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Pieces of Heart

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Like in most Zelda games, you can find Pieces of Heart, which when gathered, turn into a new Heart Container, and like in most games, you need four pieces to create a new container!

Here is the location of the 28 Pieces of Heart!
Numbers at the beginning of lines show the chronological order in which you can get them. (Obviously, this order is not set as the temple's order is up to you.)


Piece of HeartKakariko Village

  • 1. [Power Gloves required] Northwest of Kakariko Village, pick up the two small rocks and jump into the well. Go north, then east and grab the piece of heart.
    OR without the gloves: Look for a cucco in the southeast part of the village, take it to the northwest of the village, stand to the right of the two small rocks, throw yourself with it and fly to the well! Go north, east and grab the piece of heart!
  • 15. [After seeing Lorule] Go in the centre of Thieves' Town and merge into the fissure in the ruined wall. You will reach the locked house in Kakariko. Talk to the young stylish lady who offers you a piece of heart!

Hyrule Field

  • piece of heart2. South of Kakariko Village, talk to the girl at the Cucco Ranch and play her game. After beating the "egg" level, then the "chick" level, pay 50 rupees to try the "rooster" level and win a piece of heart! (and 150 rupees!)
  • 3. [After completing the Eastern Palace] Go back in front of the blacksmith's house, merge into the wall to your right, go right and exit at the back of the house. Go north to find the piece of heart!
  • 4. [After completing the Eastern Palace] Go back in the sanctuary through the graveyard. Climb the big stairs to the far left, then move to the grid platform on the right and continue always right, thanks to Ravio's Bracelet, until you find the piece of heart.
  • 8. [Pegasus Boots required] Southwest of Kakariko Village, play the "Rupee Rush" minigame by talking to the girl. If you get more than 100 rupees, you'll get a piece of heart!
  • 9. [Pegasus Boots required] In the big lake area, to the northwest of this place, climb the ladder, talk to one of the Racing Bros and pay 20 rupees to take part in the "Hyrule Hotfoot" minigame. The reward of the second level is a piece of heart.
  • 16. [After seeing Lorule] Get back to the sanctuary, go to the back of the room near the Priest and merge into the fissure. In Lorule, leave the sanctuary, go east, climb the ladder, place a bomb in front of the cracked wall and merge into the fissure. Back in Hyrule, enter the cave and get the piece of heart!
  • 25. [Titan's Mitt required] Just south of the smithy, pick up the big rock and get into the cave to find the piece of heart!

piece of heartForest

  • 5. [After completing the Eastern Palace] In the north part (centre) of the forest, enter the big open trunk, but do not cross it. Merge into the small wall to the south, continue southward in a really narrow passage, get out and retrieve the piece of heart!

Hyrule Castle

  • 6. [Power Gloves required] In Hyrule Castle's courtyard, go to the northeast of the castle, lift one or several rocks and grab the piece of heart!

piece of heartWaterfall region

  • 7. [Zora's Flippers required] Near the witch's house, jump into the water, swim towards northeast, enter the cave behind a waterfall and retrieve the piece of heart!

Eastern Palace region

  • 10. [Power Gloves and Bombs required] Get in the cave located south of the palace's entrance, turn into a painting, move westward to cross the hole, then emerge and get the piece of heart!
  • 11. [Hammer required] In a zone south of the castle's enclosure, go southeast and hit at least one stake among the 10 stakes in a circle.

piece of heartSwamp / Southern Ruins region

  • 12. [Bombs required] In the southeast part, put a bomb between the two big statues and get in. Continue to the west and get out to grab another piece of heart!

Death Mountain

  • 13. West of the Tower of Hera, from the first cave entrance, jump to another cave entrance, located a little bit below. Get in, cross it and take the piece of heart!
  • 14. [Hammer and Hookshot required] From Rosso's Ore Mine (see walkthrough), get onto the moving platform, and when it reaches the far left, jump onto the platform below, then the next one, and get off south.
    piece of heartMerge into the wall on the left while avoiding the fire breathing lions, go around and get off on the platform with the smiling block. Prepare the Hammer and press the block when you get close to another platform with another smiling block to reach it. Bounce higher on another platform, then on the next two ones, to finally reach a platform with a piece of heart! (Use the platforms again to come back to the one with the two lions)
  • 27. [Fire and Tornado rods required] In Lorule, in the caves located west of the Ice Ruins, from the platform with the huge gargoyle, (see walkthrough), move onto the platform on your left, then the next ones with the Tornado Rod, then head northward and get out. Outside, merge into the column, then once in Hyrule, grasp the piece of heart!


piece of heartThieves' Town

  • 17. Play the "Fortune's Choice" minigame in the house located in the east part of the village. You only have one chance out of five to get the piece of heart. - Thank you Michael!

Lorule Field

  • 18. The Octoball derby is located in the huge clearing. If you get more than 100 rupees, you win a piece of heart.
  • 19. [Pegasus Boots required] Play the "Rupee Rush" game southwest of Thieves' Town by talking to the young man. If you get more than 150 rupees, you win a piece of heart!

South region

  • 20. [Bomb Flower required] After getting a Bomb Flower, head to this area (by lifting the huge rock west of the swamps - it's easier), move to the southeast part of it and strike the Bomb Flower in front of the huge cracked rock, then enter the cave.

piece of heartDark Palace's region

  • 21. In the maze you need to cross to get into the palace, see walkthrough.

Lorule's Forest

  • 22. In front of Sahasrahla's old house, turn into a painting on the left side, go right and exit near the piece of heart, that you just have to pick up.
  • 23. From the ruined house to the east of the forest, go south, climb the ladder, pick up the cucco on the way, continue to the far north, then throw yourself towards southwest to the flat roof where a piece of heart lies.

Misery Mire region

  • piece of heart24. [Sand Rod and Bombs required] From the weather vane, merge into the fissure to the northwest. In Hyrule, go north, throw a bomb just before it explodes to destroy the rock above, then continue southeast and climb the steps. Wave the Sand Rod to the right, merge into the wall, go right (or left) and exit on the platform on the right. Walk up the steps, merge into the wall and enter the fissure. In Lorule, jump below and retrieve the piece of heart on the right.

Turtle's Rock

  • 26. [Ice Rod required] On the first floor of this temple, see the walkthrough for more details.

Death Mountain

  • 28. [Fire Rod required] In the north part of the mountain (where the Tower of Hera is in Hyrule) lies the Treacherous Tower. After completing the first level, pay 200 rupees to try the second level. If you go through the 15 rooms, you win a piece of heart.