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Differences between the Wii and Wii U versions

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Here are some differences between the Wii and Wii U versions sent by Zelda's Palace's fans.


  • The menu's disposition has changed
  • The Select screen's and the Quest screen's background have changed
  • The Weapon Select menu's disposition has changed
  • You can now switch between the Weapons menu and the Map without pressing pause
  • When you zoom in on the map using the gamepad, the zoom is increased
  • The red targets when you use the bow or long-range weapons have disappeared, but can be found again through the options by choosing "subjective point of view"
  • When you're saving your game, it now shows your actual location
  • The Horse Grass are now indicated on the map, as well as the number of Poes remaining in each region
  • The new clock symbols seem to indicate minigames and important NPCs
  • A red flag replaces the red dots marking goals and places to go on the map
  • The design of the speech bubbles has changed: there are no more spiral shapes
  • In the Hidden Skills Menu, pictures are now shown to illustrate the skill's subject
  • The marks indicating the location of the Owl Statues disappear when the Sky Character has been found (whereas the red dots remained on the map in the Wii version)
  • Warp portals are light blue on the map whereas they are purple-blue on GameCube/Wii


  • Some chests that contain a Small Key changed size so you can see them better.
  • Once you found the Master Sword, you can switch between human Link and wolf Link just by pressing an icon on the gamepad (on the upper right part).
  • A hero mode is available at the start of the game, which uses the map from the Wii version
  • There is no more reloading time for the spin attack, you can now perform several in a row (whereas on the Wii/GC versions, you had to wait for the tip of your sword to shine)
  • You can, while using the Bow along with the Hawkeye or the Bombs, switch back to the regular arrows without "de-fusing" the two items through the menu screen. You can do this with the ZR trigger. You can now alternate between the two modes very easily.
  • You can move the camera around Link to see from different points of view, even while he's moving. (On the Wii version you could see what was around from Link's point of view, but you couldn't move during this.)

Background elements

  • There is a new fence at Ordon Village's riverside, which prevents you from swimming next to the thief monkey.
  • The fence separating Hyrule Castle and Zora's River has been modified


  • The Wolf Link amiibo can make you load a game faster. Once saved in one of the slots, just use the amiibo from the title screen to load the game without going through the save slots select screen.
  • The Zelda and Sheik amiibos both fill your health bar when you use them.
  • The Link and Toon Link amiibos both fill your quiver.
  • The Ganondorf amiibo doubles the damages you take for a short while.

Each of these amiibos can only be used once a day! (through the Quest Screen)

Miiverse Stamps

The informations are now on the Miiverse Stamps page.

Tears of Light

There are fewer Tears of Light to collect. From 16 in the Wii/GameCube versions, we're now at 12. More details to come/give...
Missing Tears in Faron's province:
Missing Tears in Ordona's province:
The graveyard one / on the inn's 3rd floor / inside the shop / inside Kakariko Village's tower ???
Missing Tears in Lanayru's province:
The one right after the Twilight Beasts at the very beginning ??? / behind Fyer's house (Lake Hylia) / one of the 4 while flying over the river / one of the 2 in the middle of the water in Zora's Domain / after climbing all the way up the Zora's Domain thanks to Midna (still appears on the map)

Poe Souls

After bringing 20 Poe Souls to Jovani, he will give you the Ghost Lantern which will shine day and night when a Poe is in the same area as you are (apparently this area can be quite large).

Rupees and wallets

  • You start with a 500 rupees wallet (instead of 300). The Big Wallet can now hold up to 1000 rupees (instead of 600) and the Giant Wallet can now hold up to 2000 rupees (instead of 1000).
  • On the Wii/GameCube versions, when your wallet was full, you couldn't take the rupees from the chests, now you can.
  • A hundred rupees are waiting for you at the very end of the Cave of Shadows

Green Chu Jelly Twilight PrincessVarious

  • Compared to the Wii version, Link now climbs ladders and vines faster.
  • The swimming has been improved. Just press A to swim, without having to hold the button down. You can no longer go out of the water if you hold the A button down.
  • The Dodongos (fire-breathing lizards) from the Goron Mines die faster, there isn't the little animation where they blacken before vanishing anymore.
  • The Rollgoal game is now played through the Gamepad's gyroscope.
  • When you fish for the Ordon Village's shopkeeper's cat, a single fish is enough. On the Wii/GameCube versions, you had to fish two of them.
  • The intro trailer, that runs when you let the game be at the title screen, is purely and simply gone.
  • During the escape with the Sols, the hand guarding the Sol can no longer be blocked by the stairs. It seems this is true because each time something might be in its way, it rises to avoid it easily.
  • Easter Egg: Inside Hyrule Castle Town's shop (before the Malo Mart's branch). The paintings are pictures from the next Zelda game. Unfortunately these are nowhere new.
  • Green Chu Jelly (which you can only get by a green chu in the Cave of Ordeals) has a description (which was not the case on Wii). "You put Green Chu Jelly in your bottle! It doesn't look all that tasty..." new

Easter Egg Twilight PrincessEaster Egg Twilight Princess

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