Link's Awakening tips and tricks


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Sleepy Toadstool Sleepy Toadstool To be given to the witch, who will make Magic Powder from it Hidden in the west part of the Mysterious Woods
Magic Powder Magic Powder Lights torches, and transforms people and creatures Received after buying the Sleepy Toadstool from the witch, or to be bought in the Trendy Game
Deluxe Shovel Deluxe Shovel Digs the ground To be bought 200 rupees in the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village
Bombs Bombs Blow up walls and cracked rocks To be bought in shops, or look for them in jars
Ocarina Ocarina Plays tunes (see the related page) In a treasure chest in the Dream Shrine [Pegasus Boots and Power Bracelet required]
Bow Bow Allos you to hit some enemies To be bought 980 rupees in the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village
Hookshot Hookshot Allows you to grab objects and to cross rivers, holes, etc. Also hurts enemies Treasure of the Catfish's Maw
Magic Rod Magic Rod Shoots fireballs to burn enemies or light torches Treasure of the Turtle Rock
Boomerang Boomerang Catches remote items and hits enemies. Very powerful! To be exchanged for one of your items by the bulldog-like creature on Toronbo Shores in E16 [Magnifying Lens required]
Secret Medicine Secret Medicine Automatically fills all your hearts when you lose the last one To be bought at Crazy Tracy's
fairy bottle Link's Awakening Fairy bottle Carries a fairy that you can set free when you wish See below the locations of these three bottles
  • At the Fishing Pond there's an empty bottle at the bottom of the water behind a seaweed. Wait for the fish nearby to look the other way to pull progressively the bottle up by pressing A. Bring it closest to the right edge, then pull it up
  • The sad ghost gives you a fairy bottle when you take him back to his grave
  • At Dampé's Shack, pass the "Heart Shortage" challenge category "3-shovels" to get a bottle