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In this game, most items can be upgraded, even the mail!


Mother Maiamai upgrades itemsIn a first phase, the quest about the pendants will allow you to get the Master Sword. Then, you can strengthen the Master Sword by collecting some Master Ore and bringing them to Hyrule and Lorule's blacksmithes.


Like in the previous adventures, you start with a simple green mail. The blue mail, found in the Swamp Palace, reduces the damages you take by half.
The red mail, found in Lorule's Castle, reduces again (in addition to the blue mail) the damages you take by half!


Mother Maiamai upgrades itemsIt's a pink, cute and weird gastropod living in the big lake area, named Mother Maiamai, who can make your items more powerful. Each time you bring her 10 of her Maiamai, she upgrades one item of your choice in your inventory, but only an item that you bought, not a rented one.

Weapons which can be upgraded by Mother Maiamai are:

The bow: allows you to shoot three arrows in one go
Bombs: their scope is larger and they cause more damage
The Hammer: doubles the scope of the shock wave and the damages caused
The Boomerang: allows you to throw up to three boomerangs in one go, and goes faster and further
The Hookshot: makes damages (instead of just stunning), and goes faster and further
The Tornado Rod: now has a double scope
The Sand Rod: on the ground: has a larger scope, on the sand: columns fall down only when using the rod again
The Ice Rod: throws four ice blocks (instead of only one), and so the scope is also increased
The Fire Rod: throws larger flames, which have a larger scope

In Lorule, in the Treacherous Tower, located in the north part (in the centre) of Death Mountain, a little demon girl proposes a few challenges. When you successfully perform the third one (with 50 levels), she upgrades your Lamp into a Super Lamp. And when you pass this test a second time, she upgrades the Net into a Super Net!