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Here is what we can find in the Quest Menu. Click on the equipment's name to learn more about it!

Wallet Wallet Collects rupees Available since the beginning of the game
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword Fight! In your house after getting the Slingshot
Ordon Shield Ordon Shield Protects yourself from enemies' attacks In Ordon Village's windmill
Ordon Sword Ordon Sword Fight! In Uli's house (the pregnant woman) in Ordon Village
Iron Boots Iron Boots Give weight to go through obstacles, repel attacks! Given by Gor Goron after beating him in a sumo fight
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield Protects yourself from enemies' attacks To be bought at the Goron's shop or at Malo Mart (if your Ordon Shield burnt)
Hylian Shield Hylian Shield Protects yourself from enemies' attacks To be bought at Kakariko's shop, after bringing back the Light
Zora Armor Zora Armor Enables its wearer to breath underwater and to dive Reward of Queen Rutela, after saving her son
Master Sword Master Sword Fight! In the Sacred Grove, after finding the three Fused Shadows
Magic Armor Magic Armor Protects yourself from attacks To be bought in Malo Mart subsidiary in Hyrule Castle Town
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