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Trading Sequence

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Throughout the adventure, you will need some items to progress, such as the Bananas. The Magnifying Lens, last Trading Sequence item, allow you to get the Boomerang, as well as some clues for the game ending. You must get the Yoshi Doll to get the Ribbon, and so on.

Yoshi Doll Yoshi Doll At the Trendy Game in Mabe Village, pay 10 rupees and grab the doll (D12)
Ribbon Ribbon In Mabe Village, in Papahl's house, talk to his wife Mamasha (C9)
Dog Food Dog Food In Mabe Village, speak with the little animal in BowWow's Doghouse (B11)
Bananas Bananas On Toronbo Shores, talk to Sale the crocodile, from Sale's House O' Bananas (D15)
Stick Stick Near Kanalet Castle, speak with Kiki the monkey (L8)
Honeycomb Honeycomb In Ukuku Prairie, talk to Tarin (H9)
Pineapple Pineapple In the Animal Village, talk to the Chief Bear in its house (N14)
Hibiscus Hibiscus In the Tal Tal Heights, talk to Papahl who got lost (J2)
Letter Letter In the Animal Village, speak with Christine the goat in her house (N13)
Broom Broom Northwest of the Mysterious Forest, talk to Mr. Wright in his house (A4)
Fishing Hook Fishing Hook In Mabe Village, talk to Grandma Yahoo either in front of her house (B12) or in Mabe Village (N13)
Necklace Necklace [Flippers required] Southeast of Catfish's Maw, swim and dive under the bridge, then talk to the fisherman on his boat (J15)
Scale Scale North of Catfish's Maw, swim near the mermaid and talk to her (J13)
Magnifying Lens Magnifying Lens [Hookshot required] South of Catfish's Maw, arriving from the Animal Village, go near the mermaid statue, look at it, then go down and get the Magnifying Lens! (J15)

The Magnifying Lens allows you to see invisible things and people, in particular a Goriya who will propose you a new item.
Note that in black-and-white (European or Japanese) version, you must find the Pink Bra instead of the Necklace (unlucky Americans). The mermaid is stuck in the water without her swimsuit and escapes if you try to dive around her.

ribbon in the trading sequence in Link's Awakeningribbon in the trading sequence in Link's Awakening

pineapple in the trading sequence in Link's Awakeningpineapple in the trading sequence in Link's Awakening