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Here are the 42 quests linked to shrines which, as their name say it, allow you through a puzzle to access one of the 120 shrines.

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Trial on the Cliff

shrine quest Trial on the Cliff in Breath of the WildAll the way to the northeast of this area, enter the North Lomei Labyrinth, also called the Cliff's Maze. Go straight ahead, the shrine is in front of you behind some bars. Go right, then left, then right. Take the corridors to aim east where you'll meet a Lizalfos, dropping a Lizal Spear. Further, you find a Hunter's Shield, some Wooden Arrows, a Meteor Rod and another Lizalfos dropping a Lizal Forked Boomerang as well as a Steel Lizal Shield. Go all the way to the east and fight a Lizalfos dropping a Steel Lizal Bow. The chest behind it contains an Edge of Duality. Go back where is/was the Rod, then go north (there is an Enhanced Lizal Spear on the right). Go west, then aim northwest. All the way to the north, there is a chest containing 100 rupees. Keep going southwest in the entrance's direction, then go northeast getting close to the centre of the maze. Shoot an arrow at a giant eye which makes all the pink substance around the shrine vanish, then go up the steps on the left and open the chest at the back to get 300 rupees. Now, climb on the roof above the shrine and find a Diamond inside a chest. Then go east and look down to notice some electric Chuchus. Drop one or two bombs on them, then go down and get rid of the potential remaining ones. Next, move the metallic block to get behind and find a Knight's Shield in a chest. Backtrack a little, climb the wall which is less high than the others, then go up the steps to the centre and the Qaza Tokki Shrine is right below.
Take note of some Ice Arrows in the southern corner and a Luminous Stone in the western corner (south of the entrance).

Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Highlands

The Perfect Drink

shrine quest The Perfect Drink in Breath of the WildIn Gerudo Town, in the right alley is located the bar "The Noble Canteen". Talk to the landlady who says she hasn't seen her faithful customer Pokki for a long time. Rent a sand seal, then aim southeast, towards a hill between the names Southern Oasis and East Barrens on the map. There, look for a shrine and talk to Pokki, who's parched.
Go back to Gerudo Town, to the bar, and talk to the landlady again. She needs some ice to be found in the icehouse north of the town. Go there, through the ruins, before 6 pm and talk to Anche who gives you an ice block. Then, go through the ruins again while avoiding the enemies, to the entrance where Furosa is waiting for you and tells you to let Pokki know that her "best drink ever" is ready. Go back to the shrine in the desert, talk to Pokki and she leaves in a hurry! and frees the way to the Misae Suma Shrine.

The Eye of the Sandstorm

At Kara Kara Bazaar, a man above a tent is on sentry duty and tells you about a treasure in the storm. Look in this direction (north), pull out your map and look for an elevated platform in the middle of other elevated parts making a V shape. Then go in this direction without veering off too much because soon you won't be able to see a thing. Climb two walls, then look down northeast and you should see the shrine (easier at night). Glide there and enter the Dako Tah Shrine.

Test of Will

shrine quest Test of Will in Breath of the WildNortheast of the Koukot Plateau (northeast of the path), talk to the three training Gorons and agree to join their challenge. With some gear against the heat (Desert Voe Armor set or something else?), get on the ring and simply wait for the Gorons to be exhausted. Then, they suggest an even harder challenge. This time you have to endure extreme heat by wearing the appropriate gear (Desert Voe Armor set level 2 at least), and potentially by eating a meal against the heat. Don't hesitate to eat meals restoring hearts during the game. Then the Gorons congratulate you and the Joloo Nah Shrine appears.

The Desert Labyrinth

shrine quest The Desert Labyrinth in Breath of the WildWest of Mount Granajh, enter the South Lomei Labyrinth.
If you first walked atop this maze's walls, you noticed that the shrine is located in the middle, but you first have to find the way to it. From the maze's entrance, go to your right, then climb the steps on the left and go left again, then turn to your right. Go over the pink substance using the wall, then go to your right. Continue south until finding steps, climb them, climb down the next ones, and go on to the far south. Climb the steps on your left and jump down. For a Golden Claymore, go left, get it in the substance using Magnesis, then come back where you jumped. Continue towards southeast, then climb the steps on your left. Go straight ahead, then head northeast until finding two torches and the shrine. Jump down and get in the Dila Maag Shrine.
Take note that in the centre of the northwest square of the labyrinth, you can find a chest holding a Golden Rupee. In the northeast square, rather to the south, there is a Radiant Shield in another chest, and in the southeast square, rather to the south, is a silver rupee.

Secret of the Snowy Peaks

Between the Daval Peak and Mount Granajh, read the Mountain Peak Log inside some ruins, talking about the researches about the hero's trial, which says that: "When the snowy mountain pedestal glows, cast a cold shadow onto its core".
The concerned pedestal is right to the south. In the afternoon the sun shines on it and at around 4 PM, the shadow begins to appear. Generate an ice pillar with Cryonis right at the edge of the puddle near the pedestal, then wait for the pillar's shadow to get on the centre of the pedestal (at around 4.50 PM) so the Suma Sahma Shrine appears.

shrine quest Sign of the Shadow in Breath of the WildSign of the Shadow

At Gerudo Tower, talk to the Rito Kass and ask him to sing. Solve the riddle: "As light shines from the northwest skies, From the tower's shadow an arrow flies. Pierce the heaven's light to reveal the prize."
Fly southeast (opposite direction of northwest) and look for a pedestal not far off. Stand on it then look at the Gerudo Tower. Between 3 and 4 PM, the sun is shining bright above the tower. Shoot an arrow at the sun so the Sasa Kai Shrine appears.

Gerudo Town

The Seven Heroines

shrine quest The Seven Heroines in Breath of the WildIn Gerudo Town, enter the house next to the bar and talk to Rotana, an archaeologist who studies sandstorms, and listen to her researches. You learn from her that there is a temple near the entrance of Gerudo Desert and that the giant statues of the Seven Heroines are there. There she found a text saying that "When the symbols of the seven find their place, the blessed path will be revealed." They apparently shared a great power between the seven of them.
From Town, go east until you reach the East Gerudo Ruins. Look at the giant statues, look at their feet, their hands and their swords, as well as the rectangular stone blocks on the ground and the black balls. Each statue has a symbol seen on a black ball either on its body or its sword. Use the ladders to climb on some of the statues and find their symbol. The one to the south has two lines on its feet, the southeast one has some kind of arrow tip on its necklace, the east one has a parchment paper on its sword, the northeast one has two dots, the north one has a circle on its sword. It also has a black ball on its hands, you have to reach it from the northwest statue by flying, then make this ball fall down on the ground with Magnesis. The northwest statue has an upside-down V on its necklace, and finally the west one has an apostrophe on its feet. Then you have to find seven balls scattered around the arena. In addition to the one you pushed down, there are two of them next to the statues' swords and the others are quite noticeable. Each ball having a symbol, use Magnesis to place the balls into the matching containers. Then, the Korsh O'hu Shrine emerges from the ground.

The Undefeated Champ

shrine quest The Undefeated Champ in Breath of the Wild[After you've calmed Vah Naboris] Talk to Essa who is swiping the ground of the sand-seal place to learn about sand seal races. Southeast of town, talk to Shabonne near a big banner presenting the Sand-Seal Rally. Pay 50 rupees to take part in the race and defy the champion Tali the Dame of Dunes. Beat her best time of 1 minute 30 to win the prize. After your victory, lift the orb, place it in the centre of the pedestal and the Raqa Zunzo Shrine emerges from the ground.

The Silent Swordswomen

At the west exit of town, talk to the Gerudo Laine, who says that according to a legend, the swordswomen statues lead to a treasure.
Follow the directions shown by the statues to the northwest until you reach the Kema Zoos Shrine.


Under a Red Moon

shrine quest Under a Red Moon in Breath of the WildOn Washa's Bluff, talk to Kass so he sings this song: "When the moon bleeds and the fiends are reborn, The monks will invite you as they have sworn. But first you must stand on the pedestal bare, With nothing between you and the night air."
During a blood moon night, from 11 PM on, take off your clothes and stand on the pedestal below. The Mijah Rokee Shrine appears.
Take note that under a small roof, Kass' book relates all the songs (and all the shrine quests) that the Rito has found.

Cliffside Etchings

Near the shrine located near Tabantha Stable, by night, talk to Geggle who's looking at the mountain and noticed an artificial wall. Look at this place with the telescope and add a beacon there. Then, go next to this wall which sports a lightning picture. Simply shoot a Shock Arrow at the picture to make the Keeha Yoog Shrine appear.

Trial of Thunder

shrine quest Trial of Thunder in Breath of the WildNorth of Ludfo's Bog is Thundra Plateau. Upon arriving there a voice asks you to settle the four spirits in their proper places. There's an orange orb to the north, atop a pillar with a dragon's head and a red orb to the east, on a less high pillar. There are also a green orb and a purple orb within the walls. Climb those pillars despite the rain (or with the help of Revali's Gale), lift the orbs and place them on the dragon's "nose". Freeze them with Stasis, then hit them 5-6 times with a two-handed weapon, such as a hammer, to send them on the plateau. Then, climb on the plateau and place these two orbs into the container in front of the column with a symbol of the corresponding color. Do the same with the purple orb, and with the green orb while being careful with the rusty sword drawing thunder at you. (You can move it away quickly with Magnesis.) Then, the Toh Yahsa Shrine emerges from the ground.

The Two Rings

shrine quest The Two Rings in Breath of the WildSouth of the Ridgeland Tower and north of Jeddo Bridge, climb on the rock, talk to Kass and listen to his song: "When a single arrow threads two rings, the shrine will rise like birds on wings".
So the thing is to find two rocks shaped like rings through which a single arrow may go. Go to the southwest side, stand behind a ring-rock and shoot an arrow north above another ring-rock so it goes through both of them. That way the Sheem Dagoze Shrine appears.



The Serpent's Jaws

shrine quest The Serpent's Jaws in Breath of the WildIn the Faron Woods, in Pagos Woods, talk to Kass on the path and listen to his song: "Where the dragon's mouth meets the serpent's jaws, A shrine sleeps in the forest with noble cause".
Aim north, to the Damel Forest. On the map, notice a river shaped like a snake (Dracozu Lake) as well as a dragon's head north of it, and go there. You're greeted by a great group of Lizalfos shooting Shock Arrows. Protect yourself with the Thunder Helm or some thunder-repelling clothes, fight or avoid them, then attack a Moblin further. Take the 300 rupees from the chest next to it, then you reach the Spring of Courage. Get close to the Goddess statue and pray. She congratulates you and asks you to place a Farosh's Scale, the Golden Spirit, into the spring. Place a scale into the spring, then the door behind her opens and the Shae Katha Shrine appears.

Guardian Slideshow

shrine quest Guardian Slideshow in Breath of the WildOn Puffer Beach, talk to Loone, a young girl liking Guardians, who is stroking a Sheikah orb that she calls her little Roscoe. She wants to see a flying Guardian, a small Guardian and a walking Guardian.
So you have to take a picture of a Guardian of each category. The walking Guardians can easily be found near Hyrule Castle but there is one not far on the neighbouring beach. The flying ones can easily be seen near Hyrule Castle or Akkala Tower, and the small Guardians are in the shrines with a test of strenght. Once you've shown her the pictures, place the orb on the pedestal to make the Shoqa Tatone Shrine appear.

A Song of Storms

At Calora Lake, talk to Kass and listen to his song: "When a lost hero calls down lightning from the sky, The monk responds from a giant mound on high."
Climb on the edgy rock that Kampo told you about at the Lakeside Stable (the rock south of Calora Lake) and if you own the Thunder Helm or shock-resistant clothes, wear it/them. Place a metallic item on it, for example by dropping a shield, to attract the thunder and quickly run away if you're not wearing the helm. Once the thunder has destroyed the rock, get back your metallic item, and enter the Qukah Nata Shrine.

The Three Giant Brothers

At Mount Taran located in Taran Pass are three pedestals, as well as a stele saying that "The ancient orbs guarded by the giants of Mount Taran lead to the shrine". So there are three Hinox nearby guarding these orbs: a blue Hinox at Uten Marsh to the south, a red Hinox at Hanu Pond to the northeast, and a black Hinox at Rabella Wetlands to the northwest. Go to these three places, fight the Hinox, get their orbs, then bring them back to Mount Taran and place them into "their" container (the closest one). The Tawa Jinn Shrine appears next.

A Fragmented Monument

shrine quest A Fragmented Monument in Breath of the WildOn Palmorae Beach, in the Parlmorae Ruins, talk to young Garini who is studying a fragment of a monument. Offer to help him find the other parts to put a message back together. He adds that they're easier to find by night. You maybe noticed a shard when you've arrived there. Go southwest, on the beach, and look for a shard between the rocks in the water. Take a picture of it, go show it to Garini, then he says another part may have rolled on the nearby beach. Go to the tip of Soka Point and find another shard next to a palm tree. Then he says that a part may have rolled not far off. Go east and look into the grass near the cliffs. Go show him this third picture so he puts the message back together: "When the two find their place and kneel in reverence, the shrine will reveal itself."
Get on one of the pedestals and crouch. Garini will do the same, and so the Kah Yah Shrine will appear.

shrine quest Stranded on Eventide in Breath of the WildStranded on Eventide

Be sure to have nearly or all your hearts before heading to Eventide Island. You can sail from Tenoko Island or glide from the Muwo Jeem shrine if you have at least two entire stamina vessels. The quest starts as soon as you land on the island. A voice says that you have to find three orbs and place them on three altars, and this without relying on your equipement!

Pick up all the tree branches as well as all the fruits and small animals you'll find. A first orb is located in the eastern island in a Bokoblin campsite. Hit or avoid the Bokoblins, pick up the bow from the chest, pick up the orb, then go back north near the pedestal. Throw the orb towards the pedestal, use Cryonis to lift it, climb, throw it onto the pedestal, then place it correctly.
Another orb is southwest around a Hinox's neck! You can use the two rocks at the top of a hill and make them roll to it, as well as the two metallic crates on this hill to hit it thanks to Magnesis. But you can also directly go up the hill, glide up to it and pick up the orb! Don't hesitate to use the cooking pot to cook a hearty durian for example. Then pick up the orb and place it on the altar on the hill.
The third orb is on a hill to the southeast. Fight the Moblin, pick up its shield and its weapon, and pick up a Knight's Sword from a chest if you wish. Next, lift the orb, place it near the pedestal, use Stasis on the metallic plate before hitting it to move it, then place the orb on the pedestal. Then the Korgu Chideh Shrine emerges from the ground at the top of the hill.

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