora Armor on
2) go in the water near the Piece of Heart still on its rock
3) dive and swim back up not far from the surface (but still completely in the water)
4) grab the Piece with your Clawshot
If done correctly, you should see the Piece of Heart come back at you, but you don't get it (as if it couldn't break through the water's surface). You just have to come out of the water to get it.

You always need a smaller Ooccoo than yourself

Ooccoo and her son prove themselves to be pretty useful, especially when you are right in the middle of a temple run and you're forced to stop playing. At those moments, call Ooccoo (assuming you already found her) and ask her to leave. Save your game and turn off your console. When you'll resume your game, call for Ooccoo Jr., ask him to go back to his mom, and you'll end up in the room in which you called her in the first place!

Trick Trill's shop's parrot

When you're in the Forest Temple, if you found Ooccoo and run out of Lantern Oil or Red Potions, go get some by leaving the temple thanks to Ooccoo, fill your bottle and/or your lantern and your hearts, and use Ooccoo Jr. to go back to the temple without paying. The parrot won't attack you if you come back to the shop later! (this trick only works with Ooccoo)
Other informations about the parrot in the Shops column.

Cheat at the Fishing Hole mini-game

During the last round of the Rollgoal game, before getting the Frog Lure (level 1 round 8), you can cheat! Instead of going through the whole track, you can cut through after the first hole by going fast and by leaning slightly towards the right, so you can land right on the straight path before the finish line!
But Hena will call you a cheater and say you have to follow the established track!

Daylight whenever you want

You can make day come (almost) whenever you want, you just have to go to the City in the Sky and come back!

Go past the sinking blocks

In the City in the Sky, many darker blocks will sink as soon as you lay a foot on them. To avoid this, you can use the Spinner to prevent the blocks from sinking, but only on a short distance!

A bottle as a weapon

Those of you who played Ocarina of Time or The Wind Waker may already know this trick. When you're fighting against Zelda possessed by Ganondorf, you can shoot the light balls back at her using an empty bottle!
It's maybe easier using the bottle since its animation is quicker than the sword one, and on the Wii you have to press a button to use the bottle, so you don't risk the wiimote's move not to be detected.

Pocket money

  • In Ordon Village, to earn more rupees at the beginning of the game, as soon as you have the bottle, fill it with water. Destroy or lift the pumpkins, then pour some water on the saplings so they grow back instantly!
  • In Ordon Village, go to the Ranch as a wolf and dig the ground using your senses. You will end up in a circular room filled with pots.
  • In Ordon Village, climb on the roof of the village chief's house, turn into a wolf and call the hawk. It will show you hidden rupees on the roof of Russel's house! If they have already been taken, the hawk will say that there's not even a good rabbit nearby. To reach the rupees, jump from the house's step on the pole, then again on the roof and here you go! There are exactly 20 rupees.
  • Near Link's house, where you can find the targets and the scarecrow, if you run and roll against a tree and then another one, rupees can randomly fall from them. It can go from one to 5 green and/or blue and/or yellow rupees. And you just have to leave the place and come back to get new rupees.
    It can work in many other places: for example go to the Ordon Spring from the south side, between the spring and the Great Bridge (where you change into a wolf for the first time) there are also trees which "drop" rupees.
  • As a wolf, at the doctor's of Castle Town, push the crate on the left against the wall, and you'll end up on a balcony with a 20 rupees chest.
  • rupees in a statueGo to Zora's Domain in the throne room and put on your Iron Boots. At the bottom lie several little rocks, lift them to find yellow, green, blue rupees and even a red one! After this leave and re-enter the throne room, the rocks have all reappeared with their rupees (quite handy for the Magic Armor).
  • In the Temple of Time, hit the "bells" with the Ball and Chain to earn 20 rupees most of the time. Some other times, a small fairy can also appear.
  • In Ordon Village a yellow rupee is taunting you from a hill near the ranch's entrance. To reach it, climb on the roof of the village chief's house, pick the grass to call the hawk, and aim it at the cucco on your right to bring it back to you! Then you just have to hover to the rupee!
    If you have the Boomerang, from the very same roof, you just have to aim at it (it also works with the Clawshot).
  • Go to the Fishing Hole and cut the grass. It'll take roughly 5 minutes and you will earn at least 50 rupees. You then just have to enter and leave the house to cut the grass as many times as you want..
  • In Hyrule Castle's courtyard, shoot a bomb arrow at the rather impressive statue right in the middle, representing one of the Triforce's shards. As a result: it will resonate and drop two yellow rupees and a red one!

To avoid the moving crystals in Snowpeak Ruins

To destroy the moving crystals inside the Snowpeak manor's rooms, just use the Clawshot on them. They will break down after 3-4 hits. Still be careful because hitting them with the Clawshot will make them move all around. In the same fashion, if you are inside a room with a hole (like the one in which you found the Compass), you can push them into emptiness, good riddance!

The Ball and Chain, the Lethal Weapon

This new weapon in Zelda games deserves to be known... and used!

  • It can destroy the small ice enemies if you shoot directly at them!
  • If you shoot at a big skeleton with the Ball and Chain, it will crumble down, and when the Ball comes back to Link, it will go through the skeleton's remains and blow it up!
  • Same principle with the ReDeads (zombies) and the spiders: throw the Ball at a ReDead to hurt it once, then if the Ball hits it again while coming back to Link, it will be destroyed! (if you ever miss it, just hit it again)
  • Two hits are enough to destroy an Armos Statue while staying out of their reach.
  • OK, you can shoot the Ball and Chain whichever direction you choose. But you can also spin it above your head! To do so, assign the Ball to the B button, then press B. Hold the Z button down, and hold the B button as well to make the Ball spin. Then aim the Wiimote at the direction you want to shoot the Ball!
  • When you defeat an ice monster (the one with a chilling breath), a group of pointy little monsters sliding on the ground will appear. You can defeat them without moving using the Ball and Chain by spinning it above your head and aiming it at the ground! The enemies will be defeated in one hit!
  • During the fight against the Temple of Time's boss, when only its eye and the surrounding spiders remain, aim at the whole monster assembly to defeat them in one hit along with the boss!
  • It can also take a bomb's place to blow up the big rocks
  • It can also be used as a shield when you wield it. OK, you're a lot slower, but it protects you against the Ice Warriors' javelins. It can also counter weak direct attacks (bokoblins, lizards and even the tail attacks, flying enemies, etc.), but if the attack is too strong, Link will automatically put the Ball and Chain away.
  • You can also use it as a shield by spinning it around you, by holding the assigned button down. Whenever enemies will come closer, they'll get a swing of it! This technique is handy during the second run against Skull Kid; you just have to use it judiciously against the skeletons running after you to clear them out without taking hits. (But don't use it against enemies with long-range attacks, it will only deflect their shots without aiming them back at them.)
  • As written above, during the first phase of the Snowpeak Ruins boss fight, you can spin the Ball and Chain around you to easily reduce it. (Same thing against Zant whenever he tries to crush you)
  • Once an armored knight has lost its shield, aim at it with Z and use the Ball and Chain to destroy its armor's parts.

About surfing...

  • To defeat the yeti lady, you can also put on your Iron Boots before talking to her to start the race with them. It's easier to handle, the moves are more precise and you handle the turns better, but you will not jump as high. Precision: this might work better on the GameCube version.
  • During the race against Lady Yeti, you can swing your sword at her to slow her down for a few seconds! ... and this also works with her husband...
  • Against Lady Yeti, you can still outrun her at the end even if you're behind her. In fact, after she has finished after the last bridge, she leaves to go to the track. Don't follow her, just go on by jumping on the second small hill then on the path, you will directly end up in the turn before the ghost's hill, and you just have to keep on going.
  • At the beginning, when you take the shortcut, by surfing along the wall, you can climb without jumping. When you're not very good at this minigame, this can spare you the troubles of jumping.

Running with the orb

In the Twilight Palace, when you have to run away holding an orb and the hand takes it back: there's no need to wait for it to go back to its place, you can use your Clawshot to take it back!
You can also hit the hand with the Clawshot when it runs after you, so it gets stopped for a few seconds!
Still when you have to bring the orb (the Sol) back, when you place it on the pedestal and a staircase appears, if the hand is far enough from you, the newly created stairs will block it. As it cannot go that high, it can't go beyond the stairs, which gives you more time to climb the stairs and use the Clawshot on the Sol without fearing for the hand!

Tips inside the Cave of Ordeals

  • When you enter a room, look at all the enemies below (if they are not hidden/under the ground/only visible as a wolf...). If they are 'simple' enemies, meaning standing down, having just a sword/shield/bow, try to get their attention while staying at the top of the room (shoot arrows, throw seeds, etc).
    Since the foes are dumb, they will all gather right under where you are. Then, just stand on the edge of the platform, right above them, and drop a few bombs. You will hear shouts and "boom!" telling you that they are being blown up.
  • To locate the Rare Chu Jelly: As you can see in the Cave of Ordeals walkthrough, three rooms contain Rare Chu Jellies, but you can find them even without the walkthrough. Before jumping down, look at the ceiling. If there's something shiny, prepare an empty bottle! Then jump down and grab it quickly before it merges with other Jellies.
  • In the rooms with torches: before jumping down in a room, stay on the platform and put out the torches with the Gale Boomerang. The door to the next floor will open. You just have to walk through this room, and here you are!
    Be careful, as sometimes the enemies will follow you through the door.

Green Chu Jelly!

This jelly exists as well and is very hard to obtain in some rooms of the Cave of Ordeals. To see it, a Blue Chu Jelly must merge with a Yellow one, and nothing else! This jelly probably served as magic before the designers decided to remove the magic meter from the game.

Tricks regarding the fights

Tricks to defeat the ReDeads

  • The best is to use the Ball and Chain, but you can also use bombs or bomb arrows, or even the jump attack as a wolf (you'd better use this technique if there's only one ReDead).
  • Stay out of their paralizing screech's radius and charge the Jump Strike (hidden skill no 6). They will be defeated in one blow!

Defeating the lizards in one blow

To defeat lizards in one blow (like the ones near Castle Town's entrance), you must take off their armor with the Clawshot, then either throw their armor back at them, or defeat them with a vertical blow.

Another way to defeat the armored enemies

These enemies are not only defeatable using the Clawshot: An arrow shot at the BACK of the monster defeats it in one blow, or even using another weapon.
Another technique: Wait until the foe charges at you by keeping it locked then move aside at the last moment to avoid the blow (or do a Jump Strike to jump above it). The enemy will brake and stay still for a second, usually turning its back at Link. This is where you have to press A to hit its "naked" spot.

Defeating the big skeletons in one blow

You don't necessarily have to dismember the big skeletons in order to defeat them, drop a bomb down and hide behind your shield, the skeleton will be destroyed and you won't have taken any damage. You can also simply shoot a bomb arrow at them, which will down them at once.

Another way to defeat the Armos Statues

Inside the Cave of Ordeals, if you're running short of arrows, you can throw bombs on the Armos Statues. If the bomb blows up in their back, the statue is destroyed. It's a difficult technique, because you have to put the bomb at the right place (behind the statue) and at the right time!

The Shield Attack by the right side can also hit the ax-wielding Armos Statues. As soon as (only) one steps in front of you, step aside, it will then move twice aside in your direction, you then have to run around it to reach its back and use the Shield Attack on it! This will cause more damage since the attack is worth twice using this hidden skill.

Using the Mortal Draw without taking any damage!

Lock on the enemy with Z then do some backflips (down+A) until the red arrow dissapears (beware of the walls behind you). Sheathe your sword still holding Z and go towards the enemy (which isn't aimed at anymore), you can now use the Mortal Draw while protecting yourself!

To avoid the fight against the soldiers in the Gerudo Desert

To avoid the fight against the boar-riding soldiers (first paragraph of the Gerudo Desert), when you're in the "lower" part of the desert (in the boar-fighting zone), take a few steps forward (roughly 20) and draw your bow while having the Hawkeye equipped. Aim at the temple and shoot an arrow at one of the soldiers on the tower, then on the other (if you can't reach him because of the tower, take a few steps back and aside). Then, look near the fire to find another soldier, shoot an arrow, then as soon as the other soldier comes near him, shoot quickly a second arrow. (If you're not fast enough, he'll ride a boar). Then you only have to walk forward without any risk!

Avoiding the ice knights in Snowpeak Ruins

During the quest for the bedroom's key, in the big room right before the one with the "real" key, it's not mandatory to defeat the ice warriors. Just look at the stalactites on the ceiling, and break them with the Ball and Chain. The warriors thus don't "appear" and once all the ice peaks are broken, the doors open. The fight is therefore avoided...

Defeating the Snowpeak Ruins miniboss more easily

Instead of waiting for the miniboss to throw its ball and hang on the targets behind it with the Clawshot, you can go around it under the ball by rolling around, and, as soon as it throws it, go attack it.

Against the armor-wearing warriors

The Darknuts are hard to defeat, so use bomb arrows to make pieces of their armor fall. But once they're awake, they'll hide behind their shields, so shoot at their feet.
Another possibility on the same principle: lay a bomb down and lure them to it. Five or six well placed bombs will make their armor dissapear.

For players handling their wiimote well: lure the warrior (only one if they're in group) and as soon as it starts to walk, go away and wait for it to come. As soon as you see the "Mortal Draw" option, mash the A button to land three Mortal Draws in a row. It will parry the fourth, so move away and repeat these steps until all its armor is down. Then, it will get rid of its weapon and start some close combat. Do a Back Slice to throw it off balance, land some blows, and as soon as it parries, do a Back Slice to throw it off balance. Simple and fast.

Remains of a Magic Meter

Originally the TP developpers wanted to put a Magic Meter in the game but they eventually cancelled it. In the game, you can still find remains of this meter: after drinking a blue potion, go to the Item Menu and press the A button to get info on this potion: you can read that it gives back hearts and fills the magic meter! (whereas the Blue Jelly only refills your hearts)

Just so you know

  • hawk flying in the skyIn Link's house, in the basement, if you don't light the torch and stand in front of the mirror, the sapphire eyes (like when you're a wolf) will appear out of nowhere! In the dark!
    And if you don't light up the lantern, the chest won't open!
  • In Ordon Village, to see the hawk flying in the sky, go to your house, at the very top, and look by the window
  • In Ordon Village there's a dog inside Beth's house. If you want it to stop following you, just carry it, and put it down on the table. The dog won't be able to go down!
  • You can put a goat to the ground by facing it and pressing the A button. Link will catch it by its horns and put it to the ground like the running away goats. Be careful, for this will make the goat angry and it will get revenge by charging you.
    You an also hit them with different weapons to get chased and knocked down.
    You can also pet them by going next to them and pressing the A button when the icon says "pet".
    If you get near the shepherd as a wolf, the goats will knock you down.
  • When you pluck a hawk grass and call for the hawk, you can send it to the water (example: in Ordon Village where there used to be the monkey with the Moses basket). You can see it struggling before going out.
  • Midna's shadowBug: when you leave Castle Town as a wolf, the very first time you got transformed, once Midna warped you out and after talking to Zelda, you can see Midna's shadow on your back but not her!
  • Madame Fanadi from the fortune-telling house speaks like the Minish do! Read her sentences backwards to decipher them.
  • In Castle Town, in the western street, there's a dog whose paws hurt. Take it into the grass near the doctor's house, then take the bone on the ground and throw it into the grass. The dog will come back at you with a small heart in its mouth (doesn't work all the time)
  • In front of the shop's entrance on Castle Town's central square, a young boy will propose polishing your boots for 10 rupees. If you agree, your boots will shine! Besides, this is the only way to enter the shop before it becomes the Malo Mart.
  • If you stand still near a fairy, it will land on your head! (or on your sword)
  • Whenever you hit a fairy with your sword, the Wiimote rumbles! It also works on the GameCube, the controller rumbles when you do a Spin Attack.
  • When you jump on an enemy as a wolf, during the fight against Ganon or whatever other action that requires to mash the A button, you can also shake the wiimote.
  • Use the Boomerang to aim twice at a pot close to a wall (for ex. the first room in the Forest Temple). The Boomerang will catch the pot, will break it and bring back its contents to you!
  • In Kakariko Village when Talo is watching the village, shoot an arrow at him so he bends down. This also works with the other children, and with other weapons.
  • In Kakariko Village once Malo trained you at arrow shooting, go up to where Talo is and shoot an arrow at him or at the pole. He will say something like: "Hey Link, if you're that close, it doesn't count!
    And if you miss (the arrow hits the ground or flies by), Talo will say: "I don't get it! How can you miss from here!"
  • To roughly know what the time is in-game, go to the Gorons, in the hot springs, and talk to the Goron saying:
    - night-time: a good night bath is awesome
    - morning: a good morning bath is awesome
    - noon: a good noon bath is awesome, better than a nap
  • Inside the Goron Mines, you can walk faster on the magnetic zones. For this, use the Z lock on an enemy and swing your sword, which will not slow you down!
  • When you are wearing the Iron Boots and you do a roll attack against an enemy, it will be injured!
  • Bullet Bill in Twilight PrincessAt Lake Hylia, on the arm of the clown managing the cannon, there's a picture of "Bullet Bill", a Mario Bros. monster shaped like a gun bullet!
  • At the clown Falbi's game where you can fly over Lake Hylia with cuccos, if you pay and throw away all the cuccos, Falbi will say: "BUT BUT where did all my cuccos go? The naughty boy will have to learn to fly by himself now."
  • Inside the house at the Fishing Hole, there's a picture of the Fishing Pond's manager from Ocarina of Time!
  • If you look at the picture of Hyrule's legendary fisherman at the Fishing Hole, Hena will scratch herself. Talk to her and she will say something makes her itch!
  • If you leave the game while doing the "Iza's Rapid Ride" mini-game and that you come back after, Iza will say she worried a lot for you because her assistant brought her back an empty boat
  • There's a big shortcut in the lava cave near the Bridge of Eldin. At the very beginning, go roughly halfway through on the grates. Turn east and look down to locate the magnetic current. Align yourself with this current, run, jump and put on your Iron Boots while falling down to get automatically caught in the flow. You just have to pick up the Piece of Heart and the 100 rupees near the exit (you will only miss a 20 rupee chest).
  • In the Sacred Grove, go under the waterfall, climb on the platform looking like the big trunk where Skull Kid used to be, then right away on the right, you can hang onto the low wall, (where it makes a kind of "V"), and even walk along this wall
  • In one of the rooms of the Temple of Time (7th paragraph of the walkthrough), you have to use a scale to go on. Normally, you would throw statues to the other side of the scale to balance it and go forward. But instead, you just have to put your back to the scales and go through them doing backflips (easy to perform)
  • When you go see the yeti to play the snowboarding game, before playing it, you can light the lantern to remain lighted up during the race
  • To break your surfboard, turn around at the begining and climb the small step, easy from the left side, then slide down the slope to get to a patch of black ice; there your surfboard will break, but the clock is still ticking.
  • The cats from the Hidden Village are well-behaved: gather them all, for example where the chicken is. When lots of cats are around you, take out your Dominion Rod and all the cats will sit down! Some of them will even lay down!
  • At the Hidden Village, take a cat and drop it into the drinking trough. It will swim out and leave.
  • At the Hidden Village, if you take a cat and make it fall (for example from atop a balcony), it will angrily meow and from now on, all the cats will avoid Link and meow the same way.
    On the same principle, if you carry a cat in your arms and that you equip an object (like the Bow or the Clawshot), our cute kitty will fall down and meow angrily. It will quickly run away from you, and after that will run away meowing everytime you get too close from it...
  • The postman can be seen there:
    • inside Telma's Bar (left when you enter)
    • inside the Ranch
    • in Zora's Domain throne room (behind the throne)
    • in Kakariko Village (inside the inn)
    • inside the fairy's cavern, on the 48th basement right after the armored warriors (only during your second visit)
    • at Zora's River, on the first scaffolding left if you play the balloon game or on the last scaffolding right while going down in the rafting boat
  • Once you took Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village, and the Zora Queen's spirit took you to the secret spring, the graveyard stone, as well as the one which was guarding the Zora Armor, will be engraved with the symbol of the Spirit of Wisdom from Phantom Hourglass!
  • In the Gerudo Desert, when you defeat a lot of sand worms, a big one shall appear!
  • Biggoron's sword in Hyrule CastleAt the Arbiter's Grounds, once you have the Spinner, you can use it to break the spikes coming out of the ground. The main interest is not obvious since you get the Spinner after crossing the main rooms with spikes but it's always useful if you want to go back to get chests you've missed.
  • In the City in the Sky, when you're outside, you can see Argorok fly around the summit! (especially from inside the second building)
  • If you want to perform the Mortal Draw faster, you have to input the enemy's direction right after performing the Mortal Draw. Instead of unsheathing his sword with both hands, Link will do it with one hand. Quite hard to pull off!
  • You can see Biggoron's Sword inside Hyrule's Castle, in particular on the second floor, in the east and west corridors (there's one in the dark part of one of the corridors, where you have to light up your Lantern). They are inside the wall's hollows, on a pedestal engraved with little signs. The blade is very long and of a dark grey color, you can see a red gem in the middle of the hilt, and the cross-guard (the small bars separating the handle from the blade) are pointy and angular.
  • Before starting the final fight, put on your Iron Boots and Link will start running with the Iron Boots during the ending cinematic!

Just for fun

  • When you see a cucco, hit it a few times with your sword (about 8-10), and you will take the cucco's control for a few seconds. You can even fly around a little by pressing "A"!
  • In Ordon Village, take a cuccoo, throw it where the water is deep, and look at its feet: it swims like a duck!
  • At the beginning of the game, in Ordon Village, when Talo's and Malo's father is on the kind of ledge with the vines, if you throw a pumpkin in front of him in such way he sees you, he will get angry and yell at you not to waste food (doesn't work everytime)!
  • The second day, when you have to buy the Slingshot, enter Ordon Village and talk to the man on the left who wants to make the beehive fall. After a few seconds, he will throw a rock to make it fall, then will get chased by the wasps and will jump into the water!
  • At the beginning of the game, when the children go looking for the monkey, they split into three groups. Hit the first child with your sword, he will bend down. The second child will instead tilt his head to the side.
    This also works during the Slingshot try and the wooden sword try.
  • Go near a beehive (for ex. Ordon Village) and use your Clawshot on it. The beehive will come back to you without breaking, but be careful! The bees will still chase you, so get away quickly! You can break it with nearly all the items, or even throw it into the water (it will float).
  • If you find beehives with bees around, hit them with the bow or the Clawshot: Link will get chased by bees! Take a swim to make them go away.
  • Change into a wolf, go to Castle Town under the circus tent. The man will say he's allergic to dog hair!
  • In Malo Mart Castle Branch, when you want to buy something but don't have enough rupees, the seller will say you're merciless :-D
  • Take the Lantern out several times at Barnes', you're in for a good splashing!
  • In Hyrule Field, north of Kakariko Village, there are boar-riding monsters. Get rid of the latter, then lure a boar next to a cliff. Hit it and watch it fall down!
  • At the Fishing Hole, perform roll attacks against the fish tank to make the fisherwoman angry. After several times, she will kick you out! Enter the place again and she'll ask you to apologize!
  • At the Fishing Hole, inside the house, look at the bird (next to the fish tank) and perform a rolling attack against its cage. Then get close to it and when the arrow appears, press A and the bird will insult you! (Sometimes it will say: "Hena, you old crazy girl" and Hena answers it has to stop saying that).
    You can also assign the Lantern to the B button and swing it a dozen times in front of the parrot. By pressing A when the arrow appears, it will say things like "idiooooooot!" ou "you foooooools!
  • At Iza's Rapid Ride (at Zora's River), next to the girl, break the big pot (using the Ball and Chain or a bomb arrow) and the girl will say that the next time you do this, you'll have to pay for it. Leave, go back in, break the pot again, and the girl will ask for 10 rupees as repayment, say no, she will get angry!
  • In the Hidden Village, go get the chicken, carry it and put it near the cats. When a cat will acknowledge it, it will jump at it!
  • Before or after racing against the yeti or his wife, change into a wolf and listen to them plotting about eating you! The text will change depending on the in-game time.

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