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Weapons and items

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Here is what we can find on the Items' menu. Click on the equipment's name to learn more about it!

Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Fish! Given by Uli, the pregnant woman in Ordon Village
Slingshot Slingshot Fight enemies To be bought at Ordon Village's shop (comes with 50 pellets)
Lantern Lantern Light up the surroundings, set fire to things Given by Coro, the Oil Merchant in Faron Woods
Gale Boomerang Gale Boomerang Fight enemies, activate blades and other objects, blow out fire Treasure of the Forest Temple
Hero's Bow Hero's Bow Fight enemies, slice ropes, etc. Treasure of the Goron Mines
Hawkeye Hawkeye Shoot with the bow with more accuracy and look in the distance (like with a telescope) To be bought at Kakariko's Malo Mart, after making a demonstration to Talo (to the walkthrough)
bombs Bombs Blow up rocks, walls, fight enemies To be bought at Barnes' in Kakariko
waterBombs Water Bomb Blow up rocks, walls, fight enemies, also underwater To be bought at Barnes' in Kakariko
Clawshot Clawshot Aim targets to hang on them, bring objects to you Treasure of the Lakebed Temple
Bombling Bombling Blow up rocks and walls To be bought at Barnes' in Kakariko
Spinner Spinner Move along rails, fight enemies and activate mechanisms Treasure of the Arbiter's Ground
Ball and Chain Ball and Chain Break ice blocks, fight enemies and hit objects from afar Treasure of the Snowpeak Ruins
Dominion Rod Dominion Rod Activate statues and move them Treasure of the Temple of Time
Horse Call Horse Call Call your horse from wherever you are Gift from Ilia when she recovers her memory
doubleClawshot Double Clawshots Aim targets to hang on them. With a Double Clawshot, you can move from one target to another directly Treasure of the City in the Sky
Ghost lantern Ghost Lantern
(Wii U only)
Inform you (by lighting up day and night) when you are in the same area as a poe Given by Jovani after bringing him 20 poe souls