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Signpost Maze and A walk with a rooster

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Signpost Maze

Signpost Maze Link's AwakeningUpon leaving the temple, the Owl will advise you to go in the mountain. But first, jump into the water, swim to the left and get back on the bank. Keep on going west while going around the trees from the north up to the first warp hole. You will soon need 300 rupees, but you were able to get 450 rupees in the previous temple.

Then, go southwest, go through the gap and read the sign nearby before entering the Signpost Maze at the bottom. Go on from sign to sign while reading them and following their instructions (the next sign is always in the same "row" or "column") to find the path (see the picture for details). In the hideout, you will learn the Frog's Song of Soul for 300 rupees.

Tal Tal Mountain Range

Tal Tal Mountain Range Link's AwakeningNow go to Mabe Village. Buy some bombs if you have less than 10, then go to the weathercock, push it and next to the stone rooster, play the Frog's Song of Soul to bring it back to life. With the rooster following you, go back to Tal Tal Mountain Range in H2. There, the Owl tells you to go east. Get in the cave, find 50 rupees in the chest by carrying and gliding with the rooster, then go on east up to the long stairs (M2).

Climb these stairs, go left, across the bridge, go left and get in the cave. Push all the rocks you can to free the way, then carry the rooster and glide up, and then to the left. Pick up the Bird Key, get out and come back to the bottom of the long stairs. Go right, get into the cave and go on from cave to cave until you reach the far east of Koholint (P2). Drop a bomb next to the cracked wall to find a Fairy Fountain, then get into the cave at the top. Go left upon leaving, unlock the statue and enter the...

path to follow in the Signpost Maze
Path to follow in the Signpost Maze

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