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Fairy Fountains and Stray Fairies

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Go to these fountains to fill up your hearts and your magic gauge!

  • Fairy fontains are beautiful places where you feel goodIn Clock Town, in the northern district
  • In Woodfall near the Woodfall Temple, in the southwest part
  • In Snowhead, just below the entrance to the Snowhead Temple
  • Near the Zora Hall, in the south on the map, use the Hookshot on palm trees to reach the platforms, then jump on the rocks with the Bunny Hood and blow up the two boulders blocking the access
  • In Ikana Canyon, to the northeast of the Music Box House

In each of these fountains lives a Great Fairy who suffers from a bad spell. To help the one in Clock Town, look for the Stray Fairy in the Laundry Pool (day-time), or in East Clock Town (night-time). For the other Great Fairies, you need to find the 15 Stray Fairies in the nearby temple and bring them back to their fountain. The Great Fairy will then give you a magic power or a weapon.

In the temples, you can use the Great Fairy's Mask to attract fairies who are freely floating. The links below send you to the walkthrough of the temple, which includes the locations of the Stray Fairies.

All fairies in a temple must be found!Bring them back before the end of the 3rd day!