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Here is the list of the shrines in alphabetical order!
Click on their name to see the walkthrough.

Akh Va'quotTabantha
Bareeda NaagTabanthaLinked to a quest
Bosh KalaWest Necluda
Chaas QetaEast NecludaMajor Test of Strength
Daag ChokahGreat Hyrule ForestLinked to a quest
Dagah KeekLanayruLinked to a quest
Dah HeshoAkkalaMinor Test of Strength
Dah KasoCentral HyruleMinor Test of Strength
Daka TussLanayru
Dako TahGerudoLinked to a quest
Daqa KohEldin
Daqo ChisayGerudoLinked to a quest
Dila MaagGerudo
Dow Na'ehEast Necluda
Dunba TaagHebra
Gee Ha'rahTabantha
Goma AsaaghHebraMajor Test of Strength
Gorae TorrEldinLinked to a quest
Ha DahamarWest Necluda
Hawa KothGerudo
Hia MiuHebraMajor Test of Strength
Hila RaoWest Necluda
Ishto SohFaron
Ja BaijGreat Plateau
Jee NohGerudo
Jitan Sa'miEast NecludaLinked to a quest
Joloo NahGerudoLinked to a quest
Kaam Ya'takCentral Hyrule
Kah OkeoTabantha
Kah MaelLanayru
Kah YahFaronLinked to a quest
Kam UrogEast NecludaLinked to a quest
Ka'o MakaghFaron
Katah ChukiCentral HyruleMinor Test of Strength
Katosa AugAkkala
Kaya WanLanayru
Kay NohGerudo
Kayra MahEldinLinked to a quest
Keeha YoogGerudoLinked to a quest
Keh NamutGreat Plateau
Kema KosassaGerudoMajor Test of Strength
Kema ZoosGerudo
Ke'nai ShakahAkkalaModest Test of Strength
Keo RuugGreat Hyrule Forest
Ketoh WawaiiGreat Hyrule ForestLinked to a quest
Korgu ChidehFaronLinked to a quest
Korsh O'huGerudoLinked to a quest
Kuhn SidajjGreat Hyrule ForestLinked to a quest
Kuh TakkarGerudo
Lakna RokeeWest NecludaLinked to a quest
Lanno KoohHebra
Maag HalanGreat Hyrule ForestLinked to a quest
Maag No'rahRidgeland
Maka RahHebra
Mezza LoEast NecludaLinked to a quest
Mijah RokeeHyrule RidgeModest Test of Strength, linked to a quest
Mirro ShazGreat Hyrule Forest
Misae SumaGerudoLinked to a quest
Mo'a KeetEldin
Mogg LatanHyrule Ridge
Monya TomaGreat Hyrule Forest
Mozo ShennoHebraMajor Test of Strength, linked to a quest
Muwo JeemFaronModest Test of Strength
Myahm AganaEast Necluda
Namika OzzCentral HyruleModest Test of Strength
Ne'ez YohmaLanayru
Noya NehaCentral HyruleMinor Test of Strength
Oman AuGreat Plateau
Owa DaimGreat Plateau
Pumaag NitaeFaronMinor Test of Strength
Qua RaymEldin
Qaza TokkiHebra
Qukah NataFaronLinked to a quest
Raqa ZunzoGerudoLinked to a quest
Ree DaheeWest Necluda
Rin OyaaHebra
Ritaag ZumoAkkalaLinked to a quest
Rok UwogHebra
Rona KachtaGreat Hyrule Forest
Rota OohCentral Hyrule
Rucco MaagLanayru
Saas Ko'SahCentral HyruleMajor Test of Strength
Sah DahajEldin
Sasa KaiGerudoModest Test of Strength, linked to a quest
Shada NawHebra
Shae LoyaHyrule Ridge
Shae KathaFaronLinked to a quest
Shae Mo'sahEldin
Sha GehmaHebra
Shai UtohFaron
Shai YotaLanayru
Sha WarvoTabantha
Sheem DagozeHyrule RidgeLinked to a quest
Shee VaneerWest Necluda
Shee VenathWest Necluda
Sheh RataLanayru
Sho DantuGerudo
Shoda SahFaron
Shoqa TatoneFaronModest Test of Strength, linked to a quest
Shora HahEldin
Soh KofiLanayruMinor Test of Strength
Suma SahmaGerudoLinked to a quest
Tah MuhlEldinLinked to a quest
Tahno O'ahEast NecludaLinked to a quest
Ta'loh NaegWest Necluda
Tawa JinnFaronLinked to a quest
Tena Ko'sahTabanthaMajor Test of Strength
Tho KayuGerudo
Toh YahsaHyrule RidgeLinked to a quest
To QuomoHebra
Toto SahWest Necluda
Tu Ka'lohAkkalaLinked to a quest
Tutsuwa NimaAkkalaMajor Test of Strength, linked to a quest
Voo LotaTabanthaLinked to a quest
Wahgo KattaCentral Hyrule
Yah RinFaron
Ya NagaFaron
Zalta WaHyrule Ridge
Ze KashoAkkala
Zuna KaiAkkalaLinked to a quest
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